Wednesday, June 02, 2004

69-65? I can't watch this anymore...

Let's talk sports today... Sometime late in the third quarter of Tuesday night's DET/IND game, when it became painfully clear to me that neither team would reach the 50-point barrier before the 4th quarter, I realized that the NBA has hit rock bottom. Sure, I've seen it coming. I think we all have. But when you're left longing for the days of those 83-79 Knicks/Heat shootouts, something is wrong. Where have you gone, Pete Myers?

On a somewhat positive note, I am impressed by Richard (Rip, Rick, George IV) Hamilton. To use a cliche, he is probably one of the more underrated stars in the league. IMO, you have the two best coaches in the league in the finals. Although, Phil always seems to be loaded with talent (Shaq, Kobe, Malone, Payton, MJ, Pippen, Wilt, Kareem... what). Larry Brown seems to do more with less. It would be interesting to see what would happen if those two switched teams for a season. As far as my NBA picks go, I did pick the Pistons to come out of the East. My West was all screwed up, but I did say whoever won between LA/SA would go to the finals. It's just that I thought SA would win :-P Oh well.

I watched the end of the Capriati/Serena Williams match after work yesterday. Glad to see Jennifer win. With Anna and Hingis gone, Jen is about the only one left to root for, as far as hot players go (Navratilova notwithstanding... what?) I mean, sure there's always the hot Russian of the week, but I need substance. I don't want some fly-by-night one-tournament-wonder. I'm tired of girls putting on a big show and getting my hopes up, only to be let down after a few weeks. I'm looking for something long-term. What the crap am I talking about?

The Reds won in 10 innings last night, reclaiming the best record in the NL. It's kinda like when you're on an LSD trip, I'm just hoping the ride doesn't end anytime soon. In a way, I feel like their staff is as shaky as the Tacoma Narrows, and is about to collapse at anytime. On the other hand, Wilson is 7-0, and that helps keep things together. Hopefully, his injury isn't serious and he will only miss one start. I think Acevedo and Lidle can hold out for the entire season. Beyond that, I don't know. Most disturbing is that, other than Acevedo, they haven't farmed up a starting pitcher of any consequence since Brett Tomko, and that was at least five or six years ago. I do believe if they are still in it at the break that they will spend to sign a quality starter. I hope so anyway. I think staying healthy is the #1 key. They have very little depth. Kearns isn't completely healthy, and he still hasn't hit. He's below .200. It's just nice to see Junior roaming center field, and proving that if he's healthy, he is still one of the best in the game. In a perfect world, they could get a true leadoff hitter and a better catcher, as well. Larue is having a horrible year, at the plate and defensively. Makes you long for the days of Dann Bilardello, or at least Joe Oliver.

"In Dallas, Texas, isn't that where we, always said we would like to try? We never did, so maybe that's why you're on every highway, just beyond the high-beams. Right beside me, in all of my sweet dreams. No matter where you choose to be, in my heart I'll always see you everywhere..."

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