Monday, May 23, 2005

Pablo's eating!!

I haven't blogged about this, but I have been extremely worried about Pablo Picasso. Ever since I've had him, when he would eat, he would get the food in his mouth, look like he was trying to chew it for a few seconds, then spit it back out. Everytime. I even tried switching to the little flakes instead of the Bio-Gold, but he still wouldn't eat. Well, finally, last night I watched him grab a bite of food and chew it and he didn't spit it back out, at least while I was standing there. He ate another piece this morning, so I am feeling much better about my little friend.

Yesterday was Decoration Day at my Mom's family's cemetery. I don't know how common or widespread this tradition is, but every year, people buy new flowers and place on the graves of their loved ones. Then everyone comes to the cemetery on Decoration Day to visit and such. I don't want to say I enjoy visiting the cemetery, but I find it peaceful and maybe even a little therapeutic sometimes. It is a good place for me to clear my head and remember loved ones and think back to when they were alive. Something I think about almost everytime I am there is that my grandmother let me borrow money to pay for prom one year and I never got to pay her back. But what is the lesson here anyway? Spend time with people while you have the chance.

The rest of my weekend was pretty busy. Ran my race Saturday morning, then came home showered and had to be at work at 11:00. Stopped by the Dancers, Inc., recital Saturday night. I don't really remember much about Sleeping Beauty, so it was all new to me. Went to eat afterward at Logan's, where I offered cool names such as Haggai Glenn for Tag's next child. Then Lee, Kyle, and I headed over to the Jazz Factory around midnight to shoot pool. Wow, that is late for me. Roy (aka Marty McFly) is now working security there. I got home a little after 2:00 AM. If only the DeLorean was working, we could've zoomed back a few hours, and I could have been in bed by 9:00 PM. Did laundry and stuff around the house yesterday. Went to Wal-Mart. Finally bought the Killers CD. Just had to see what all the (hot) fuss is about. I went for a short run after church last night.

"So long ago, I don't remember when, that's when they say I lost my only friend. Well they said she died easy of a broken heart disease, as I listened through the cemetery trees..."

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  1. Whooee - the 'little fella' is doing okay! Glad to hear it.

    We don't have 'Decoration Day' here, but we do visit the cemetery occasionally and bring things to spruce up the place. For anyone who used to be in the military, we always make sure to take something new before Memorial Day - that reminds me, I need to make a visit soon! Thanks for the reminder.