Friday, July 07, 2006

Frankenberry & chicken meximelts, where are you?

Pablo has learned a new trick. Or something. Where I live, the walls are pretty solid. I never hear voices or other noises coming from neighboring apartments. With one exception. For some reason, the sound of footsteps on the stairs carries from one apartment to the other. So I hear anytime someone is walking up or down stairs next door.

Apparently Pablo hears it, too. The other night, I was lying on the bed and he was resting in the bottom of his tank. I heard the neighbors walking on the stairs. As soon as I heard it, I noticed Pablo sprang to life and began swimming around. So I did a couple of tests when he was sleeping where I'd run up the stairs. Each time, he would be up and swimming around when I walked into the room.

I wonder if he has equated that noise to me appearing, since the first thing I do when I get home is run up the stairs and say hi to him. And I really wonder if this story deserved three paragraphs.

In other bachelor happenings, the other night at the grocery store I decided to purchase a box of Berry Lucky Charms. Since stores around here have stopped carrying my beloved Frankenberry (the only monster cereal I can find now is Count Chocula), I figured this must be General Mills replacement.

By the way, have you ever gotten a good look at that Lucky character? Take a good look at him sometime. He's freaky! If you saw him anywhere outside of a cereal commercial, you'd run for your life. But for some reason, you can get away with that look in the cereal mascot industry.

Anyway, I had my first bowl of Berry Lucky Charms yesterday. It was good. I just don't understand why they had to stop making Frankenberry. It seems they eventually end up taking away everything I love.

When I was in college, I would go to Taco Bell at least three days a week for lunch. And I'd almost always order three chicken mexi-melts. Tender chunks of chicken, three blend cheese, and fiesta salsa. Steamed and melted. Delicious! Not to mention they were less than a dollar each, which fit in well with my full-time-college-student-working-part-time budget.

So why did they stop offering them? I know they still have the capability. They still have beef meximelts. Still have chicken soft tacos. I see them on the menu. We all know they still have tortillas. I wish I had inside connections at my local Taco Bell. I bet if you knew the right people, they could still make you one.

It is this blogger's humble opinion that no matter what combinations of chicken, beef, steak, cheese, tortillas, lettuce, sour cream, refried beans, and salsa they come up with, there'll never be anything so tasty as the chicken meximelt.

Those are just two examples. There are hundreds. Or at least four or five more. And don't even get me started on TV shows. Would it kill TVLand to run a Car 54 Where Are You or Welcome Back, Kotter rerun some Saturday morning at 2 AM? I'm not even asking for a weekend marathon. Just an episode or two. Al Lewis is one of the most beloved actors in TV history. How about a little respect!

Uh... as you can see, there's not a whole lot going on in Boneville lately. Oh, except one little thing... I'm going to see the Reds play Sunday!!!

Sure we've lost six in a row. And sure it's in Atlanta rather than Great American Ballpark. And sure our bullpen sucks. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah. The main thing is, I'll be there. And we're still in second place. I think. And Arroyo is scheduled to pitch Sunday. I'm excited!

Have a great weekend! And if you feel the overwhelming need to comment, I'd be curious to know, what products do you wish they'd bring back?

"There's a holdup in the Bronx. Brooklyn's broken out in fights. There's a traffic jam in Harlem that's backed up to Jackson Heights..."


  1. you and your fish have a cute relationship. ;)

  2. I worked for Taco Bell way back in the '80s. There were lots of yummy items on the menu back then that are long gone. It seems that they keep changing the menu just to keep it fresh...and it does not matter that the item is selling or not.
    examples... the Enchrito, the Taco Bellgrande, and the Light Taco (which really wasn't any lighter...just in a flour shell vs. the corn shell) and my all time favorite the Taco Bell Beefer sandwich...which was a yummy taco slopy joe. Okay the Bell Beefer didn't really sell and the buns tended to get all mushy in the steamer cabinet, but it sure tasted good!!!

    Thanks for the comments about my new look. I decided to update my profile picture as the old one was from 2004. But when you shrink it, it darkens up. I'll have to get my computer geeks to fix that for me.

  3. failure due to embezzling of equipment and fat postal carriers.
    I don't think that I could ever cut my hair that short. My mom used to do that to me as a kid because I wouldn't comb it and she didn't want to and it made me look like a boy. After the school nurse thought I was a boy, I NEVER cut my hair short again.

  4. It still pains me to remember the glorious taste of Toffee Butter popcorn, once made by Pop Secret and now gone forever. WHY? WHY?
    That and the Cinnabon popcorn by I-forget-who. Maybe Reddenbacher?
    Anyway, it still burns my ass.
    That and the scent "limelight" from Bath & Body Works. Usually I hate that place and never buy their smelly junk but that smell was heaven in a little plastic spray bottle.

  5. It still pains me to remember the glorious taste of Toffee Butter popcorn, once made by Pop Secret and now gone forever. WHY? WHY?
    That and the Cinnabon popcorn by I-forget-who. Maybe Reddenbacher?
    Anyway, it still burns my ass.
    That and the scent "limelight" from Bath & Body Works. Usually I hate that place and never buy their smelly junk but that smell was heaven in a little plastic spray bottle.

  6. Were the berry lucky charms "magically delicious" ?

    Enjoy the Reds game. I hope they win for you.

  7. Ms. Sizzle: Thanks. And completely normal, too, I'm sure :)

    Renee: Oh, the bellbeefer. I'm forwarding this comment to my sister. We remember being young and going to Taco Bell with our parents and Dad always ordering the bellbeefer. We always thought that name was funny.

    Yeah, it was like a taco burger, pretty much.

    Good for you. Longer hair is good.

    Z: A popcorn fan, are ya? :) OK, after reading your comment, I went back and added a question to the end of my post.

    Carmen: I don't know about magical. Scary little leprechaun. What the heck are orange stars anyway? And why are there no rabbit's feet?

    Thanks. I hope they win, too.

  8. Your taste in cereals explains a lot

    Though you have astonishingly good taste in classic sitcoms--for somebody with your taste in cereal

    Both sitcoms have iconically great songs. Made one word up--I think

  9. It's funny that you mention the cereal. I was just looking for Count Chocula at Wal Mart last night, and they didn't have it. Where did you find it at around here?

  10. I haven't see Count Chocula or Frankenberry in ages. I am happy that the Pillsburry Toaster Strudel is back. I used to eat them for breakfast every morning, and then one day around age 8 they disappeared.

  11. They don't make Crunchberry cereal anymore either (Capn Crunch with the fake red "berries"). I lived off that stuff when I was a kid. I think I might have to go get some Capn Crunch and milk.

    And my favorite thing from Taco Bell back when I was a starving college student? The Chilito. I guess it didn't sell very well either but all it was was a chili cheese burrito. What's not to love about that?

  12. Bone, your pet fish Pablo reminds me of my turtle Otis. I was in college when I bought Otis, he was a baby green turtle and like you, every time I come home from school and work, its Otis who I always greet. I say "hi! or how are you?" and he would walk up trying to get out of his little aquarium or he would crane his neck in return to my greetings! I feed him and change his water almost every day and every hour...I talk to him just like you do to Pablo...I guess I got so attached he was like my world after the REAL WORLD... Unfortunately Otis died while I was in a retreat. My family forgot to put water on his tank and feed him. The water in his tank dried and Otis passed away. However before he died, I sensed him. I was very touched and I cannot forget Otis...I knew you and Pablo must have some attachment or bonding ;) Take good care very well of Pablo!
    As for the products I wish they would bring back...I wonder if you know Orange Julius or if you have ever heard of it?!? It was back in the 70's we had Orange Julius here in the Philippines.Its very popular cuz they make a great Manggo and Orange Julius fruit shake. It taste so good!!! They also have great hamburgers. But their products wasn't very affordable, only the rich could afford and there were only two franchise because it was a foreign owned business.Thanks for commenting in my blog :) Have a great weekend too!

  13. Pia: My taste in high-sugar cereals is impeccable.

    Love both theme songs.

    Jawana: I saw Count Chocula at the Decatur Wal-Mart several months ago. I've never seen it at ours. And no Boo Berry or Frankenberry anywhere.

    Melanie: Mmm toaster strudel. Pure AM sweetness. I used to have an imaginary friend. He disappeared around age 8, too. Weird.

    Xinh: I liked Crunch Berries, too. Didn't realize they didn't make them anymore.

    Vanilla: Argh. I was afraid when I started reading that Otis was going to die.

    I've heard of Orange Julius. Never seen one though.

  14. You have a very special fish on your hands, I think he's ready for some kind of Pavlov oriented experiment. Very curious about this!

  15. Hmmm,I must be the only one with an Orange Julius still in my town.And I bet I'm the only one who remembers Pink Panther cereal-like Frosted Flakes only pink and I believe a little bit sweeter.I used to eat them dry from the box.....sigh

  16. There used to be an Orange Julius in Madison Square Mall (Bone knows where that is, I'm sure) back when I lived in Huntsville. Granted that was over 10 years ago so it's no longer there.

    I've seen a couple of Orange Julius' here in malls around SoCal.

  17. I hope you are enjoying your baseball game today! As i write this, it is the top of the 6th and your team is down by three. I hope they pull out a win for you.

  18. My roommate and her boyfriend are at that same game. Somehow through a friend of her's, they scored the VP of Turner's tix right behind home plate. He's from Ohio and of course, a Reds fan. He is sporting a Reds hat and she a Braves. Let me know if you see anyone fitting that description!

  19. You can still get a chicken mexi-melt. Ask for a beef one, then substitute with chicken instead of beef. It'll cost a little extra though.

    I miss the drink OK put out by Coca-Cola. My High school was a trial school for the drink, and it was sugar-filled goodness. It was like if you mixed Coke and Mountain Dew, then added a couple spoonfuls of sugar. That was just the twelve ounce can!

    I also miss Sun Drop. They still make it, it is just very rare to find a bottle anywhere here in K-town.

  20. Rolligun: Yeah, he's pretty much a fish genius, I think.

    Katie: Yeah, sorry, I don't remember pink panther cereal. I do remember Pac-Man cereal. And eating cereal out of the box. Of course!

    Xinh: Hmm. Maybe I have seen one. I know I've heard of it, at least.

    Melanie: Thanks. The game didn't turn out so well, but I did have fun. We could have used some cheers!

    Tenacious One: Wow, that's cool. Best seats I ever had were first row right behind the dugout. Some girl I was dating, her dad got them for us.

    On a side note, I'm not sure if you ever travel it, but I-20 between Anniston and the Georgia state line is horrid. My CD player was skipping it was so bad.

    Big Man: Now this is what I like. A comment I can use. I'm definitely asking for the chicken meximelt next time I go.

    I don't remember OK.

    We have Sun-Drops here. My favorite soft drink! This is Sun-Drop country. No, really. There is a billboard that says just that up the interstate a few miles.

  21. Okay, that does it. We have to find you a girl. If you get excited about eating Taco Bell and cereal....poor man....*shakes head sympathetically*

  22. Boo Berry cereal and the Marathon bar...definitely. Oh, and the original Mushroom n' Swiss burgers from Hardees. That new "fake grill flavor added" just burns my ass. I'm a chicken soft taco fan, but I like the local taco John's because of the Mexinuggets with cheese. MMMM.

  23. Yes, Boo Berry. That was good. I'm a Chocula fan myself, plus, there is something respectable about eating cereal endorsed by a Count. I thought they still made that Crunchberry stuff....Curious...

    And Pablo adores you. I've heard that fish have 2 minute memories though, so maybe he just swims around like 'what's going on' and then is happy to see you. Then, in another minute, he thinks 'what's going on'......but I've had lots of fish, and my angelfish loved me. So I am against that theory. I'm sure bettas are way smart too.

  24. Jennifer: Good luck. People have been trying to find me a girl for many years. Although I'm not sure how hard they really try sometimes.

    SurrenderDorothy: Can't say I remember the Marathon. But I did find this for you. Man, I'm like John Tesh up in here. Information you can use!

    MappyB: I thought they still made Crunch Berry, too. I'll have to do some research and get back to you on that.

    Yeah, he probably does think, "What's going on?" and "Who is that?" But he still naps with me in the afternoons. Although he might just come to that side of the tank to keep an eye on me :)

  25. Bone - travel that bitch of a stretch everytime I go home. If I'm on the phone with someone, they can usually identify where I am by the gyrations in my voice.