Thursday, November 10, 2005

Back to being Bone

I just want to share what someone sent to me yesterday...

"Honestly though when you write your own (posts)... THEY ROCK... everyone likes the stories you tell, your humor, your voice... these memes (or whatever they are called) are fine... but we miss you."

I realize that is just one person's opinion, but I appreciate it so much. Compliments are priceless. We all have the ability to brighten someone's day just by a simple, honest compliment. And I need to do more of that. Anyway, I do apologize for all the memes and lists and such lately. My mind seems to be dwelling on the same things. Nothing bad really. Actually, quite the opposite. Just nothing that I am able or ready to blog, at least not yet. Today, I will start trying to get back to being the old familiar Bone. And by old, I mean, young and virile.

But I don't wanna be a pirate...
Let's start off today with the most important news, Seinfeld Seasons 5&6 to be released November 22. AND, the gift set features a puffy shirt collectible! I'm sure that's not going to be an actual-sized shirt. Visualize: Bone sitting around in boxers and puffy shirt, admiring how good the puffy shirt looks.

Tragedy in Port Charles
Am I the only one here who has been watching General Hospital lately? (I think I already know the answer to that.) There was a big train wreck, and like half of Port Charles was on the two trains. Alexis went into labor. Lucky might be dying. Lucky can't die! Can he? There's another new actress playing Carly. It's crazy, and if you can get past the fact that two trains collided head on and not a single person died instantly, quite real :-)

In other news...
The car has been doing fine. I came out of Wal-Mart the other night looking for my truck for just a few seconds before I caught myself. And, the birds seem to have selected my car for target practice this week. They seem to be aiming for the spoiler, and doing a very nice job of it. Probably some sort of revenge for the sparrow incident.

Planning on taking the car on its first trip to Tuscaloosa Saturday. It's the last home game of the year. ESPN GameDay is supposed to be there. I thought about taking a big banner with "LITTLENIBBLER.BLOGSPOT.COM" on it, and trying to get on TV. Watch for me, I'll be the one in crimson ;-) Every Friday this season, a few of us at work have worn our Bama shirts, for luck or whatever. (Hey it's worked so far.) Well, for some reason, when I got up this morning, I was thinking it was Friday, so I wore a Bama shirt today.

Big Sweaty's been sick since last Thursday. So I'm doubling up on my Clorox disinfecting wipes wipe-down each day, and also spraying a quarter-can of antibacterial disinfectant spray. I've also began taking an Airborne each morning before work, trying to avoid catching his disease. The secretary's even gotten in on the act. As soon as he leaves, she goes to every door knob in the building and wipes it down. Wheeeee! The germophobes shall prevail! (Unless he finds my blog, in which case he might sit on me, and I would be crushed to death, or suffer acute asphyxiation under the enormous weight of his extremely heavy, weeble-like body.)

I think this is the most links I've ever included in one entry. Have a great Thursday! Be good to each other...

"Well I don't drink as much as I used to. Lately, it just ain't my style. And the hard times don't hurt like they ought to. They pass quicker, like when I was a child..."


  1. As you get back to your normal, prolific writing self, I'm following your lead and posting meme's and quizes on my site - I'm always so 'yesterday'. :-)

    It's so refreshing to know that I'm not the only one out there who wipes down doorknobs, computer mice, keyboards, etc all the time. It's not a daily routine - unless I know someone who's been sick has touched something personal of mine, but it's still a good thing to do.

    Thanks for the update on the Seinfeld release - just in time for the holidays! Guess who's getting a set? Well, if you guessed you, I would say that I would - but I wouldn't know where to send it! :-)

  2. When I worked for Social Security, they had just come out with all kinds of sanitizing wipes--my drawer was filled with them

    Gave up GH after Amber Tamblyn left--love her, and it just wasn't the same. And the Soprano rip off just didnt' do it for me.

    Though I did like Luke for the first time--without hair and without the ever whining Laura

    Did like the first Carly; got used to the second--three is just too much

    Okay I was totally obsessed with GH and had to keep the VCR set to ABC which did limit my TV watching to uh GH

    And one day I realized that it was an addiction I didn't even like!

  3. I used to tape GH and watch it religiously from the time I was 10 years old until about 5 years ago. I mean, my very first dog was named Blackie (after Blackie Parish).
    And then it got to the point where I didn't like the direction the characters were going and they kept replacing actors and actresses and it wasn't the same.

    Good luck on not getting sick.

  4. You do have a great 'natural voice' but I know how easy it is to run out of that stuff. To want to switch it up.

    If you get a puffy shirt you HAVE to post a picture of you in it!

    Um. No. No GH. Not since Sophmore year of college when I got enthralled with it for some reason. Never again.

    That would be so damn funny to see your blog URL on TV! HA HA!

  5. Cindy: "Guess who's getting a set?"
    You're right. I guessed me :-)

    Pia: Luke is the best, although his storylines lately have been small. And we are now on the fourth Carly, as of last week, I think ;-) Liked #1 the best. #2 was fine. Didn't care for #3 at all. I think #4 will be OK.

    Xinh: Yes, don't care for the frequent changing of actors and actresses either. I acutally only usually catch it once every week or two, but it's enough to keep up.

    Lass: The URL sign would be hilarious, I think. I'd hate to make it, carry it around, and then not get on TV.

  6. We all love J-Dizzle, so I'm glad you're back. I enjoy everything you post though, so I guess maybe I'm the minority, who knows.

    You watch a soap opera?? I've NEVER in my whole almost 25 years of life heard a man admit that! PRICELESS! I, myself, don't get home in time for any soaps :-(

    You should SO take the banner! How fun would that be!! Even if you didn't get on TV, you know other people would be coming here, if nothing else, because of the name ;-)

    I love weeble wobbles, but you're really killing them for me. Maybe we should change his Mr. Potato Head or something :-)

  7. I didn't think you were serious about the GH thing. I haven't watched that since Luke and Laura. Besides, that would interfere with Dr. Phil. I need my therapy!

    I'm sure Bama will do just fine even though you wore the shirt on the wrong day. Whatever you do, please, take a picture of you in your boxers with the puffy shirt. I want to make it my wallpaper on my PC at work! ;)

    Go ND! Go Bama!

  8. If CBS shows Bama here I will be watching. Of course I may have to have an emt on hand cause I am getting nervous. They've been winning ugly and with Prothro gone I am a little worried.

    I ove GH. A c-section in a wrecked train in a wrecked tunnel and liquor for anesthesia... even the soaps have sweeps.

    Roll Tide, Hook 'em Horns. Texans dont bother, we need the #1 pick to trade for an offensive line.

  9. Brizzle: Thanks, dear. You're right, I didn't completely think thru the blerd implications that the banner would have :-) Imagine the hits!

    Carnealian: "I want to make it my wallpaper on my PC at work! ;)"

    At work? Well, I guess it would provide some entertainment for others in the office ;-)

    Jill: Yeah, some of the games haven't been pretty, especially for the offense. I think it's a nationwide CBS game.

    I knew I'd find another GH fan! Lucky didn't die. I knew he couldn't. And Leslie Lu really kinda favors Laura.

  10. GH comes on SoapNet Mon.-Fri. at 10:00 PM Eastern.

  11. I know lots of southernisms, but had no idea that Pecans only "make" every other year. Hugs.