Monday, September 12, 2005

Can I go to a spa...

...and still be considered a man?

(From Seinfeld episode "The Note")
George: A man gave me... a massage.
Jerry: So?
George: So he... had his hands and he was--
Jerry: He was what?!
George: He was, touching, and rubbing.
Jerry: That's a massage.
George: And then I took my pants off.
Jerry: You took your pants off?!
George: For my hamstring.
Jerry: Oh.
George: He got about two inches from--
Jerry: Really?
George: I think it moved.

I'm a little nervous. The spa I am planning to go to is closed on Mondays. So I am planning to call tomorrow and make an appointment. If nothing else, it should make for a good blog entry. (BLERD ALERT!) And after all, isn't that what it's all about? By the way, blerd has been mentioned on yet another blog. Thanks to Erica at Ecstatic Misery for the mention on her September 1st entry. Coming soon, "Bases for Blerds: First base isn't what it used to be."

The weekend
Went to eat Friday night at Logan's. Then recorded the show. Saturday, I worked until 1:00. Then went to the Bama game. We won 30-21, after falling behind 21-10. The best part of the game was The Catch that Tyrone Prothro made just before halftime.

It was the #1 play on SportsCenter's top ten Saturday night. The second best part of the game was when the field sprinklers came on right in the middle of the 4th quarter. Play was halted. There were probably about five or six sprinklers all over the field. They stayed on for a couple of minutes. I took a picture with my phone, but I don't think you can really tell what it is. Sunday was just a very nice, relaxing day. I did laundry, watched the US Open final, watched the Cowboys win, went running, and cooked an enchilada casserole.

Hope you all had a good weekend!

EDIT: I go to look at the new apartment tomorrow!

You had to be there
"Are you watching this Agassi Federer match? This is great."
"They look just like us."
"Until they hit the ball."

"My favorite song is Tease Me All Night Long. Do you know what song I'm referring to?"
"Not sure."
"I think Florence Nightengale sings it."
"Oh, I'm quite sure she doesn't sing it. Florence Nightengale is like a dead nurse. Perhaps you're thinking of Clara Barton."

"Do you like my nails?"
"Yeah. Are you gonna paint them?"
"They are painted. It's a French Manicure."
"Oh... yeah, that's nice... I like pink. Or red. Maybe some iced mauve. Or raspberry punch."

"I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean. Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens..."


  1. Good luck with the massage. Ask for a gal - so you don't have the same problem as George. If it moves (blush) you won't feel so odd because it's supposed to when pretty girls are around. Ahem. Enough of that. :-)

    I'm glad your team won. Did you happen to see the Rams score at the end yesterday? I was a mite disappointed to say the least.

    Is the podcast going to be a weekly event?

  2. HA HA! You can request a girl. It'll be ok...

    I bet against the Cowboys. Damn them. I despise Jerry Jones.

    I bet you guys do look just like the pros...till you hit the ball. ;) I'm laughing at this, heartily. You're live like a real-life episode of 'Jay-Walking'. That's it...the title of a new segment for you... 'Bone Walking'.

  3. The "You had to be there" was hilarious! I can sooo envision those conversations!!!

    I hope nothing moves during your massage, but you can bet your sweet ass if it does, WE WANT TO KNOW!!!!!

    BTW, I got to watch tennis this weekend, and I was a very happy girl...I didn't even have to ask you for an update :-)

  4. I was alternating between the Bama game and the ASU/LSU game and I flipped right back to the Bama game right before Prothro made that catch. It. Was. Awesome.

  5. Cindy: Yes, I saw the Rams lost. Sorry. I think we are planning to do the podcast each week, for awhile anyway.

    Lass: I try to surround myself with people who are bound to say funny things :-)

    Brunette: Right, it was on UHF this weekend! Glad you got to watch some tennis.

    xinh: It was! Just one of those rare plays. Ah, the only thing I don't like about going to games is not being able to watch all the games on TV and flip back and forth all day long.

  6. Huh... I know most straight males don't want other men rubbing them, but I can imagine if you ended up with a hot female massaging you, that could bring problems of its own.

  7. I doubt highly that your "ahem" will "shift" if a man massages you. You're going to be so relaxed and calm, you may actually even fall asleep. You're going to be more likly to "shift" if a woman rubs you.

    Go balls out (excuse the pun) and get that massage however it comes to you, Bone (excuse the pun, again.)

    ps. How did you come to be called Bone?

  8. I hate when I forget to put all my comments in one entry and then have to make more than one comment.

    I blogged about Blerds on my blog as well (

  9. I actually asked a massage therapist about the issues guys may have while getting a massage. It happens, if they are professional, they'll deal with it appropriately. It just depends what kind of "professional" you are going to! hee hee!! Congrats on the Bama win! Um, yea, I always think I'm so brilliant on the tennis court. Till I attempt to serve the ball, I throw it too high and I swing and all I get is air. And, don't piss me off on the tennis court, I've been know throw my raquet down and stomp off. I learned everything I know from John McEnroe.

  10. nice hilarious post.....

  11. I think it might take much more than a visit to the spa to remove any of your manhood... or to move it...


  12. Sarah: I'll take my chances with the female :-)

    Blonde: Yes, I was thinking that it is supposed to be a relaxing thing, so there shouldn't be any issues. I've told the Bone story several times. I give a very short explanation here:

    Xinh: Very cool! I checked it out. Thanks for spreading the blerdness.

    Carnealian: That's OK. I liked Johnny Mac. Besides, I used to have a friend who would fling his racket clear across the court with reckless abandon. So I'm used to it.

    Avik: Thank ya :-)

    OCG: I'm not touching that one.

  13. I want to go to the spa too!!! I don't care what moves if I have a massage....I just want the massage. It has been so long since anything has moved for me anyway that I don't think it is a really, I say go and enjoy and dont worry about it. I agree that you should ask for a girl.....have fun and enjoy.

  14. Isn't Florence Nightingale Mrs. Brady?

    And no, you can't go to a spa (or get a professional massage) and still be a man, sorry. If you decide to go anyway, you might as well get an algae face wrap and a pedicure while you're at it. I'm sure you can trade your balls in to pay the bill.