Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Audiopost: I'm Moving On

this is an audio post - click to play


  1. Hope you had fun playing tennis and there were no displays of unsportsmanlike conduct. Did you not get home in time for Tommy Lee?? It was finals!! Gosh I was a nervous wreck! I think you've inspired me to get a massage too. I have a partial gift certificate for the Spa at Hotel Hershey. I think I'll see if they have any openings.

    If I had a pick up truck, I'd come help you move...I really want one...like a red 1980 Ford pick up...loud, without the gun rack.

  2. Well it sounds like you'll be moving just in time, 'cause you'll be all nice and relaxed from your movement...um, I mean massage :-)

    Thanks for the audio post, those are always fun! Mike knows your voice...when I started playing the post he said "Hey, is that the guy from the show?" You guys are getting more famous by the minute!!

  3. Now I don't feel so odd - I have the blogger number saved in my cell phone too. We're blerds together. :-)

    The townhouse must have been pretty impressive - I'm so glad you're moving out of the apt. complex. And, if I had access to a truck and could actually drive it (I have problems seeing over the steering wheel on trucks) I'd help you move too. But, I'm sure you can get a lot of recruits to help you. You must not have a lot of stuff though, if you can pick up and move within four days. When I moved, I packed for a month and still had things being packed the day of the move.

    Thanks for the audio post - it's great hearing you. :-)

  4. Carnealian: I could probably find you one of those trucks around here. You'd have to take the gun rack out though ;-)

    No, I missed Tommy Lee. I would've skipped tennis if I had remembered it came on.

    Brunette: It's nice to be recognized. I'm sure soon we won't even be able to go out in public. lol

    Cindy: Blerds of a feather... Ugh, that was bad. So you're short, huh? ;-) I'm really not sure if I can move within four days or not. I have my rent paid up thru the end of this month, so I guess if I have to come back and get stuff later, that's what I will do.

  5. Count me in the blerd-flock too. Audioblogger is saved on my cell. Glad you've got that massage scheduled! You'll love it!

  6. I'm jealous that I can't make an audio entry on my blog.