Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Seven Meme

NOTE: I put a link to the JK Show archives on the sidebar. So you can listen to our attempt at podcasting whenever your heart desires.

I like short memes and I cannot lie. All you other bloggers can't deny...

I was tagged by Lass with this one. Seems like a good way to spend a Tuesday, feeding your fixation with the man some call Bone, all the while making it evermore convenient for you to stalk me. So, here goes:

7 things I plan to do before I die:
Fly on a plane
Go back to school
Go back to New York
Continue writing
Learn to play guitar
Have or adopt a child

7 things I can do:
Ice skate
Talk like Eric Cartman (a little)
Quote many random lines from Seinfeld
Water ski
Recite many random song lyrics
Make people laugh (whatever it takes)
Operate a forklift (Manuel Labor lives on)

7 things I cannot do:
Roller skate
Read fast
Dive head first
Snow ski
Roll my tongue
Think of a good 7th thing to put here

7 things that attract me to another person:

7 celebrity crushes:
Stephnie Weir
Michelle Pfeiffer
Allison Fisher
Jennifer Aniston
Kim Cattrall
Jill Arrington
Charlize Theron

7 Things I say the most:
"Good heavens!"
"I'm fixing to..."
"I guess."
"See ya."

7 bloggers I am tagging:
OC Girl

"I've learned to love myself and I don't need no one else. When love moves on cos it gets cold, a new love moves in and it can fill the hole..."


  1. Awwww good heavens, you even have good celebrity crushes, and I could go on, but...-;)

  2. I can help with 5 of the 7 things you can't do. :)

  3. I feeled honored I was tagged. I'm put in on my blog when I have time. I'll do it sometime this week....promise!
    What's for lunch and where are my emails today?

  4. Pia: :-) Actually took me a little bit to get that. Crap.

    Lass: OK. Where shall we begin?

    Lindsy: I had spaghetti and salad from a new cafe in town called Cahoots. It was really good. And it's just a couple of blocks from my new place!

    I'll try and do better on the emails ;-)

  5. Watch where you tag me! I'm still writing my paper for this week - so once that's completed, I'll meme.

    Your answers were very interesting...if I were a guy, I think I'd like Jennifer Aniston too. ;-)

    Thanks for the tag!!!!! :-)

  6. On your next audio blog, I'd like to hear you do Cartman. He cracks me up!

  7. I'll do this over the weekend, when I have time to think.

  8. Cindy: Ha ha. I almost put that I had a non-sexual crush on Jerry Seinfeld... not that there's anything wrong with that.

    Carnealian: Sweeeet. Then maybe I can sing my song that I wrote, "I Wish Cartman Was Real."

    Xinh: OK. Hope you're feeling better.

  9. Alright. I have posted my 7 things. And thanks. I am feeling better.