Thursday, February 03, 2005

Class of 22

Emmitt Smith Retires As NFL's All-Time Leading Rusher

Well, the glory days of the Cowboys have been over for several years now. And the last of the great ones rode off into the sunset today when Emmitt Smith announced his retirement. Injuries, more than anything, contributed to the decline of the Cowboys. Emmitt watched as his teammates, Aikman, Irvin, Moose, Novacek, all saw their careers cut short by injuries. He was the only one of the group able to leave on his own terms. By the time he left the Cowboys for Arizona a couple of years ago, there was almost no one left from those championship teams of the 1990's, and the team was just a shell of what it once was.

The numbers speak for themselves. More rushing yards, carries, and rushing touchdowns than anyone in NFL history. It was neat to watch today, the announcement, and all the highlights and commentary on Emmitt. It was fitting that he retired as a Cowboy, because that's what he was, even after he left. He'll always be a Cowboy. I never remember any negative off the field incident involving Emmitt. So it came as no surprise today that he left the game the same way he played it, the same way he always carried himself, on and off the field, with class and style.

NY Times

"I'll take my records. You can have your books. I'm sorry I never read them, but it says so much about us. Always trying to make love out of care. The perfect recipe, but something wasn't there..."

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