Thursday, September 22, 2005

Last thing I expected

"Last thing I expected was to get her call tonight, cos the last thing that I heard from her was she'd found Mister Right..."

She called last night. You remember her, don't you? You know... her.

I missed it. She left a message. No call back number. Said she'd call another time.

"...but when I came home this evening, there it was on my machine. Now I'm just wonderin' what the hell it means..."

It's been over a year since I've heard from her. Yet it still affects me. Somehow. My mind wanders...

That's all I really know to say. I may not even leave this post up.

"Said she's sorry that she missed me, and she's been doin' fine. But I've run it back and heard her say those words a hundred times..."


  1. Maybe she has found your blog, and all the beautiful things that you have written about her.

    I know if anyone ever wrote things that beautiful about me, and I came across them, I would definately pick up the phone.

    Who knows. You said your mind wanders.... Where? Pick up the phone and call her back. I am a huge believer in destiny. :-)

  2. Oh no, one of "those" phone calls. They're exciting, scary, perplexing...everything rolled into one. Hope you get to talk to her. Maybe something wonderful will happen!

  3. Ah, the intrigue! Exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Do yourself a favor and don't wait by the phone though. When the timing is right, you'll connect.

    I've tagged you. :) You know you love it!

  4. Tiff: Oh, I haven't posted what I wrote about you yet ;-)

    Carnealian: They definitely trigger a lot of different feelings.

    Lass: Watch where you tag me next time ;-)

  5. Maybe she realizes she HAD mr. right...Maybe she's just afriad to lose you completely. Girls are strange (I'm sure you already know this!!). I have a couple ex's that I keep tabs on; not necessarily because I'm in love with them, but because they're a piece of my past I just refuse to let go of. Like I said, we're strange creatures!

    So what are you going to do when she calls back?

  6. Sorry you're feeling strange about it.

    Phone calls from old loves are always hard to understand.

    It's obvious that you're on her mind and she misses you - she wouldn't have called, otherwise.

    Always leave your posts up... we want to see this side of you, too.


  7. How exciting! I think it is anyway. My mind wanders the same way quite often still. How I wish he would call...

    TGIF! =)

  8. What did you have for lunch today?
    I had a chili dog and tator tots!
    haha for old times... :-)

  9. Brunette: Yes. Strange. Sometimes. Confusing. Sometimes. But irresistible. Not sure what I'll do. Answer, I guess :-)

    Blonde: Thanks. It's no big deal really, the more I think about it. Like to keep up with her too, know she's OK.

    Erica: Yes! Friday. Good. Friday very good!

    Lindsy: I had chicken fingers and fries. And sweet tea. Good luck on your new job!