Friday, June 18, 2004

Well, I'm off...

I will be leaving shortly for the beach. Got in the bed around 1:00 this morning, but I woke up pretty easily. Anxious anticipation, I suppose. I took Dad his Father's Day card and stuff last night. Unfortunately, I had planned this trip before I realized it was Father's Day weekend. I know. I'm the bad son. I think it will be the first Father's Day ever that I haven't seen my Dad.

Well, I doubt I will be blogging while I'm away. Try not to be too sad. It's only five days. I'm blogging today, and then I'll be back on Tuesday and probably blog then, too. So it'll really only be three days. And the weekend really doesn't count because most people aren't on the computer much on the weekend anyway. So it's only one day, really. It'll go by like that. (snaps fingers)

Have a great weekend!

"Day breaking on the boulevard. Feel the sun warming up your second hand heart. Light swimming right across your face, and you think maybe someday, yeah, maybe someday..."

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