Monday, May 30, 2005

There's Something About May

With apologies to Cameron Diaz... I'm starting to get this feeling again. Must be something about this time of year.

19 hours in Nashville
Spent Friday night and most of Saturday in the Music City. Stayed at S&M's (that's Shane and Melody's, btw) Friday night. Slept on what appeared to be Ronald Reagan's future bed when he gets to be about six years old. Fortunately, Kyle turned this hardship into a possible goldmine, by inventing the Hetero Barrier. It also must have been at least 320 degrees Kelvin upstairs (Fahrenheit to Kelvin converter). I was sweatin' like a race horse with a broken leg. (??? Analogy scale rating: 3.5)

Filmed the Centennial High graduation at the Williamson County Ag Center Saturday morning. There was a super hot photographer there, so I chatted with her while the others got the equipment set up. Or, I just said a few words to her and gave her a business card. Whichever. Lunch was Famous Dave's BBQ. Stopped by Old Navy, where I got a pair of jeans and two shirts. Spent the rest of the day downtown. Stopped by Guitar Center, the Ernest Tubb Record Shop, and shot some stick at Buffalo Billiards. It was good to get back up there. It had been nearly four months since I'd been. There for awhile, we were going at least every other weekend. Of course that was back when gas was only like $1.45 a gallon. You remember, way back in 2003?

Got back into town about 8:00 Saturday night. I stopped by the mall to pick up a CD. You know, I really don't see how that mall stays in business. Stopped by the car wash. Got home a little after 9:00. Didn't do a whole lot Sunday. Went to church, did lots of laundry, watched the race, ran about two miles. Unfortunately, I had to work today. After work, hit up the mall and bought some new running shoes. Mom cooked a big supper, so I went over there to eat. And now, I'm here, sitting in my boxers and tshirt, and wearing my new running shoes :-) They're very comfortable. Here's a picture:

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I feel kinda like that mythological character with the winged shoes. Who was it... Hermes... Prometheus... Apollo Cree? I dunno.

"It seems I've spent too long only thinking about myself. Now I want to spend my life, just caring 'bout somebody else..."


  1. Nice looking shoes! They look comfortable too. I just recently bought some New Balances, and I like those too. You can't underestimate the value of good shoes! :-)

    As far as the beginning of your post and how you're feeling lately...It'll happen. Don't try to rush anything, something will happen soon. Just keep yourself open for whatever happens. Don't overlook an opportunity while you're looking down the road. Just have faith - it'll happen.

  2. I love New Balances. I have a pair I wear most days. I just didn't like any of the running shoes they had at the store. I should probably shop online for running shoes anyway.