Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ask Pablo

I'm all packed and ready to go. Ready for the sun, the sand, and the warm ocean breeze. Oh, and I cleaned. Who cleans before going out of town?

Well, I thought Mom was going to come by and feed Pablo while I'm gone. But I ended up taking him over there.

This is the longest I've ever left the little feller. I was actually afraid Mom might see these leftover Festivus Human Fund Cards lying around and think I'm in some kind of cult.

Meanwhile, I thought this might be a fun thing to try since I'm going to be away for a few days. I saw Renee and Carmen do this several weeks ago.

While I'm gone, if you have any questions for my fish, Pablo Picasso, you may ask them in the comments.

Pablo will attempt to answer your questions when I get back from Florida next week.

See you in three days, Pablo!

"I took off for a weekend last month, just to try and recall the whole year. All of the faces and all of the places. Wonderin' where they all disappeared..."


  1. So Pablo, where is Bone headed off to?

  2. Pablo, here are a few questions.

    Have you ever seen Finding Nemo?

    Do you try to escape from your aquarium?

    Do you do any tricks?

    Do the bubbles tickle?

  3. I clean before I head out of town. It makes coming home a bit easier :)

    Pablo is a cutey ...

  4. larsonbuckeyefans6/22/2006 05:59:00 PM

    Dear Pablo,How did Bone get his nickname or is Bone in fact his real name?And also if you don't mind,will Troy Smith win the Heisman next year?

  5. Does it bother you that Bone is leaving you to go eat your fellow sea creatures??? (I always wonder if Trina & Trudy being vegans resent my eating meat.)

  6. I've been having a good time in your state, maybe I'll write something about my experiences at the Civil Rights Museum and visiting 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham. Have a good trip and don't worry, the little guy will be fine.

  7. Have fun!

    Hey Pablo, tell the truth...does Bone snore?

  8. pablo,
    i am curious. do you have any reservations about swimming around in your own poop? i know it is a bit personal but i have often wondered if fish mind.

  9. Have fun!! I'm jealous!!! We'll keep an eye on Pablo for you!

  10. Pablo,

    Do you sometimes sleep on the rocks and look seriously depressed? I was just wondering because Mr. Wiggles, my red betta, seems to like it down there? I've often asked him if everything was okay and twirled his jar a few times to see if he was still alive.

    Oh, also, could you tell Bone to have a great time!!


  11. Considering I LOVE PABLO, and everything you say about him......
    I love the time you mentioned you thought of him in one of your 'last thoughts of life' when you were on the road, and you thought 'who will dance for Pablo'.....


    What does Bone do that makes you the happiest? Dance for you?

  12. That was my question. Really how does Pablo like it when Bone, if that is his real name, dances in the kitchen, in his underwear

    And Pable, can Bone sing? How many eight track players does Bone own? Why do you think Bone's still a bachelor? Come on, he's away. Spill!

  13. I wish I could have made it down there this weekend with the video camera. Fun always ensues!

    Anyways, I'm not sure if we're going to Destin or Miami for Labor Day... but that should be a fun trip too! We've got room for a couple more folks, so you're more than welcome to join us on that one.

    Don't forget Lil Bootay is coming into town next weekend so I'm sure the fun will continue when she gets here.

    Cya tomorrow and don't forget to post pix!


  14. I've always wondered, you live in water. We live in air. We drink water. Do fish drink air? My betta, Bloo, takes sips of air and spits them back out. He would like to get together sometime for some freeze dried shrimps and pellets, to talk about how ugly girl Bettas are, if you are free.

  15. Pablo,

    Will it ever be fashionable to wear my MC Hammer pants again?

    The Big Man

  16. Friday, Saturday, Sunday... I can count to three... Where's Bone? Should we send out the search party yet? Or is he just nursing a HUGE hang-over? ;o)

  17. Ok Pablo, answer me this.

    Are you the master of your domain?

    I have also wondered if it really is "all pipes" or do different pipes go different places. Any thoughts?

  18. Thanks for playing along, guys. Hopefully, Pablo will answer your questions after he recovers from his first time being away from home.