Thursday, September 01, 2005

Audiopost: Four-Day Weekend

this is an audio post - click to play


  1. hi pablo! you are the silent and mysterious type, i see. hehe

  2. We wait in anticipation of your "real post".... though, again... the voice does it for me.... so you can keep up on that, ifyou'dlike.


  3. Have a great weekend and enjoy your movies! I loved Garden State- even Natalie Portman was great, and normally I want to kick her in the face every time she talks. Especially in that horrible movie where she had a baby in a Walmart...

  4. crys: Pablo says "hi". ><>*

    blonde: Very sweet of you to say. Shall I keep talking then?

    sarah: Thanks. Garden State came highly recommended. I am looking forward to it. Never saw the baby in Wal-Mart movie.

  5. Oh geez, Blair Witch. That movie was kind of annoying...till the very end. FREAKED ME OUT! I love a good scary movie! Have a great looong weekend...go Bama!

  6. Your voice! Such a treat...

    Hope your weekend is truly fab...
    and for the love of god... feed your fish! least pet him a little hello from me...


  7. i love natalie portman, and Where the Heart Is was a great movie

  8. I've got Garden State sitting on top of my TV...for months now. I'll have to watch it so we can compare notes. :)

    Poor Pablo. Bone, you're such a blog-hog. Give the fish time to say what he's gotta say!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Your audio post put such a big smile on my face. Your humor is coming across in stereo now - love it!

    I'm not surprised that Pablo was not talking to you - I hope he got an extra pellet or two.

    I tried to get Apollo to purr to the phone the other night - but it didn't work. Stubborn pets!

    Anyway, I greatly enjoyed your audio post and I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend and that of course, that the game is a winner! Take care!

  10. carnealian: If I'm by myself, I like to turn all the lights out and watch them. Freak myself out a little.

    anonymous: Hope you have a fabulous weekend, as well ;-)

    lass: Yeah, definitely. Let me know what you think about it :-)

    cindy: Thanks. Pablo is doing this thing now where he's fascinated with the bubbles in his tank, so he's trying to eat them.

    Thanks for the comments, all.

    One day down, three to go!

  11. I know I've said this before, but damn, your voice really just does it for me!

    And feed PABLO!!!! ;-)