Wednesday, May 25, 2005

It's over

Finally, at long last, I can go back to my normal Tuesday night routine of... well, nothing really. Actually, I sorta started getting into House the last couple of weeks, which has become something of a time-slot hit following AI on Tuesdays.

Anyhow, Carrie Underwood is the new American Idol. As I blogged yesterday, I kinda thought she would win. Both of them sang much better tonight, as I'm sure they were more relaxed. It's a little disappointing that Bo didn't win. But, I got to see Jessica Sierra again, so you know, that made my day week month. Sigh. And I thought I'd never see her again. I thought Lindsey and Nikko did pretty well tonight, too. Why did they get voted off so soon again?

I really think Bo did all he could possibly do to win the competition. In the end, he just wasn't as popular as Carrie, for whatever reason. He tore up "Sweet Home Alabama" tonight. I had the TV blasting. I figured he would just do "Freebird", but man, when that music started, I was like, "Aw yeah, dawg. 'Das hot!" I tell you what, he could slide right in and be their lead singer, and they wouldn't miss a beat.

Hope you've enjoyed the reviews. Now I guess I gotta find something else to blog about.

"And I'm so terrified of no one else, but me. And I'm here all the time. I won't go away..."


  1. His version of Sweet Home Alabama was gut wrenching I thought... Of course that song isn't really "singing" the way they ask for on AI...

    I thought Bo was going to win too... But I am glad he didn't.

  2. Well, this was my first year to really watch AI, other than the CLay/Ruben finale. I wonder if I will get into this show again next year.

  3. I, too, can get back to my normal Tuesday and Wednesday night routines - except now I'm interested in House and might watch a few re-runs if they're on.

    The finale turned out how I thought it might - but I do think Bo is the better of the two. And, I personally like male vocals rather than female.

    Thanks for the updates - it's been fun reading and commenting!