Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Urinal Test

Trying to churn out a blog entry before my Unisom kicks in...

After reading my Urinalysis post, J-Mo suggested I post a link to this. I remember seeing this, or something simliar to it, several years ago. I think it goes well with my entry.

Click here to take the Urinal Test.

See? It's not just me. And while I don't agree with all their rules, I love the logic on #5. And ladies, you are encouraged to take the test, as well. Don't worry, it's phallus free.

"So lately, been wondering, who will be there to take my place? When I'm gone, you'll need love, to light the shadows on your face..."


  1. 30 out of 60. Yeah. I'm a chick. I still say make them all doored stalls and get rid of the stinky urinals...that way you'd be forced to learn the 'toilet seat rules'.

  2. Ha-ha, 60/60. Being a guy rules.

  3. Lass: We refuse to learn the toilet seat rules. Never! ;-)

    I've actually been at a football game when chicks came into the men's restroom because their line was so long. That was interesting.

    Armaedes: Crap, I only got 50/60. #5 screwed me up.

    I can appreciate the logic to never have a guy on both sides. But I'd rather not have one on either side. So if there's not 3 urinals in a row open, I become a stall man.

  4. Stalls are in order! At least you guys don't have to "hover" while you pee....try it! It ain't easy! Why do you think we have such developed quads?? Better yet, try peeing like that outside! Chicks rule!

    P.S. do you just "know" these song lyrics?

  5. "Why do you think we have such developed quads??"

    I always thought there was another reason. Oops.

    I know some of them. Most, probably. Some I look up. Some I look up just to make sure I get them right.

    One of my previous nicknames was Human Jukebox, because I go around singing random songs almost non-stop. It irritates some people. If you can believe that.

  6. No Bone! I can't imagine that you irritate anyone! :P

  7. Well I'm sure there are other reasons for hyperdeveloped quad muscles...:)

    I love music trivia but I think you have me beat! I will drive myself nuts with music trivia games. Actually we created some where I work. We took bits of lyrics from the 50's upwards and they had to name the singer/song. We created this exercise based on generational differences in the workplace. Pretty clever huh?!?

  8. I actually got a 50/60 too, but I thought you HAD to answer. That's not fair! These rules about where to pee apply to women's restrooms too. MOST women do not know this though! Dont go in a stall right next to someone else. you know there are like 40 ka-zillion stalls! And wipe the frickin' seat! YOU did it, not me! Why should I have to wipe it!!! (icanthoverpee)

  9. Lass: I know it's hard to believe. But really, the singing, the Seinfeld references... it gets old after awhile :-)

    Carnealian: I wouldn't be much good once you get back past the 80's. Except for the Beatles and a few others. Sounds fun, though.

    Groovy: Ewww, you don't hover? That's gross. I could never let myself touch a public toilet.