Thursday, October 06, 2005

Not for the weak...

OK, due to the fact that I have received nearly a hundred searches for the picture of Prothro's injury this week, I thought I would post it. However, due to the graphic nature, I did it so you will only see the pic if you click on the "view" button.

This was our star receiver Tyrone Prothro (not Tommy Prothro, as one search had it), breaking his leg in the 4th quarter of Saturday's game:

So... yeah. Warned ya.



  1. Holy shit.

    Thank you, that totally just saved me from eating lunch...

    When's the last time I ate corn?!?

  2. OMG. Here's the question though...he scored, right? 'Cause that would suck to miss the catch and break your leg.

  3. OH SHIT!!!

    Morbit curiosity forces us to click that dumb link. MY GOODNESS!!!!

  4. OCG: I warned ya!

    Lass: Unfortunately, he didn't. They called pass interference on the Florida defender on the play, as he was grabbing him before the ball got there. He did have two touchdowns earlier in the game.

    Blonde: Yes, I suppose that's what it is, morbid curiosity, that makes all these people search for that picture.

  5. Ewww, that's really nasty! Very a la Joe Theissman! Ew, I'm going to think about that for the rest of the night. He's like a Stretch Armstrong doll. And if you say you don't know what that is, I'm going to have to hurt you.

  6. Poor man, now at the risk of sounding like a real girl, Why do they do that? Why would anyone want to do that? hmmmm yep, sounded totally like a girl. Can you tell I didn't have a brother? I had never even seen a ball of any sort until I hit school. :)Guess who was the last one picked?

  7. Carnealian: Yeah, Theissman's about the only thing similar I could think of. And yes, I do know what Stretch Armstrong is.

    Please don't hurt me.

    JC: Ha ha. Yes, I can tell. I would have picked you, over the little short kid with glasses and the broken arm ;-)

    Lindsy: Sick me out, huh? lol Never quite heard it put like that. But, point well taken.

  8. Oh my! That had to hurt! I hadn't seen it yet and it's such a shock to see the absolute bend. Ouch. Thanks for warning us and for being considerate of those light of heart - but you notice, the curiosity makes us click! :-)

  9. Hey! Been wondering where you've been. Yeah, I was thinking about that. Would anyone really not click on it?

  10. Of course everybody has to

    bone, you is one sick boy

  11. You know, that's bad, but as long as everything that's supposed to be inside his body hasn't migrated to the outside... it could be worse! I'm just bad with the gushy stuff.