Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day

"I'm fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in." ~ George McGovern

This morning
We woke up in a soft, warm bed
We slept in late because we were off work
They woke up in a place we can't imagine
A million miles from home
That is, if they slept at all

This afternoon
While we're eating more than we should
Laughing and talking with family and friends
They'll only be risking their lives
Like every other day
Just so we can

This evening
When we watch the sky for fireworks
And ooo and ahh at the explosions
They'll be watching, too
Praying they don't see any
Thankful to survive one more day

Before we go to sleep
Our family safe and secure
Our biggest worry dreading work tomorrow
Will we think about them
Even for a second

We could never thank them enough
But let us never not thank them

Please come home soon

"If you ever think of me, think of all your liberties and recall, some gave all..."


  1. WOW! That's a great poem.I can almost imagine how you people celebrate Independence Day and that last line you said truly hits me..."some gave all..."

  2. hey bonester how u been doing i'ved missed chatting with u.haven't had internet in a couple of months. thanks for remembering our troops i pray they all get to come home safe to be with their families soon.

    Glad u had fun on your florida trip oh yeah the pic i seen on kyle website u looking very distinguished with the beard and mustache.

    hope u have a nice and safe 4th

    luv ya

  3. Exactly. Yes.

    But to honor them, let us make sure we enjoy this day and it's purpose fully by rejoicing in our freedoms. We have fireworks because of them, we have food because of them, and we have the safe haven of our homes because of them. This day, challenge yourself to appreciate deeply those things that come with freedom.

  4. VanillaSkies: Thank you. The last line, as usual, is a song lyric.

    Melanie: Thanks! So.. you used to be a cheerleader? ;-)

    Anon: Hope you're able to get back on the internet soon. Thanks for commenting.

    Dorothy: It's easy to take it for granted, especially the rest of the year.

  5. Beautiful poem Bone. One thing I know about you, is that your poem is from the heart, and that you care--about the troops. Okay that's two things

  6. right on. thanks for the reminder.

  7. Very nicely (and poetically) said.

  8. thanks for checking up on me a few weeks ago..back in the country finally and ready to start catching up. amazing writing and beautiful thoughts..hard to believe for some its just about spending money on shiny bright lights and things that go boom..and maybe the occassional finger getting blown off..

  9. It is easy to forget, even when DH could go over any time. Currently it looks like they want him to go beef up the Mexican border though and that's in August...can you imagine the border in August. But they do have AC units on their tents.

    I was watching on Discovery "Iraq Confidential, Jesse James" Well I can't find the exact title, but they were showing how the soldiers were thankful for the packets of hot chocolate mix even though it was 110. And yes they are thankful for anything from home.

  10. Pia: I'm sure you know more than that. But thanks for not divulging that here.

    Ms. Sizzle: Glad to see you back online and getting settled.

    Carmen: Thanks much.

    Alison: Well, it's about all that, too :)

    Renee: Wow. I just got a strong dose of what-am-I-doing-to-help. I needed that.