Thursday, June 08, 2006

I Wonder

I wonder where she is right now
Is the sun shining on her face
Was she at work today
Or maybe shopping downtown

Is she happy
Or does she long for something more
Is it something from her past
Or that thing she's never felt

Does she sit up nights alone
Wondering if, wondering when
Will she settle for something less
Or will she hold out hope

Do I know her name
Have our paths ever crossed
If not, will they cross
If they have, has our chance been lost

Have I talked to her this week
Or do we hardly ever speak
Or have we never talked at all
And how will I know

Did I see her at the store today
Or did I pass her on the street
Is she a thousand miles away
Or right behind my eyes

Will I know it when I meet her
Or did I know it when I met her
Will I do something to lose it
Or is it already gone

Will it be magical
Hard work, or will it come easy
Do you really just know
Or take your best guess

I wonder if she's reading this
I wonder if she even exists
I wonder

"I'm glad I didn't die before I met you. Now I don't care. I could go anywhere with you, and I'd probably be happy..."


  1. the big, great, expansive wondering. . .

  2. Did you write that? Well, I know you wrote it... but i mean are you the original author? Good poem!

  3. ...And so I thought I?d let you know
    That these things take forever
    I especially am slow
    But I realize that I need you
    And I wondered if I could come home

    Beautiful Bone, just beautiful....

  4. You're a poet, too? Is there anything you can't write? Geesh, put me to shame, why don't you.

    Replace "she" with "he" and I've wondered the same thing.

  5. Blondie: You're too kind. But thanks ;-)

    Ms. Sizzle: Yes. I think way too much.

    Kerry: LOL Yes, it's a Bone original. What did you think? I guess I should be flattered that you wondered if someone else wrote it? :)

    OCG: Ah, you know that song, too? ;-) Thank you.

    Carmen: Can't write fiction. Or dialogue. Some days I can't write anything.

  6. Have our paths crossed? Does she even exist? Exactly change the sex's a truly beautiful poem

    Great poetry, Bone, keep it up

  7. Bone
    I read your blog but am always too shy to comment.

    After I read this poem my heart began throbbing with longing.

    We are destined to meet. I am so sure of this I will meet you wherever you want to.

  8. *trying to think if I know any beautiful, poetic girls to hook you up with*
    I've been to Lesley's blog. Interesting.
    You know that she's out there somewhere. You'll find her....I'm sure.

  9. Well said. Great expression.
    And my sentiments exactly. Most days, I just try not to "wonder." Sometimes I wonder if I am my own destiny. (I could do worse). ;)

  10. I'm going to have to stop reading your blog due to severe blog/writing envy...

    go you.

  11. Pia: Well, I thought changing the sex might seem a tad... odd. For me :-) Oh, and great commenting. Keep it up.

    Lesley: Very funny. But thanks for the website.

    Jennifer: Thanks. Keep thinking ;-)

    Tenacious One: "Sometimes I wonder if I am my own destiny."

    I'll have to think on that one awhile... You just blew my mind.

    HB: No, no. Please don't stop reading. I'll try and start writing worser :)

  12. I love this poem ! You are the most talented person I know ;)

    I am so lucky to know you !!!

  13. Awesome job! Its a great poem... I couldnt write a poem if I tried. I don't think I could even spit out the first line. Fine job, my darling!!!

  14. That's beautiful, at risk of sounding cheesy.
    "I wonder if she even exists"

    She does, she'll find you soon - she's just taking her time.

    I mean, Hardee's does work late hours now right? :)
    Kidding, kidding.....I have to say something sarcastic in there or I wouldn't be me.

    T's comment is great too.....I'm with Heather, I have blog envy.

    LOVE the new banner, you know I'm all about new banners.

  15. Amber: Well, I doubt all that. But thanks.

    Kerry: Thank you. The poetry I write is basically 98% crap or unfinished and maybe 2% sort of postable material :)

    MappyB: I spend every writing moment trying not to sound too cheesy.

    And yes, you are the queen of new banners ;-) I'm but a novice.

    Xinh: Thank you.

  16. Beautiful...wonder is a wonderful thing :)
    And one day you will have your answers...I hope they live up to the wonder of it all.

    I see most of the anwers to my questions in the faces of my children- more so than in the face of my husband...and I didn't expect that.

    I saw someone over the weekend who reminded me (delayed memory though!) of you...just the mental image I have of you combined with your pic and your words. He was tall, not very old, didn't really look like a writer (and what does a writer look like anyway?), he was a father.

    His baby girl was about 18 months old, and the way he snuggled with her on the beach, the way he held that child, and covered her with the umbrella...dusted the sand off of her toes.
    The way he loved that baby, without words- just with actions-spoke more to me than books without end.
    As I reflect on how moved I was by his I felt like I kind of knew him, I realize that it was you I was seeing/thinking of in the background of my mind.
    I hadn't figured that out until now. But when I read the poem, the memory of that young dad and his little girl returned to me...

    sweet :)

  17. It's interesting the mental image we get in our minds of people, just from reading words, or hearing a voice. Our mind automatically begins to form an image, even if we don't want it to.

    Of course, I do have a pic up, so it's a little different. I'm sure my pic is not what one would imagine a writer to look like. Although with the recent addition of some facial hair...

    I definitely hope to be a good dad someday.