Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Eat at ??? (Bone's Best Eats)

Lindsy gave me this idea. Some of these are local places, but many are chains. List your favorite restaurants for the following items:

Salad: Olive Garden.

Soup: O'Charley's potato soup. After having been screwed there several times in the past, this is basically their only redeeming quality.

Sandwich: Quizno's. You don't know what you're missing, Jared!

Burger: Logan's Roadhouse. Cheeseburger with swiss, cheddar, and American. Mmmm.

Chicken fingers: Dairy Delite in Hartselle.

Wings: Hooters. Also good "atmosphere" here ;-)

Bread: Not sure if this counts, but Greenbrier's hush puppies. Mmmm!

Appetizer: Loaded cheese fries at Ruby Tuesday. Mmmm again.

Side item: Hashbrown casserole at Cracker Barrell.

BBQ: Famous Dave's. Ribs, chicken, wings, pork. Whatever. It's all the best.

Mexican: Nothing will ever beat Ole La Casa (that means, the old house... I think) in my book. But it closed about ten years ago. They would actually melt real cheese over the food, rather than using the cheese sauce, like everyone else does now. That was what set it apart. Otherwise, nothing really stands out above the rest. Las Vias, where we ate Sunday night, actually was very good, very clean, etc.

Italian: Olive Garden.

Pizza: I've always been a Dominos man. But the Pizza Inn I had a few weeks ago was actually really good. My least favorite is Pizza Hut.

Catfish: Greenbrier.

Seafood: Tim's Cajun Kitchen.

Steak: Western Sirloin in Moulton. Hands down. One of the only places that reliably cook the steak as ordered the first time.

Breakfast: Cracker Barrell.

Fast food: Chik-fil-a.

Dessert: Blackberry cobbler at Cracker Barrell. (I seem to be naming them a lot.)

Favorite overall restaurant: Tim's Cajun Kitchen.

Favorite restaurant out of business: The Sizzler! Steak and malibu chicken. Mmmm!

Anyone else hungry now? Feel free to steal this one, and add more categories if you like.

"Found myself alone, alone, alone above a raging sea, that stole the only girl I loved, and drowned her deep inside of me. You... soft and lonely. You... lost and lonely. You... just like heaven..."


  1. *sigh* I loved Cracker Barrell. Unfortunately, there are none out here in SoCal and if there were, I still wouldn't eat there since I'm boycotting them because of their hiring discrimination.

    I ate at a Sizzler last week so there are still some around.

    And again, I'm going to steal your meme!

  2. Yes! I'm hungry now - good thing I'm reading while on my lunch break! :-) Good answers - we have some similar taste buds. But now, of course, if I do the meme, I'll have to be more creative and find something else to use so I don't duplicate your answers!

  3. No Pizza Hut?!? God, I love that place. Cracker Barrel hash brown casserole...yuuuummmy! Most of the other restaurants you named aren't around here, but you still made me hungry!!

    I see you are listening to your new Cure CD!!

  4. Xinh: Stealing memes is always encouraged. I'd love to find a Sizzler. There hasn't been one around here in years and years. Maybe it only seemed so good to me because I was little, and eating out was always a treat.

    Love the SP icon, by the way.

    Cindy: No! You can't be more creative than me!!! ;-)

    And after all that, I just went to Taco Bell for lunch. What the crap?

    Carnealian: I was a little worried that people might not recognize most of the restaurants. But it's still a fun meme. I don't like a lot of sauce on my pizza, and PH seems to be heavy on the sauce.

    Yes, The Cure. Very, very good! I love that song.

  5. oh gawd, I'm such a New Yorker. The only chain restaurant I really know is Pizza Hut. When in Britain, where I haven't been in awhile but used to go to often, it was always my first stop

    Have no idea why I liked Pizza Hut so much

    Oh I like the ceaser salad and onion soup at Pizzera Uno--and an amazing desert that I have blocked from my memory because I would eat it every day

    Am a pizza snob--only like pizza with burnt crust that is really really thin, a little sauce and a lot of barely melted cheese

    And yes Bone, perceptive as always. Had some family problems that I had to work out

  6. I know the real reason you like Quizno's. haha

    Hush puppies...are the GREATEST! I truely believe that they are underrated. They are the key to a good sea food meal

  7. You can make your own SouthPark character if you go here:

  8. Pia: Nothing wrong with that. Should've included best gyro I ever had. That was in NY.

    Lindsy: I like Quizno's for the sandwiches. What else would it be O:-)

    Xinh: Thank ya! I'll check that out fo' sho'.

  9. Bone,

    Does the soup Nazi work at O'Charley's??? Have you had the Crab Bisque or Gumbo??? How about a bowl of Mulligatawny???

    You seem to like Barrel of Crack a lot.

    No doubt about Quizno's...it is tons better that Subway. Our Quizno's shut down a few months ago. I am in a deep depression about it.

  10. Ha ha. Maybe he does work at OC's. He has to work somewhere, after Elaine put him out of business.

    Maybe someone came across all of Quizno's sandwich recipes, so they had to close down. You should've went down there with some big tupperware containers the day they closed. They were probably giving away all their leftover sandwich stuff for free. I would've let your borrow some, but I don't give away tupperware.

    Thanks for the laugh. I needed it.

  11. Ah! I remember the Ol La Casa (or however it was spelled) - they would give you ice cream for dessert - and it was sooooo good. A shame they're not around anymore.

  12. Ah, yes! The free ice cream. Had forgotten about that. My favorite item was the sancho. Sad that I remember that :-)