Monday, September 05, 2005

The Person Who Invented Holidays

Who invented holidays? I imagine it was someone not so unlike me. Very stressed and overworked, looking for any excuse to stay at home and relax. It is my theory that this person's goal was to eventually have a national holiday every other week. I think this because that would be my goal. However, the person who invented holidays fell short of that goal. Why? My theory is that they had a boss, an evil ogre if you will, who would stop at nothing to put an end to the noble holiday crusade. So we are left with the holidays that we have. Anyhow, to the person who invented holidays, I say thank you.

Labor Day was quite relaxing. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. The weekend was good. Some late nights, for me anyway. I got home about 1:00 Saturday morning. And about 3:00 this morning. Due to not being home much over the weekend, I have gotten behind on my blogging and blog reading. Hopefully, things will get back to normal this week. I actually need to add a couple of blogs to my links. Some of you have been commenting regularly and I have been reading your blogs, too. Just haven't gotten around to linking yet. I finally got around to watching Garden State today. I enjoyed it. A bit different and some unpredictable parts, which is always good, and it kept my interest.

A perfect day
In the life of an Alabama fan, any day on which Alabama wins and Auburn loses is a perfect day. So Saturday was perfect in that sense. We won our game 26-7. It wasn't pretty, but I'll take an ugly win over a pretty loss anyday. I had a great time, as usual. Felt a little guilty sitting at a college football game while so many are hurting and suffering because of the hurricane. They announced that a dollar from every ticket sold was going to the relief effort. It is good to see so many people, businesses, and organizations trying to help. It is still sad, though. I have pretty much stopped watching the news coverage. It deeply saddens me.

How do you store Oreos (and other bachelorisms)
For supper tonight, I cooked grilled chicken, macaroni & cheese, and fixed a salad. I thought that was somewhat of a bachelor meal. But it gets better (or worse). I put the chicken and mac & cheese on a nice glass plate. And put the salad on a paper plate. Then I found myself sitting on the floor in my room eating, with the plates sitting on a chair which I had dragged in there from the kitchen to serve as a TV tray.

And in the TMI category, I rarely wear pants around the apartment. For whatever reason, as soon as I get home from work, one of my first inclinations is to take off my pants and lounge in my boxers. So unless I'm expecting someone or planning to go back out soon, I'm usually wearing boxers and a t-shirt. The complex has a dumpster out by the road to put our trash in. Often late at night, I'll walk out there in boxers, t-shirt, and flip-flops. Being single is great!

There is a pack of Double Stuff Oreos in my kitchen with a piece of gray duct tape on them to keep them fresh. Need I say more?

"Don't know how I'm gonna find her. All I know so far, she's on the coast of somewhere beautiful, runnin' with my heart..."


  1. Single is fun.

    Boxers,tee, n' flip flops is a nice visual. ;)

    One of my favorite outfits. They get so pissed when I show up at work wearing that.


  2. I am a strong advocate for the 4 day work week, as I always feel as though I need an additional day to recover from my weekend... but then realize I would merely stretch my weekend that day longer and would still need yet another day.

    Vicious cycle.

    Dang it.

  3. I'm studying in Sweden, which is general an abyssmal place to pass your winter days, but they *do* have a holiday almost ever week Spring term. Between that and the Tempurpedic foam, these people sure do know how to relax.

  4. I added Garden State to my Netflix this morning :-) Glad you gave it a good review.

    My son strips his shoes and shorts as soon as we come through the door! Must be a guy thing ;-)

    As for the Oreos, I think I would have used a Ziplock bag...but hey, that's just me ;-)

    You need to listen to my audio post :-)

  5. You wouldn't have this issue but besides shoes, the bra is the next thing to come off when I get home. I've gone outside in various states of (un)dress, so I don't see a problem. Can we have a picture next time? Don't be so selfish!

  6. The bra, first and foremost

    Loved your post in general; it was so Bone normal.

    I'm a strong believer in loving your work; problem is paying all the dues, before reaching that point--if you ever do

    Somehow I suspect that you can make even the most boring drudgery fun

  7. Blonde: I'm glad you are enjoying the visual.

    OC Girl: Definitely. For example, I got to sleep about 1:00 this morning. Tried to watch Blair Witch Project right before going to sleep. Ended up having to cut it about two-thirds thru. Figured it would have given me messed up dreams.

    Sarah: Sounds comfy. Don't they have lots of hot tubs there, too?

    Brunette: Ziplock. So just dump them out of the package? I'll go listen to your audio post now.

    Carnealian: Well, I wouldn't want to scare anyone off. Besides, if I posted one, you'd have to as well. It's only fair.

    Pia: Yeah, I don't see how women walk around with those things.

    I do try to keep things fun and lively as much as possible.

  8. Yup, dump 'em. It's the only way to go!

  9. OK. That was such an unfair post. Tantilizing us with the little details...evil Bone, evil. ;) What was that address again?

    Oreos and duct tape... *shaking head in amazement*

  10. I'm not sure if the duct tape thing is more of a bachelor thing or an Alabama thing. Perhaps both.

    I ran out of scotch tape. Had to improvise :-)

  11. Scotch tape?? Are you kidding me?? Is the sun too hot there?? I was almost with you on the duct tape, you almost had me, but scotch tape? It won't even hold it!!! My head is bowed in shame for you right now...

  12. "On the coast of somewhere beautiful, slate winds blowing through my hair, Sunlight dancing on the water...and I wish you were here.
    Oh wait thats my version. ;-)

    Have a Great Week!