Monday, June 07, 2004

Nocturnal Phantasm #604A

Well, here's what I remember from last night's mental adventure:

I was at someone's house. There were several people there, some I knew, some I didn't. And these two cute girls started talking to me. Then all of a sudden, we all three busted out and started singing Ludicris' part of "Yeah yeah": Watch out, my outfit's ridiculous. In da club, lookin' so conspicuous, etc. (I just wonder if it came on the TV while I was asleep or something.)

Then, the next thing I remember is we were at H.A. Alexander Park and one of the baseball fields had water on it and they were selling paddle boat rides on the field, so we got in line to go on one of those. The only other part I remember, and this is probably a completely different dream, is that Jessica had this blue ointment. I don't know what she was using it for, but some of it ended up in my mouth somehow, and it tasted bad.

I have no idea what any of this dream means, but when I woke up, I did go and brush my teeth.

"If you want to leave take good care. Hope you make a lot of nice friends out there. Just remember there's a lot of bad and beware. Oh baby, baby, it's a wild world. It's hard to get by just upon a smile girl..."

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