Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Fab Five?

Well, it was bound to happen. As you get older, hopefully you get wiser, more mature, and soon you begin to see it. You start to hear yourself saying things he would say, thinking things he would think. You begin to see characteristics of him in yourself. Yes, it has happened. I'm starting to see Simon in me. He is officially now the only sane judge left. I guess before long I'll be wearing pastel colors and cutting my hair like his. Let's get on to the rankings of last night's performances on American Idol. Each of the five contestants sang (parts of) two songs last night. Here's the way I saw it:

1. Bo - For the second week in a row, it wasn't even close. Bo brought it home on both songs. Great song choices. Both were very familiar. He is back in that zone where he no longer looks like he's competing, he is simply performing. I have really only seen him and Constantine do that. If the drug charges don't affect his support, he is clearly the front-runner in my mind.

2. Carrie - There is a huge gap between first and second, much like last week. Didn't care for Carrie's first choice. Why does she pick songs that are so low, where she growls all the way through? Her second song was much better. She still has the personality of a log, and she always looks frightened. I think a lot of people made up their mind early on that she was their favorite and they're going to vote for her no matter what week after week. That being said, she was better than the other three last night.

3. Vonzell - OK, I somehow missed her entire second song. I thought the first song was her worst performance in awhile. The first half was very flat. It wasn't terrible, just not up to par with her last few weeks. She might be in danger tonight. She and Anthony have been in the bottom three more than once, and with Scott's inexplicable continued support, one of those two will probably get cut tonight.

4. Scott - I thought he did pretty well on his first song for a change. The second was typical Scott. The problem is, even when he sings as well as he possibly can, he still doesn't have the talent of the others. It was hilarious when Paula asked him if he knew what "moxie" was. He had no clue. That was great. Scott is kinda like the unpopular fat kid in school that someone nominates for class president or something, and he runs and does his best, not knowing the whole time that everyone is making fun of him and laughing at him. It's cruel, but hey, that's life. Of course, if he wins, I guess he gets the last laugh.

5. Anthony - I thought his two performances were night and day. His first song was maybe the worst performance I've heard on AI since William Hung. I thought he sang very well on his second song, even though I had never heard it. However, he has been in the bottom three so many times, I'm afraid this might be his last week. He has a great story, and I think a lot of people have voted for him based on that. But honestly, based on performances, he and Scott should have been gone weeks ago.

I can't help but think how much better last night's show would have been if Constantine and Jessica had been on there instead of Anthony and Scott. You know what I think? I think the judges may have realized their comments were partly responsible for some of the better contestants being gone, so they pretty much all heaped praise last night on Bo and Carrie. I hope you voted last night. Remember, as Kerry so astutely stated, a vote for anyone is a vote against Scott.

"This is it now. Everybody get down. This is all I can take. This is how a heart breaks. You take a hit now. You feel it break down. Make you stay wide awake. This is how a heart breaks..."


  1. Do you think Scott's bravado last night will do him in finally? I hope his boasting turns what fans he does have against him.

    I liked Carried at first, but I'm agreeing with Simon and that she does seem to be robotic and barbie-dollish.

    Vonzell was very good last night. Bo was good, but he seemed bored during his songs. Not very charismatic.

    Anthony's Poison Ivy rendition was just awful.

    I hope Scott will be gone tonight, but won't be too upset if Anthony goes either.

  2. Well, I have no faith that Scott will be voted off before Anthony or Vonzell. I wish I had seen Vonzell's second song, sounds like I might have put her at #2.

    Did Scott really say that he's going to start thinking about what he's going to sing next week? Or was that a nightmare I had? He did have some hot friends in the audience, though. Or maybe they were just showing a row of hotties and putting "Scott's Friends" on the screen. Either way.

  3. If it was a nightmare then we both had the same one. He's just not that great - but neither is Anthony. I'd be okay with either one leaving.

    I don't know about 'hotties' in Scott's row of friends - maybe his cockiness and 'wannabe a rap star' persona is alluring to some?