Friday, July 14, 2006


push you away
and slowly
you come back to me

i need your space
your indifference
it comforts me

you've never seen
my best face
never seen me shine

i could leave this
but i'll stay
think i'd miss your voice

if this is nothing
don't tell me
i'm good at fooling myself

if this is something
be careful
i'm no good at things that don't end

"That's all that I need. Yeah, someone else to cling to. Someone I can lean on until I don't need to..."


  1. Eloquent...
    Brings many things to mind- an ache I can't share.
    "I'm good at fooling myself...I'm no good at things that don't end."

    Thank you for letting us read this.

  2. "i'm no good at things that don't end"

    i really like that.

  3. I like much truth is there to it though?

  4. Mayden: Eloquent? Wow:) Thank you.

    Ms. Sizzle: Thanks. I like when someone picks out a particular line they like.

    JustB: It's feelings and thoughts. So I guess there's a lot of truth to it.

  5. I'm feeling you here, Bone. I understand and can relate. You are just so good.

  6. Dorothy: Thank you much. I appreciate the feedback more than you know.