Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Bone's Blog Goes Multi-lingual

Well, I guess we all knew it was just a matter of time. Check this out... my blog in French.

That was on my referrals list. Apparently, someone in France is reading. So hello Christelle, Adrienne, Emmanuelle, whoever you are... Henri, Jacques, Marcel. What?

Coming soon, If You Read Only Uno Blog This Ano, for my faithful followers in Madrid and northern Mexico... or not.

Last twenty search strings for my blog (aka things that make you go hmm):
1. 2004 email guestbook of Cooter's Garage Dukes of Hazzard.
2. elite cafe waco texas
3. i wanna be like mike +commercial
4. everone loves raymond
5. jihad e coyote seinfeld
6. bounty commercial pool balls water
7. Applebees
8. "rat in soup"
9. "sometimes i dream" "like mike" lyrics
10. Misty Hooters Birmingham Alabama
11. seinfeld on leno
12. "vic's vacant lot", tv show
13. will ferrell "it's the most wonderful time of the year"
14. girls that are waiting for a boy to chat with them to go on a date ages 12 only
15. Famous Dave's atlanta georgia rib event
16. opinions about miss universe 2004
17. hardees commercial McGwire
18. "when you've only got a hundred years to live" lyrics
19. naked 16 year
20. Paint Me a Birmingham meaning

"My favorite suicide bomber is the guy who blows himself up without hurting anyone else, sort of a Jihad E. Coyote." - J. Seinfeld

Those remind me of two things I've been meaning to blog about. I have gotten a ton of hits looking for an interpretation of Paint Me A Birmingham. And I saw the Mark McGwire commerical again the other night. Do you notice how he looks like he has taken four or five huge bites, yet at the end of the commercial, there is only a tiny bite missing from the burger. I guess he only agreed to do the ad as long as they could guarantee that he wouldn't have to eat the crap. And what is the deal with him picking off the pickle and eating it? Maybe that's the only part he could stomach.

"She asked me what's to see there, an innocent look on her face. I said, well when someone there loves you, it's not a half bad place..."

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