Tuesday, June 15, 2004

71 hours to go

I have nothing interesting to write today, so read on, if you must...

Looks like the beach trip is on for this weekend. It was up in the air for a day or two there. Planning to leave work about 10:00 Friday morning, hit the road, and return sometime Tuesday evening. Jessica and I are driving down together, meeting her parents and sister down there. We're staying in Destin, which should be fun. It will be my first time there. Sometime betwixt now and then, I am going to see if I can get this thing set up so that I can email blog entries from the beach. I'm not sure if that is going to work or not. We shall see. Anyone want to use my name and post pseudo entries for a few days? It's not that hard. Some introspection, recapitulation, reflection, a few daily funnies, and a few lines from Seinfeld, and you're ready to go.

Planning to do a little shopping today, get some shorts, flip-flops, sunscreen, and other beach necessities... maybe even some speedos. What? Wow, I am going to burn like an overturned tanker truck. I am so white. Anyway, hopefully we'll get done shopping so that I can see a bit of the DET/LA game. Go Pistons!

Looks like everyone has returned from their respective vacations. Shane IM'd me yesterday. They are back from 'laska. Apparently, Melody's favorite tourist attraction in every city they visit is the local hospital. Bunny is back from the gulf. And Amber called last night. They were leaving out this morning, coming home from Pensacola. So, welcome home. Glad you all made it home safely. Now, we'll see you later, cos I'm heading to the beach ;-)

Love this exchange from The Face Painter last night:
George: "Well, I didn't want to break our date."
Siena: "Oh."
George: "Because I... I love you."
Siena: "You know, I'm hungry. Let's get something to eat."

Got to be confident in that I love you return. The Maid was also on yesterday. Jerry and Elaine are playing Battleship when he slips this little gem in, almost unnoticed:
Elaine: "What a nightmare it must be to have a real family."
Jerry: "I wouldn't worry about it, B-6."

I did remember something from the dance recital Saturday. One of the girls was named Lara Armentrout, and Tag was like, "Wonder if she's kin to my grandparents? Their last name is Armentrout." I was thinking, eh, it's probably like Smith or Jones up here.

"There's not a lot of things to do, I wouldn't rather do with you. Guess I'm funny that way..."

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