Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Becky Gelke (and other Sein stuff)

A Pseudo-Interview With Jerry

That's kinda cute.

Cab Used On Seinfeld In Celebrity Auction

In other news, The Good Samaritan was on the other night. The more I watch some of those early season eps, the more I like them.

G: "I love when they touch your arm. I can't get enough of that. Why is that?"
J: "Let's not even analyze it."

K: "Good for you! What kind of a sick lowlife would do a thing like that? You know those people, you know, they're mentally disturbed. They should be sent to Australia."
J: "Australia?"
K: "Yeah, that's where England used to send their convicts."
J: "But not anymore."
K: "No." ROFL

And in regards to Becky Gelke, about three or four years ago, we were going to hang out in Nashville and met up with a friend of Shane's, named Becky. She was quite attractive, however, we never knew or couldn't remember her last name, so to this day, whenever the subject comes up, we still refer to her as Becky Gelke :-)

"There is no place safe and no safe place to put my head. And you can feel the world shake from the words that are said..."

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