Monday, July 17, 2006

Co-ed showers

Hottest summer I can remember. Seems like it's been in the 90's every day since sometime in the spring. The highs are supposed to be near 100 here the next three days.

The heat is unrelenting. When you step outside, it envelopes you, warming every inch of your skin. It's like when you first get into a car after it's been sitting in the sun. I like to bask in it. For a minute or two. Then I'm ready for the AC. Not complaining though. I'd rather it be hot than cold.

A week ago Saturday, my AC went out at home. That night, I tossed and turned, throwing every piece of cover I had off the bed, eventually winding up much like I came into this world. Naked and whining. Someone came and fixed it Monday while I was at work.

At some point over that weekend, my computer contracted a virus. Norton wouldn't quarantine it. And by Wednesday, it had turned into like five viruses. So I had to wipe my hard drive clean and reimage it. That contributed to my lack of blogging last week. It was 10% computer problems, 90% writer's block. According to the latest Gallup poll.

Friday night, storms knocked out the power. It went off sometime after 10:00. After about an hour, I was getting really bored. But for some reason, I didn't want to go to bed until the power came back on. So I played games on my cell phone and even played my old Mattel football game. Some things are just more fun with two people.

Looking back, one might think it was not such a good week for me. Well, one would be wrong. Or maybe one would be right. Maybe I've lost my ability to be discomfited. Although by Saturday, I was beginning to wonder if I should leave the house.

In related news, the Taco Bell Corporation has seen a spike in its sales of chicken meximelts in the past week, as I have had no less than eight of the savory gustatory delights. And eight chicken meximelts a good week doth make.

Thanks to the Big Man for alerting me to the fact that I could still order them. Sadly, I never would have figured that out on my own. I had no idea chicken was so much more expensive than beef. Each specially made chicken meximelt is 60 cents more than its less tasty beef counterpart. No matter. I'm eating the extra expense and scarfing down meximelts like there's no tomorrow.

Saturday, I went to my first ever wedding shower. I thought showers were only for girls. Apparently, the new thing is to have a combined, co-ed shower. Or maybe that's just what my family decided to do. Taken out of context, those last two sentences are, um, odd.

At some point during the proceedings, my last remaining single cousin's fiancee offered to set me up with her 21-year-old college roomate. As I pondered the half-your-age-plus-seven formula, she added that said roomate is a music major.

Oh yeah, that makes a difference.

"Man, it's a hot one. Like seven inches from the midday sun..."


  1. What's crazy is, it's cooler at the beach than it is here in north AL- craziness!
    Co-ed wedding showers are different from regular wedding showers. Don't think you got a true idea of what a wedding shower is like. Girls are different when there are men around, no matter what. It's fun though!

  2. Hey, my Ex is your age, and his fiancee is 21. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    Taco Bell. Yuck. Sorry. Can't do it. Now, Taco Bueno. That's another story.

  3. Look Bone, drive to D.C., take out Carmen. Go to Plaid. I bet she has A/C. At the very least, she's been to Egypt and can handle hot conditions. I bet she likes Chicken Meximelts too. Good luck. Hey, if it works out, I'll buy you a toaster. Or sno-cone machine.

  4. Love it.
    The most random post you've ever published.


    Moving on....
    Glad you were able to enjoy the weekend despite the troubles. I'm a wimp... I need air conditioning. Snoochie I become if I can't sleep because it's too hot. And no one enjoys a snoochie broad. :)

    My computer, as I think you know, also came down with a crazy virus. It's being fixed, as we speak (or as I type), and I should be up n' running for a few days before I move out on Friday. :)


  5. It couldn't have been as hot as Vegas. LOL DH said it felt as if someone had opened up the oven door and I said that no, it felt like someone had opened up Hell! It was bad! 102 at 10pm...we stayed inside as much as we could. More details coming soon on my blog...but I've gotta run Darly to her gymnastics class first.

  6. Groovie: Oh yeah. It usually is in the dead of summer. No ocean breeze to cool things down.

    Lass: Yeah, but is she a music major? ;-)

    Dorothy: Umm, I don't really get the toaster and sno-cone machine comments.

    Blondie: Umm, thanks. I think :-) Please tell me you're not paying someone to fix it for you.

    And please define snoochie. That's not currently in my vocab, although I would love to add it.

    Renee: Ah, I was wondering if you made it back alive and still with only one husband :-) Can't wait to hear about it.

  7. you're right...that co-ed shower thing could be taken out of context and really blow up.

    i've never before read such professions of love towards taco bell. :)

  8. I hate heat waves, they suck. I miss winter..even here where it gets to -30 regularly. As for Taco Bell, love it love it love it. :) Hope this week is better.

  9. Shower, oh yeah! The thing about the shower is that the guy just doesn't care. Just. doesn't.

  10. Ok, Bone, I don't know what is up with the blogger pressure, but had this comment on my site. :)

    "Good luck!!! I'm sure he's there somewhere...who's that Bone dude? He's cute! "

    I think this is extremely funny, a blog set up. There's a book there I tell ya! A bestseller!

  11. We have Frankenberry here in Ohio,would you like to place an order?Also my husband is 10 yrs younger than me and yes he is a musican.I'm sure we can find a recipe for chicken meximelts on if we look,they must be easy to make.It's almost 100 here as well and quite humid.I was at the beach for 8 hrs yesterday.

  12. Ms. Sizzle: Yeah, I think I may be overdoing the Taco Bell thing :)

    Jen: Uh, is that minus-30? Wow. Well, at least you get snow, I'm assuming. We never get any.

    Uisce: Yeah, I think guys are pretty much laid back about the entire wedding process.

    Carmen: Ha. You sure that wasn't Dorothy under another name? :)

    Katie: The Frankenberry offer is tempting. You have a beach there?

  13. what old woman?

    And nope! I didn't bring home any extra husbands...didn't see any husband potential there. And unless you use a wedding chappel in the hotels the others on the strip are pretty run down...very sad looking. But you can find out how to get married in Vegas everywhere.

  14. Yeah Bone, come to DC. Where the second you step outside you feel like you're swimming. It's great fun really.

    This one summer, while I was in Alabama, it was so hot that a new section of tar on the road started to melt and my little brother got his Teva stuck in it.

    Gotta love summer.

  15. Toaster. Sno cone machine. Wok. Luggage. China. Candlesticks. Bathtowels. And the answer is " Popular wedding presents"

  16. Bone, Carmen, that wasn't me. I may kid about you two getting together (because you totally should) but I wouldn't try to generate interest by commenting, under a pseudonym, something that I wouldn't say as Dorothy. While Bone could be considered attractive (as much as I have seen of him-just his profile shot), he's like a brother to me, so that would just be a whole can of "ewww". I'm just saying it wouldn't be dull and you'd have a good time.

  17. No problem sir. I figured it would cost extra for the chicken, but not that much. Inflation's a pain in the rear.

    It got up to 100 in Nashville yesterday. The highest it has been here in East TN is around 96. I'm ready for fall. There's nothing like autumn in the south.

  18. Renee: It's from a Seinfeld. When George saw Titanic and was talking about it to Jerry. Look it up :-)

    HeatherB: Um, we're just gonna pretend I didn't have to google Teva there, OK? OK. And we're also not gonna mention that I've never visited DC.

    Dorothy: Ooooh! OK. I was browsing the annals of my mind trying to think of a Seinfeld sno cone reference.

    And you know I was kidding about it being you. You compared me to Brandon Walsh. You're on my Christmas list forever :)

    Big Man: Agreed. That first change in the air. Chilly evenings. Football!!!

  19. you make me work too hard ;o) I was thinking that might have been it, but I didn't remember George & Jerry talking about the movie. I'm not even sure I saw that epp.

  20. Ok so maybe my mind is in the gutter once again but when the title of your post was "Co-ed showers" I didn't think you meant a bridal shower....lmao! Most men do not want to throw or attend a bridal shower....unless there will be

    It's been hot here too.....I'd cry if my A/C broke.

    BTW, we have frankenberry here hold out hope it'll probably be there soon.

  21. I guess I should have said my friends and I would chip in for a big screen TV, and have it delivered. But we couldn't come to the party because George parked in the handicapped parking space and started a riot.

  22. LOL Dorothy! I just saw the one where George & Micky were argueing about who's space it was because of how they were parking... and then the fight there were going to see was the one that ended almost as it began.

  23. Renee: I don't even remember which ep it was. It was just a random part of it.

    RedNeckGirl: I figured that title might spark some interest, since my post wasn't all that interesting :)

    Dorothy: That I would have understood.

    Renee: Now this is what I like to see. People talking amongst themselves about Seinfeld episodes in my comments section.

    And it was Mike, not Mickey. I think. Mickey was the midget. I mean, little person.

  24. Mike- the one who thought Jerry was a phony, right. Mickey- the one who stole the good disease from Kramer.

    Oh, and Bone, there is a Snoopy Sno-cone machine in "the toys" episode. The one where Jerry is dating the girl with all the vintage toys, so he brings over a turkey and wine (and George and Elaine)to put her to sleep so they can play with them. Who wants a cupcake?

  25. It was Mike who thought that Jerry was a phony and got mad a Kramer for telling him so!

    Oh the toys one was so cool...can you still get wine in a box? I don't know cuz I don't drink.

    Yummm...cupcakes! ;)

  26. Dorothy: I never noticed it. I guess I was distracted by the GI Joe with full frogman suit. Oh, and the Mattel football game.

    Easy bake oven? DING!

    Renee: Yes. Same Mike. Different ep. I think.

    Here, have some more wine and heavy gravy :)