Monday, October 03, 2005

Mom would be so proud...

I wonder what it takes to become a blimp pilot. What even makes a kid want to do that? Are they sitting there watching the story of the Hindenburg on The History Channel one day, thinking to themselves, "If I had been piloting it, that never would have happened." Or maybe they're just airplane pilots who weren't very good. "Here, why don't you try this larger, much slower craft? All you have to do is just wait for us to cut the strings and pretty much just not hit anything." And what about the job prospects? They can't be very good. I mean, how many blimps are normally in the air at any given time? Like two?"

Quickly recapping my weekend...
Friday: Went running. Shot pool at The Brick. Then recorded the show. I feel like it was probably our best show. I've been really pleased with the past two. Didn't care for Episode 3 all that much. Thanks for all your feedback.

Saturday: The Bama game was AWESOME! We just kept scoring and it was just unbelievable. Bryant-Denny was louder than I've ever heard it. Most everyone stood the entire game. Oh, the big sweaty guy who was stinking last week starting turning around talking to me and high-fiving me during the game. (Football games are the only setting where high-fives are still socially acceptable, by the way. Please. Don't do them anywhere else, for the love of Pete.) So my sister was laughing at me. I guess I've made a new friend. There was a downside to the game, as we lost our best receiver, Tyrone Prothro, for the season, to a gruesome leg/ankle injury in the 4th quarter. Anyhow, we're ranked #7 in the new AP Poll. Everyone is so excited.

Sunday: Ate at Fire Mountain for the first time for lunch. It's pretty much the same thing as Ryan's. Not a big buffet fan. (However, I am a Buffett fan.) Did laundry and unpacked a couple more boxes. TBS had a Seinfeld marathon, so I saw no reason to leave home the rest of the day.

Today, I test drove a car at lunch. It's almost exactly what I've been looking for, so Bone might have a new ride before long. Still have to negotiate though ;-)

Today is also my Mom's birthday. And while I hope to goodness she doesn't read my blog, I'll still say Happy Birthday, Mom! Without you, well obviously, there'd be no Bone, no blog, etc. So really, you guys should thank her, too ;-) Or blame her. Whatever the case may be.

Last but not... eh, whatever. One of my ex-girlfriends (the few, the proud) has started a blog. She was asking me the other day how to get comments, so stop by and welcome her to the blog world. But don't ask her anything about me. She knows enough to be dangerous :-P

"I'll never know 'til it's over, if I'm right or wrong loving you. But I'd rather be sorry for something I've done, than for something that I didn't do..."


  1. thank you, Bama Bloggerman's mom, for bringing another Bloggerman into our blogger world.

    Your mom should start a blog, so she can rightfully claim the name of Bloggerwoman

  2. I watched a little of the Bama game. I knew you would be excited!

    Remember and take George Costanza with you when you go to buy the car. They will charge you for rustproofing, car mats, keys, etc.
    Jerry "Keys???"
    Putty "How you gonna start it."

    Brian B.

  3. Back when I was gainfully employed, I got to ride in the blimp.
    Let me tell you, that was a scary experience!! The descent almost made me cry as it feels like you're practically vertical and that's not a good feeling.

  4. Crys: Um, no. I don't foresee that happening. I just thought of an interesting question to ask everyone. Does your family read your blog?

    Brian: LOVE the Sein reference!!! It had me laughing out loud.

    Xinh: After I wrote that, I just had a feeling someone would have a blimp story or know a blimp pilot or something :-)

  5. Yay, you're a Buffet fan too! He's my man, I fully intend on (well I was going to say marry but since I've crossed that off my list, I'll have to say...)meet someday!

    Both you and Kyle's mom deserve a pat on the back for making the two cutest guys in Alabama!

  6. My uncle used to live right next to where they parked the Goodyear blimp. When I was a kid we would drive by and check to see if the blimp was 'home'.

    High-five baby! But dang, that was a nasty break.

    Happy Birthday to the Bone Mamma! Thank you, thank you, thank you Bone Mamma!

  7. Carnealian: Did you hear the story a few weeks ago when someone found his cell phone and prank called all those famous people?

    Lass: I love the scene in the stadium when I'm suddenly high-fiving total strangers.

    My mother probably could have a decent blog, as she writes really well.

  8. No, tell me the story about Jimmy's cell phone! I wouldn't have pranked anyone. I would have shown up at his door...nekkid with the cell phone in my hand...or somewhere.

    P.S. You can email me the story if you

  9. Here's the story on the smoking gun...

  10. What kind of car are you looking at?

    Happy Birthday, belated, to Bone's mom :-) You rock!!!!! Kudos to raising a wonderful man!!