Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Doing my part to control the fowl population

I was just wondering, how many birds does the average person hit with a vehicle in his/her lifetime? Three? Four? It seems like this spring and summer, birds have been swooping down in front of my truck at an alarming rate. I hit another one today. That's at least two or three this year. I don't know what's going on. I love animals. I wouldn't harm anything bigger than an insect. And even though I know they say not to do this, I always swerve to miss squirrels and stuff. Nevertheless, I keep hitting birds. I don't know if I'm just maybe running thru some sort of avian daredevil show, where one bird is showing off for the other birds. Or maybe the bird population as a whole is seeing more cases of depression, and they have figured out how to commit suicide. Anyway, it's disturbing, plus it's a messy clean-up. This one today is scattered all over my grill. RIP little sparrow :-(

"So go ahead pigeons, laugh it up. I'm getting in my car now, and the last I heard, we have NO DEAL!"

Celia: "My dad was a collector. I inherited them after he died from a long and painful bout--"
Jerry (interrupts): "Hey! An original GI Joe, with a full frogman suit!"
Celia: "Jerry, what are you doing?"
Jerry: "I'm putting this on him and we're going to the sink." ROFL

"Talked a good game when we were out with the guys, but in the backseat we were awkward and shy. Girls were a mystery that we couldn't explain, and I guess there are some things that are never gonna change..."


  1. I hit 7 birds in one year. Just a month ago, I hit one, did not realize that it was lodged in my grill, (rain, lots of sun) it begun to stink profusely, and I had to put some muscle into it to get it out of there! Birds are becoming kind of comocosy(sp?) types!

    Lil Bootay

  2. Yeah, but you intentionally try to hit them. lol Just kidding. Seven? Wow. OK, I don't feel as bad now.

    Always good to have a Lil Bootay sighting. They're increasingly rare ;-)