Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Motown Takes LA Down

Did you guys see the game last night? Woohoo!! The Pistons creamed the Lakers. I mean, creamed! It was the proverbial "the game wasn't nearly as close as the score indicated" game. I don't know why it gives me so much joy to see the Lakers lose. I think one reason is that they have three, maybe four, future hall of famers. You figure definitely Shaq, Kobe, and Malone are going. Seems like most people include Payton, too. Plus, they've won three of the past five titles, so it's easy to root for the underdog. I will say one thing, though. I didn't watch an NBA game all season, but I did watch a few in the playoffs. I guess rooting against the Lakers actually makes the playoffs worth watching, for me anyway, definitely moreso than the regular season. The NBA definitely has a major image problem. It's weird in a way, because back in the early 90's, when Detroit was Chicago's arch-enemy, I hated them. And, of course, Lakers' coach Phil Jackson used to coach the Bulls. So everything is kinda turned around now. It was fun to see Kobe just throwing up bricks the entire series--7-for-21, 8-for-25, etc. Justice for all, babee! I saw in one of the press conferences after Game 4, one of the reporters was like, "I think I could shoot a better percentage than that." Wooooooooo!

Other thoughts... Billups made GP look 45 instead of 35. I think I'd just have gone with Fisher if I was the Lakers. At least he can occasionally hit a 3. I just had a feeling early, that even though the game was close in the first half, at that fast pace, you figure the Lakers are going to get tired. I also thought the bench played a huge part. Brown was able to sub in a lot more liberally than Phil. I have never seen a team just attack the basket continuously like Detroit. It seems like everything they do is going towards the basket. There were times that they'd have a guy dribble into the lane, and there'd be like three Lakers in there, and they'd hesitate for a second, then just continue dribbling on to the hoop, and either score or draw a foul most of the time. And lastly, what a great job by Larry Brown! He has always taken "less-talented" teams further than they probably should've gone, or would've gone without him. He finally has the NBA title he deserves.

Anyway, congratulations Detroit! It will be interesting to see what the off-season holds for LA. One last note: It was good to see Kid Rock and Hank Jr. in the crowd. They, of course, sing one of Kyle's favorite songs of all-time, "Don't say the F-word." ROFL

"Does it kill? Does it burn? Is it painful to learn that it's me that has all the control?"

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