Saturday, October 08, 2005

Episode Six

OK, another edition of the JK Show is up.

(Click here to listen)

Two in-studio guests this week, one newbie and one returning from last week. Yes ladies, the Playboy is back. As always, appreciate your feedback and comments. What better way to spend twenty minutes of your life?... OK, don't answer that ;-)

"And I'm sorry but it's not a mistake. And I'm runnin' but you're getting away..."


  1. One of my usual blog reads discussed waxing...we determined it should only be done by a professional! I attempted to use Nads on my very hairy ex-boyfriend. Yea, there was blood. And, he would have given his right arm for one chest hair. Funny show. As always sounds like you had fun!

  2. You guys should have guests every week! You guys get stupid funny with guests :-) Killin' me!!!!

    Sorry to hear about your 1 chest hair...better than having a ton of hair comin' out of your shirt!! At least your nipples are available ;-)

    When we come visit, we'll be in your in studio guests!! Woo HOO!!!!!

  3. \: I wouldn't know if I liked it...

    ..since NO ONE CALLED ME!!!

    ::cries extremly fake tears::

  4. Good show.

    The dramatic readings crack my shit up!

    Just when I think I've got a handle on who's who, you get in-studio guests who sound similar so now I'm all confused again. Who is it that had the one chest hair? Kyle? And are you the one whose sister is going to wax the chest hair?

    As a person who gets her eyebrows waxed on a regular basis, I'll tell you that getting waxed will be somewhat painful at first. But the results will be worth it because the hair takes longer to grow back and when it does, it grows back softer and finer than if you shave or tweeze (not plucking; you pluck a chicken, you tweeze your body/facial hair).

    And I agree that you should have a professional do the waxing (not that your sister wouldn't do a good job).

  5. Carnealian: Professional.. will keep that in mind. Thanks ;-)

    Brunette: Not my one chest hair. That wasn't me.

    Feenix: Completely forgot. We'll be calling you soon.

    Xinh: Buzz had the one chest hair. Yes, I'm the one whose sister said she'd wax it.

  6. Damn, see, you guys can't move around on me!! Alright, who only has 1 chest hair?

  7. Dang, you guys are just havin' too much fun!

    Chest hair is sexy, sexy, sexy! No shaving or waxing needed. ;)

    Excellent dramatic reading!

    Men. Perpetually immature. Hetero-barrier. Two women can sleep in the same bed, but dang. You guys! Double standards!

  8. Brunette: Buzz has one chest hair. Supposedly. I didn't see it.

    Lass: Yeah, I was looking in the mirror last night for a few minutes. lol I think I'm OK. Might take a picture later. Just afraid of running off my readers.

    We are perpetually immature. It's kinda cute at first, but after awhile, I imagine it might get on your nerves ;-)

  9. The Hetero Barrier is a classic. Can't you just see Felix and Oscar....Joey and Chandler...and Jeff and Kyle's faces upon the prospect of the sleeping arrangements? I can. Good stuff friends. :-)

    The inside jokes make me feel a bit left out but you all are having so much fun I laugh when you all laugh - it's infectious (a good thing).

    If you all keep having guests you'll have to have a cast of characters (with pics) to post along with the link so we can keep it all straight in our heads.

    Sounds like a grand ole time is had by stuff. :-)

  10. I don't think we had any inside jokes... it was all just off the cuff.

    I've been thinking a lot about the guest situation, and what not. We'll have to see if they're up for having their pix taken.

    There is something big in the works, and you will all know about it very soon!