Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Always trust your instincts

Kramer: "Don't ever question my instincts, because my instincts are honed!"

I just love it when my instincts are right. I get this feeling that something just isn't quite right, or something is going on that I don't know about. And part of me is thinking, you're crazy, there's no way that is happening, but the bigger part of me knows something isn't right. And come to find out, my instincts were right. ALWAYS trust your instincts. You have them for a reason. They're learned from many life experiences and years of interacting with others. And when they prove to be right, it only makes you trust them more.

Monday-Tuesday rewind
I didn't run Monday because the stupid weather forecast I watched showed Monday all gray and cloudy and rainy, so I figured there was no sense bringing any clothes to change into. Of course, Monday turned out to be sunny and gorgeous. Have I ever shared my thoughts on weather forecasters? Yeah, I probably have. Yesterday, I ran 3 miles after work. It was hot. Cooked dinner last night. My sister came by and we ate and watched American Idol together.

Here's an idea
I think public dressing rooms should be placed at random locations. Many times, I find myself out wanting to go for a run, or maybe someone wants to go play tennis, and while I almost always have some exercise clothes in the truck, I don't always have a place to change clothes. Yes, I could change in the truck, and I have before, even while driving, but that srikes me as not being the absolute safest method. I'm sure many people experience this same problem. That's probably why we, as a nation, are so obese. No place to change.

So, I propose public dressing rooms. There are public restrooms at the park, so why not a dressing room? I'm not changing in the restroom. I would not want anything of mine touching any part of that urine-coated bacteria hotbed. And a shower wouldn't hurt, either, although it would probably get infested and corroded. What are the city leaders doing anyway? Better roads? Better schools? Violent crimes? Pffffft! What we need is a place to change our clothes.

Today's perv news

Camera Found In Eva Tanning Booth

That's only a misdemeanor? Wow. That right there is exactly why I've never been in a tanning booth. Well, that's not the main reason. I'm comfortable with my body. If someone wants to have a gander, I say, enjoy the show. Now I think I'm going to install a reverse peephole in my front door, so that when I come home I can see if anyone is waiting inside to jack me with a sock full of pennnies :-)

"Someone is calling my name from the back of the restaurant. And someone is playing a game in the house that I grew up in. And someone will drive her around, down the same streets that I did..."

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