Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Burning down the house

Well, the lessons learned in Bachelorville don't always come easy. But a lesson learned the hard way is not soon forgotten...

I was fixing a Red Baron pizza for supper tonight. Deep dish. Pepperoni. When taking it out of the oven, I was using a dish towel. So I pulled the rack out and stuck the towel between my legs (ummm, not the smartest thing to do) while I checked the pizza to see if it was done. I immediately felt the towel burning the back of my leg. I thought to myself how odd it was that it had gotten that hot after only touching the oven rack for a couple of seconds. The burning got worse, so I grabbed the towel and discovered that it was on fire. I threw it on the floor and it continued flaming. I stomped on it, then threw it in the sink and turned on the faucet. Fortunately, I didn't burn down the entire apartment complex. No permanent damage was done, just a few singed hairs.

So, lesson learned: Never put a flaming towel between your legs. There's probably an old Chinese proverb about that somewhere.

Me and Tommy Lee
While watching Tommy Lee Goes To College tonight, I realized something. If you take away the tattoos, Pamela Anderson, the musical talent, and the STD's, he and I really aren't that different. I really enjoyed when he called Snoop Dogg on his cell phone and we got to hear Snoop's voice mail.

That reminds me, my favorite commercial right now is the Snoop Dogg/Lee Iacocca Chrysler ad. "Fo shizzle, Iacozizzle!" LOL That's gold!

"Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Jack Frost nipping at your nose..."


  1. "If you take away the tattoos, Pamela Anderson, the musical talent, and the STD's, he and I really aren't that different. "

    ... yeah, and when you throw in the body piercings, I can see you 2 have a lot in common.


  2. You crack me up every damn time! :) Glad you learned your lessons without any loss of extremities, if you know what I mean.

  3. You need a wife.

    And I'm glad you're exactly like Tommy Lee, but completely different.

    ps. He's quite a bit uglier than you, my friend.

    I need to stop flirting with you! MY GOOOOOOODNESS! Can you tell I'm single now?? lol

  4. I, too, am glad you didn't lose anything important ;-) Funny that that's all us girls thought about!! I'm not sure if you need a wife, but you definately need help :-)

  5. bonester its not tommy lee that u have alot in common with its richard pryor rofl.

  6. I'm sending you some potholders, pronto! Don't want to singe off anything you might need for later. I watched Tommy Lee last night too. How cool would it be to have a housemate who can call celebrities at the drop of a hat. Watching him struggle in those classes made me feel uncomfortable. That's too close to reality for me. If I was in physics or chem this semester, I'd be beating my head on the desk.

  7. hahaha that made my morning. thanks!

  8. I can do one better than just send you potholders...I can knit them for you! :P

    And, I love that you call it supper. :) It's so Southern.

    Thank goodness there was no permanent damage. Not in need of any physical therapy are you? HA! :)

  9. Java: I've been thinking about getting one of those.

    Sarah: Umm yeah. I definitely know what you mean.

    Blonde: "He's quite a bit uglier than you, my friend."

    Thanks... I think. lol

    Brunette: I'm thinking more of a Rachel Ray co-habitation thing would be good. So Rachel, if you're reading this...

    Anonymous: Yeah. He burned something down, didn't he?

    Carnealian: I sorta got the same feeling. Don't remember college seeming that hard.

    Lindsy: Glad to be of service.

    Lass: You knit as well? That's impressive. Knitting, running... what else do you do? ;-)

    I usually think supper, but type dinner, so as not to seem so Southern. But we call it supper most of the time, so why not be myself.

  10. My portfolio would be too long for a blog comment. ;0)

  11. I always said and wrote 'supper' until Dave (Before Dave) who's from the North. Now, I edit myself constantly to remember to say and write 'dinner'-argh!

    Glad you're okay - but what is it with guys and not using oven mitts? Someone already invented them, they work...why don't you use them? :-)

    Singed hair, eh? Could've been worse. Glad it wasn't! :-)

  12. haha, of course my words didn't form well.

    I meant that you're hot. He's not.

    Next time I'll just say what I think. lol

  13. ...please where can I buy a unicorn?