Monday, June 07, 2004

A tripod short

That seems to sum up the weekend pretty well right there. LOL Yowza! For me not to blog for two whole days, you know I have to be busy. Let's hit the high points...

First, I didn't go see The Day After Tomorrow, because it was on at the crappy theater in town, the one with the missing seats. And the seats that ARE there are covered in gum and sticky goo. I imagine it to be very similar to the theater where Pee Wee Herman was arrested. Anyway, I guess I'll have to go out of town to see it.

Saturday, I was hanging out with Jess, just waiting on time for the River City dance recital. K called and said Shane was running late (imagine that). So, I had to help with the wedding. Well, I had been wearing jeans, so I jetted home (25 minutes one-way), changed into some nicer clothes, and jetted back to the church. They were short a tripod, so I got to hand-film my part. Plus, for some reason, this particular sect believes in standing up for the majority of the wedding, not just for the bride to enter and leave. So, I was holding the camera as far above my head as possible. I think I caught the top of the bride's head a couple of times. Oh well. My arm started cramping about ten minutes in, so most of my footage looks like there was an earthquake shaking the building. That should make for some happy memories. I did get some good shots of some hotties in the crowd. Actually, that's mostly all I got. What?

After that, I headed over to the dance recital, which began at 7:00. That's always three hours of videography funtime right there. Good to see J-Mo and Johnna there (Kyle had been calling her Janna all day). I walked over to the table where they were and was asking Johnna how she knew Jon:
Me: "So how do you know Jon?"
Her: "His sister."
(Me, looking very confused, as I was only aware that Jon had one sister. Plus, they don't favor AT ALL.)
Me: "What?" (short pause) "Oh!! Thru his sister." I was gonna say, I think one of you is adopted.

Anyway, I found Tag, who apparently wasn't expecting me. He said he thought Shane and Carson were going to film. Kyle had been calling him Clint and Casey all day, instead of Carson, so I thought we were going to have about five or six camera operators. Everything worked out though. Shane got there with the last camera about five minutes before showtime. Wheeeee. I hate that I missed the drunken wedding guest limo joy ride at the reception though (see K's blog). Turns out that Janice from The Brick is one of the dance instructors. I saw her Saturday night and did a double take, but I was thinking that couldn't be her. Then I heard them announce her name Sunday and realized it was. Well, that'll give me something to talk to her about next time I see her... or something to keep to myself for the rest of my life. Whichever. Dinner at Applebees was good. Donna made S and me a couple of her world-famous oreo shakes. Left AB's around midnight, and I headed by Matt's to see the new pool table. A few other people were over there, and I did not get home until very late (or very early).

Sunday was a bit more organized. Despite the late night, I made it to church. After fixing a bite of lunch, I headed back to the Princess. The story and narration of this recital just made me want to recreate the Lincoln assassination scene, with Carson playing John Wilkes Booth and me in the role of Lincoln, of course. They seriously need to hire LMV to provide narration next year. I wouldn't mind sitting backstage with Janice, reading a corny script ;-) Gotta take one for the team once in awhile. K and I went to Logan's after that for dinner. Saw Jennifer as soon as we walked in, so I was like "Does she have a table?" Then, five seconds later, Brandie walked by and she was obviously ticked off that we weren't sitting with her, since K and her are engaged... or dating.. or talking.. or we have sat with her 3 or 4 times before. Yeah, that's more accurate. That brought back old memories of when Donna and I were engaged... or not even dating. Whichever. Went to Jess' house after that and hung out for the rest of the night. I owe her a big thank you! Also probably owe her an apology. I dozed off on the couch, and I tend not to be in my usual merry mood when someone tries to awaken me.

Oh, to top things off, Dave called just before the Sunday afternoon performance:
"JT! Guess where I'm at man."
"Um, the Great Western Forum?" (I forgot, it's the Staples Center now.)
"Good guess. I'm at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, watching the Reds."

Oh man, don't tell me that. Husqvarna!!!! I should be there. Oh well, he called me later to give me the highlights of the game. Junior hit two homeruns and the Reds scored three in the bottom of the ninth to win it. Sweet. Picked a great game to go to. Dave said he got me a program and a Reds cup. Good ol' Dave. Thanks buddy. I greatly appreciate that.

More weekend funnies:
"She looked seventeen to me. I've been around lots of seventeen-year-olds."

"What did you just call him?"
"I dunno. Bud?"
"Oh, I thought you said Boo." ROFL

If you've read this entire entry, you are truly a devoted blog reader. Thanks for reading ;-)

"Tried to be, more than me. And I gave until it all went away."


  1. I read every word. Does that make me a devoted blog follower? Or does that make a pathetic loser living someone else's life? that is the question.

  2. Well, have fun pondering that one. lol