Monday, November 21, 2005

The new look of IYROOBTY!

I suppose it's long past time for a new template. So here it is! I mean, you're looking at it. Much thanks to Lass for the template help, and to Dea for a wonderful job on the sunset image. Let me know what you think about the new look.

While sitting at my computer last Tuesday night, adorned in boxers and a plain white t-shirt, listening to the Alabama basketball game online (which now costs $3.95 per month on Yahoo Sports) , chatting with a couple of blog friends, and half paying attention to the CMA Awards on TV (what woman wouldn't want this?), I did which of the following:

a) began to peruse this site
b) continued to scratch myself
c) began to do some introspection

While any of the above would have been a good guess, the correct answer on this particular night is C. (Women and children may want to skip the rest of this paragraph.) Introspection. Defined as a reflective looking inward. An examination of one's own thoughts or feelings. The pervading feeling of the past few months in my life has been change. In almost every imaginable way. Lately, I find myself feeling out of place in certain situations where I used to feel so comfortable. I feel sort of like I've suddenly matured. Things that I found entertaining or funny just a few months or a year ago recently just seem to irritate me. I've rediscovered some old friends, and find myself spending a little more time at home. I remember when I was younger, I used to think that if a Friday or Saturday night went by that I didn't go out, it was like the worst possible thing in the world. Like I was missing out on something. Now, even though I'm still out most weekend nights, I don't mind a night at home now and then. I cherish it, actually. But then I think, I'm 32 years old and single. I need to be out meeting people, right? And then I wonder if I'm getting too comfortable being single. I really don't mind it most of the time. And it seems like the older I get, the more used to it I become, and I am more and more content with it. That scares me.

So all these changes. Where will they lead? I know that most of the changes, all of them actually, have been good things. I know that I am really blessed to have wonderful people in my life. I guess this was a really random post, with no clear point or ending. That's introspection for ya.

Next time I think I'll just scratch myself.

"I feel stupid, but it's somethin' that comes and goes. I've been changin'. Think it's funny how no one knows..."


  1. Love love love this new site Sir Bone....

    You're lookin' G U D good...

  2. Other than the whole side bar at the bottom, looks great (; Hope you can figure that out!

  3. Love it!! The white font on black is a little hard to read, but thats my only complaint.

  4. The sunset picture is nice.
    I agree with Tiffany that the white font/black background is a bit hard on the eyes.
    But it's your blog so you do whatever it is you like to it.

  5. Introspection is a good thing.

    I think what you are discovering is that you like being alone with yourself. I think that when you can be good alone, you are ready to be even better as part of a couple. It's a process. And you're moving through it.

  6. :) Glad I could help Senor Bone.

    Growing up is part of life. I'm feeling it too! Put a bad relationship behind, changed many things about the way I live and now I'm actually happy! You'll come through this and you'll just love it!

  7. OC Girl: Sir Bone? I like ;-)

    Deannamichelle: Yeah, we're workin' on that.

    Tiffany & Xinh: May try changing the white to gray or something easier on the eyes.

    FlyGirl: You are exactly right about being happy with yourself. Just kinda scares me that I don't mind being alone.

    Lass: Thanks again for your help, senorita.

    As you can probably tell, I'm still working out some issues. Hopefully everything will be in the right place and functional soon. Thanks for the comments :-)

  8. The background may be a little too dark. The white on black thing has GOT to be done away with. A light gay will likely work better. I love small fonts but this may be a little too small. The sidebar is, obviously, out of place. And you need more graphics. Something to spice up the site. The sunset picture is a good start. And what happened to the Jeff & Kyle Show???

    On other notes... cherish the moments of being single. Just think of how many married guys wished they stayed single!

  9. Roollll Tide!! It's always good to hear from Bama fans.
    Seems we also share a love of Jen and Vince.
    And 30 is the new least that's what I hear. Just arrived there myself - too soon to tell. Some days I feel 100. Others, I feel 10. Such is life. The quest to feel comfortable in your own skin.
    Cool site - I'll visit again. Random ramblings. I can relate.

  10. Shane: "Just think of how many married guys wished they stayed single!"

    You're such a jokester... or a very sad, serious man. Whichever.

    Lindsy: Thanks.

    Tenacious T: Nice thoughts. Thanks for stopping by. And roll tide!!!

  11. I hear you on the introspection thing. My blogsite is myown2feet30, a name I created when I was going through the same thing. I'm 33 now, and although single at that point, am happily married to a brilliant man who also waited (till he was 38) to find me. Being a happy, whole person frees you up to find a happy, whole person...not someone who needs you, but wants you. Kudos on loving life and doing it right the first time (not that there's anything wrong with the needy population at large. I'm just sayin').

    I think the brilliant blue in the sidebar exacerbates the black/white problem. Too much adjusting for the eye.I'd lighten the background maybe to a brown or green, then tone down the blue to a darker blue or even dark red.

  12. This being my first visit, I never had the pleasure of seeing the last site design, but I am enjoying this one.

    And I for one am all for being single and not running around to find **the** perfect person. To me, it just leads to unnecessary drama and stress. If it happens it happens, if not then oh well.

  13. Sallwood: "Being a happy, whole person frees you up to find a happy, whole person...not someone who needs you, but wants you."

    Absolutely! I can look back and see failed relationships and think that part of the cause was that I wasn't happy with myself.

    Erica: Thanks. Wish you'd blog more. Love your thoughts :-)

    Heather: I used to try really hard to find relationships, but the past couple of years "if it happens, it happens" has definitely been more my sentiment.

    OK, the font is more of a gray now. I think that is definitely more readable. Let me know what you think.

  14. Sir Bone-

    Gray is much better...

    I am in love

    with your new site
    and have blog envy...

    I esp like that pic at the top...


  15. I'm liking the new digs too. And I don't think you should be scared about being content. Enjoy it.

  16. Heya! I was shocked when I first saw the new design - I thought I had hit a wrong link or something! I really like the header - the sunset pic from CA is perfect. Good job.

    You're not alone in your introspection - I think a lot of people go through that. I've been happy staying at home alone, and still look forward to it. Life is too busy and demanding it's nice to be on your own timetable for a change. And the girls you should be out meeting instead of being at home - will be there when you go out the next time. Enjoy the time alone - it's time well spent.

    I'll be gone for a while again - I hope you have a terrific Thanksgiving! Take care and have fun!

  17. Awesome!! Love it, love it! Wouldn't change a thing. I was really starting to get concerned when I thought you maybe looking for a penpal in prison. When I was in highschool I had a paper route. Yes, go ahead and laugh. When any of the paper carriers graduated school, they put our graduation pic in the paper with a blurb about us. I got at least two letters from guys in jail. My friend that was also a paper carrier got some too and she thought it would be a good idea to coorespond with them. Yes-wise idea.

    I think enjoying being home just means you've matured, and are secure enough to be alone even on a Friday or Saturday night. Miss Right is out there, you will find her when the time is right.

  18. Like the new template.

    Alone-ness: Congrats. You just realized there's a huge difference between alone and lonely and you're OK with alone. It's not scary, it's new. Unfamiliar. Embrace it, it will ebb and flow. Meaning you're OK by yourself now, but that doesn't mean you'll feel the same way in, say, March. Now tack 3 years looking at 4 years onto that age and you've got my head.

  19. OC Girl: Thanks. I think I could get used to this.

    Lizzie: You're right. No fear! (I may even pull out my bumper sticker.)

    Cindy: Yes, I thought the sunset image would be a way to set the blog apart from others, even with similar templates.

    Carnealian: Well, if I can get a few additional hits and comments from prisoners, all the more better ;-) Especially cute ones who are in for non-violent crimes.

    Darkneuro: I'm embracing alone now... hope no one's watching ;-) Seriously though, thanks for the thoughts.