Sunday, June 27, 2004

800 miles in 18 hours

Well, yesterday was a long day, to say the least. Left out around 9:50 for K's. Then we headed up to Nashville. On the way up, we were listening to Kim Komando . This lady calls in and is like, "I just got a new computer and I keep hearing this guhlunk over and over when I'm using it." Turns out it was her buddy listand the sound it makes when people signed off. lol Wow, it's amazing how little some people know about computers. Kim was also talking about watching The Wiggles, and how Jeff has narcolepsy or something. WOOOO!! I love that show.

Had lunch at Famous Dave's. (Nope, still not tired of it.) They have some great lunch specials. Shot pool for about an hour at Buffalo Billiards. While we were there, there was a Harley Davidson rally that rode by. Lasted about 15 minutes. Naturally, they were trying to be as loud as possible, and we were at one of the front tables by the street, with the big front windows open. It was nice. That led to this question, "Do you ever notice how people with Harleys never have a job?" They're like, "Oh, a rally in Seattle next Thursday? I'm there."

Anyway, after that we headed to Shane's to pick him up for the trip to Memphis. Were planning to leave his house around 3:00. Oddly (or completely as expected), he wasn't ready. So we didn't get gone until around 4:30. Got to the arena around 8:15 or so, and by the time we got inside, it was halftime. The arena was nice, but kinda small. It was actually in South Haven, MS, just south of Memphis. The crowd was sparse. The Vipers lost 54-48, I think, but it was a close game. I got stationed on the end of the arena where the Explorer cheerleaders were. You can imagine how distracting that was as I was trying to watch the game. But I decided to be a trooper and tough it out. You know, take one for the team.

After the game, Shane and I were walking to meet up with Kyle and he was standing there talking to some brunette chick in a football jersey who had her back to us. I was like, what the crap? Leave this guy alone for five minutes and he's talking to some chick, or... whatever. Anyway, we got up to them and guess who it was? It was Kelly, who used to work at Applebees. Of course, the entire time we were talking to her I was thinking she looked familiar, but it didn't hit me who she was until we had separated. lol She was there with the booster club and was trying to get us to come to Tunica, where they were spending the night. But it was too late. It was 9:30 and we were already looking at not getting home until 3:30 or 4:00. Kyle also pointed out that I don't even really gamble, so it seemed pointless. Shane was really wanting to go though. We gave K a hard time about it just for fun, leading to some interesting analogies.

"But we're so close. It's like going to Foley, and not going on down to the beach."
"It's like going to East Rutherford, and then not going over into New York City."
"It's like being in a porno and not having sex. That's what it's like."

I talked K into going by McD's, so I could get me one of those cool adult happy meals with a free pedometer. When we got to the window, he asked the chick if they had any pedometers and she said they had run out. So he said thanks and we went to Arby's. What is this, the great pedometer shortage of 2004? Good grief. I guess I'll have to go to Wal-Mart and contribute some more money to the Sam Walton estate. Anyway, we got back to Nashville around 2:15, and I got home about 4:15. Nice. I took about a two-hour nap this afternoon after church to try and catch up a bit.

One other funny:
"Why don't you just use a drawing program and draw it?"
"Well all I really have is Paint.... 1.0.... beta."

"I tell you one thing. If you would leave, it'd be a crying shame. In every breath and every word, I hear your name, calling me out..."


  1. Yes, yesterday was indeed a long day. As soon as I have some free time, I'll upload the Harley Rally video footage from my cell phone to my blog. It literally was 15 minutes long... so if you play the 15 second video clip like 200 times in a row you'll have some idea of what it was like. LOL

  2. Shane is supposed to be sending a couple of Vipers pics to post.