Friday, July 28, 2006


Tonight will be the first night we won't talk
I'll wonder where you are
I'll wonder if you're wondering about me
I'll try to sleep
But sleep won't come

Tonight I know I'll lie awake in bed
I'll do my best to forget
But thoughts of you will keep running thru my head
I'll try to sleep
But sleep won't come

Tonight I know that time is going to crawl
I'm sure I'll pace the floor
And notice things I never noticed about these walls
I'll try to sleep
But sleep won't come

Tonight will be the first night we won't talk
I'll wonder where you are
I'll close my eyes and see you in his arms

And I'll try to sleep

"And there'll be no rest for these tired eyes. I'm marking it down to learning..."


  1. Exactly the same when we first didn't talk after the break up. Can I have a copy of your poem? Promise to post your website. Thanks! Take care!

  2. once again Bone you hit the nail right on the head...


  3. VanillaSkies: Of course, as long as you give credit and link me :) Thanks for asking.

    Rae: Thanks. Just curious, did you include those letters in your comments before I wrote the word verification post? :)


    Lass: Thank you.

    I know these types of posts are difficult to comment on sometimes, but a few simple nice words mean a lot.

  4. You've got a way with the poetry, Bone.

    You've also been on a Matchbox 20 kick this week, I notice. :)

  5. Here's a trick:

    Think about who will be in your arms
    Think about your true love that will last forever
    Think about the places you'll go
    Think about the talks you'll have

    The things you want to share
    The things you want to learn
    The good feelings that await you

    When at last you lay down the sleepless night.

    If you're up really late, try seeing what kind of deal you can get to Vegas. Just a thought. Then eat a bowl of Crunchberries and you'll sleep.

    Trust me. You will.

    Sweet Dreams Brandon.

  6. Ya know Dorothy's right, she's always right...instead of dwelling on the past that you have no power, dwell on the future that you can change.

    Is she with another? If yes, be happy for her and wish her well. Because if she was meant to be with you, she would be.

    Oh and a nice hotel to stay at in Vegas is the Barbary Coast The casino is very smokey, but the rooms are very nice and clean. Grab a day pass on The Deuce and you're all set.

  7. Oh honey, I've felt that way before. You should get out of the house, do something with friends, or on your own. One thing I've regreted about past boyfriends is the time I wasted wallowing in sorrow. I wish now that I would have moved on, forward and beyond. There's life out there to be lived. Dedicate a few moments daily to feel bad, then move beyond it. You will heal.

  8. *laughs* on your blog no..
    did do it to others occasionally...

    but since that post I try to remember to do it to yours ;)

    I'm a Bone-Head from way back...



  9. Can't tell you how many nights I've had that happen. Hated those nights then and don't miss them a bit now!

  10. I always come to these kinds of posts after everyone's always said pretty much everything I would've said and they've said it better so I generally never comment but I wanted to this time.
    Mainly to say that I agree with Renee about this:
    instead of dwelling on the past that you have no power, dwell on the future that you can change.

    As for Vegas, a nice inexpensive place to stay is The Orleans. And honestly, you're not going to find any casino that isn't smokey so you just have to deal with it.

  11. I remember them nights . I finally realized he wasnt worth all of that . So now I think about who God has planned for me , and I know it will be worth all the things I went through , to get me to the guy I am supposed to be with ! Now thats exciting to think about :)

  12. the first night is the hardest. hard to believe there is a light at the end of that endless night but there is. enjoy the sunset and set your sights on a new horizon. if you can.

  13. you have great control of words, even words that express pain, I hope they can also help you find healing

  14. Carmen: Thanks. Yes, I have. No matter how far I stray, I always return to my favorite lyrics eventually.

    Dorothy: Thanks for those hopeful thoughts. I really like that.

    And the best time to eat cereal is late at night. For sure.

    Renee: Suddenly I get the feeling I'm supposed to be going to Vegas :) Next, you'll be saying I have a house in the Hamptons I need to go check out.

    Carnealian: Thanks, honey. I'll be fine. Just gonna take a few days to honor the pain.

    Rae: I know. You're old school Bone :) I appreciate it.

    Mindtwister: Definitely won't miss them when they're gone. Thanks for stopping by.

    Xinh: Thanks. And thanks all for the Vegas tips. Maybe I should think about going.

    Amber: You're right, it will be. It's the bad times that make us appreciate and cherish the good.

    Ms. Sizzle: Thank you for the kind words. It's still not easy, but it's getting better all the time.

    Sage: Wow, thank you for the compliment and good thoughts.

  15. Gosh!!! You are still making us think!

  16. That's such a beautiful and honest poem...I certainly know that feeling, a little too well for my liking.

  17. I've been having trouble sleeping myself lately - for different reasons, but nontheless, sleepless.

    Here's to restful nights on the horizon, where better things await us both.

  18. Sherry: So good to have you back *hugs*

    Just B: Yeah. Everything's gonna be alright, Brizzle.

    Claire: Thank you. Yeah, me too.

    Tenacious One: Hear, hear! :)