Saturday, September 10, 2005


Well, as a few of you know, K and I have been messing around with the idea of a podcast. We just recorded our second show last night actually. So if you have a few minutes to kill, check it out. Again, it's just beginning and really rough. Hopefully, it will get better with time. Right now, we're just having fun.

Click here to listen and let me know what you think :-)

Otherwise, I'm about to leave for the Bama game. We're on ESPN2 tonight, I think. So look for me. I'll be the one wearing crimson ;-)

Hope you all have a super weekend, and Roll Tide!

"If I sorted it out. If I knew all about this one thing. Wouldn't that be something..."


  1. I'm going to check you guys out in a bit, and I'm really glad you didn't have to set your happy ass on fire today for our amusement :-)

  2. That was funny!! Not sure I'm in love with the fulcrum thing, unless of course I'm already past mine, then I'm fine with it ;-)

    Thanks for the shout out too, you guys ROCK!!!!!

  3. Hey don't know how Bama did but ND two for two! We kicked Michigans butt today, last week we kicked Pittsburgh but that's not saying much. I'm not going to get too crazy just yet, but I'm 'cited we're a winnin!!! Whoo hoo!!! Did you yell, "Run Forrest Run!!"?

  4. Listened to your podcast (good job, even though I can't tell who's who [but that's just me]) and thought I'd chime in.

    #1-For a minute, I thought whoever it was that was talking about the colonoscopy was talking about my dad. Because he just recently had one and had to have it done in Decatur (my folks live in Huntsville). And then I realized that my dad is retired so it wasn't him.

    #2-Massages are sexual only if you think of them that way. When you go to a massage therapist, the whole idea is relaxation. So if you're thinking just about relaxing, then I think you might be fine with the massage. And on the off chance that "something" does happen, massage therapists are professionals and that happens so it's not a surprise to them. I have a friend who's a sports massage therapist, so she works on athletes who have been injured and are there for pain relief.

    #3-Egg timers are just kitchen timers. They're called egg timers because back in the day when people used to eat soft boiled eggs, the housewives would use the timer to determine how long to cook the egg.

  5. Glad you liked the show... I'm the one who told the Colonoscopy story.

    Be sure and check out the first episode, if you missed it!


  6. **favorite part**
    Jeopardy theme song singing.

    Loved hearing my "name" on the "radio"! lol

    You guys rock.

  7. Funny and interesting. In my opinion, the Fulcrum Effect can also be seen in guys: hot quarterback in HS, ten years later, is now balding with a beer gut. It's just a matter of age, genetics and maintenance. Two of those you can't change, the other...well, with money, time and attention, it can help - for both guys and gals.

    I liked the opening, the music and the 'commercials' too. Good job guys. Entertaining stuff. :-)

  8. Brunette: I thought the fulcrum thing may have sounded a bit superficial, but it happens. Perhaps your fulcrum wasn't as pronounced as others :-)

    Carnealian: I saw that. Congrats. ND is the hot talk these days.

    Xinh: Thanks for chiming in. And it's not just you, a couple of others have told me the voices were similar.

    Java: Great job editing. Probably should put a disclaimer in there that the half price Levi's ad was not real :-)

    Blonde: We get that a lot ;-) Yes, I'm sure we'll be hearing from Alex Trebek soon.

    Lindsy: No prob, blogger friend.

    Cindy: Oh definitely, it is seen in guys. The "friend" I referred to as having gained weight after marriage was a guy. The fulcrum is part choice, though. Just takes effort.

    Listening back to it, I think the opening was my favorite part.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  9. This is great guys! Good job! I love Galaga!

    The commercials were great. Oprah? Please tell me you don't.

  10. A friend and I tried a "radio" broadcast once...I think it was for school. We couldn't stop laughing long enough to get words out.

    Bone, I do think you and I were married in a previous life. Did I mention that before?

  11. Lass: No, of course I don't watch Oprah. I just know she comes on right after Dr. Phil here. Somehow.

    Carnealian: No, you haven't mentioned that. I assume you treated me badly then and are wanting to make it up to me now? :-)

  12. Holy crap dude. Just found my way her from Its Brand New via the blonde and your radio show is funny!

    The fulcrum! hahah. This term is gonna catch on. I just know it!