Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cinco de Bone-o

If you went out today or tonight, you may have noticed large numbers of revelers celebrating, socializing, and drinking themselves into a stupor. Reports have been coming in from around the world of people partaking in various ceremonies and festivities.

In Kentucky, they staged a horse race, and even invited the Queen of England as special guest.

In Virginia, they postponed the NASCAR race, originally scheduled for tonight, until tomorrow, no doubt in observance of this day.

And around the nation, many people did not go into work today.

"Why?" one might ask. "What's it all for?" Well, I'll tell you.

Today is a special occasion. The Mexican people refer to it as Cinco de Mayo. That's because in Spanish, there is no direct translation for "Bone's bloggiversary."

Yes friends, four years ago today, I began blogging.

Four years. That's a lot of posting, commenting, typing, and yelling at Blogger (which, by the way, has been eerily glitch-free lately). How does one celebrate one's four-year bloggiversary? I don't really know. Although I am open to ideas. I thought about celebrating on the Monday following the weekend, like Lincoln.

Looking back over the past year, there was the first ever Bone roast. That was... mostly fun. I proclaimed one week as 80's week, with nothing but 80's related posts. (By the way, I think that will be an annual thing from now on.) I began doing 24 recaps. And, of course, there was Reveal Your Blog Crush Day and the Thinking Blogger awards.

Also this year, Three Word Wednesday had it's beginnings. On a Thursday, nonetheless. I didn't really think about how long it would last. But nine months later, and it's still going. It has introduced me to quite a few new bloggers. And we even have a button now!

The blogosphere is massive today, made up of thousands of communities of bloggers. One of the most rewarding things about blogging to me are the friendships and relationships that are forged.

It has been a blessing to meet more of you this year, and get to know all of you a little better thru your blogs and comments. It's always cool to discover we have something in common, whether it be a TV show, food, music, things we struggle with, whatever. One of my perpetual curiosities is how people find my blog and what causes them to come back.

I've said this before, but I could never emphasize it enough. Somewhere along the way, blogging reminded me that I love to write. And many of you made me believe that I could. You have all affected me in some way, whether it be an encouraging word, offering your own perspective, a virtual hug, making me smile or laugh, or just letting me know that I made you smile or laugh or feel.

Thank you.

"We're going to party, karamu, fiesta, forever. Come on and sing along. All night long..."


  1. Well Happy 4th Bloggiversary Bone {kiss kiss & virtual hug}!

  2. a day late, but congratulations!

  3. Sorry I missed it...we were in Georgia all day yesterday. Four years? Wow...I'm impressed...four years ago, I hadn't even heard of blogging! I'm glad you started your blog, though, and I'm glad I found you :) You always make me smile!
    Happy Blogaversary!

  4. Happy bloggiverersary to the best writer I know

  5. Four years. That's a lot of posting, commenting, typing, and yelling at Blogger


    Which is how I know I won't be able to do it that long :)

    You're an inspiration for putting up with it that long, Bone ;)

    I think I speak for many, many people when I say how glad I am that you do write, that you put your heart and soul onto screen for us to enjoy.

    Your writing never fails to make me feel - a good cry, a good laugh, sometims both in one post. I randomly came across your blog last fall and it was by far the best thing I did.

    I'll agree with Pia: happy bloggiversary to the best writer I know.


    Felicidades mi amigo :)

  6. Excuse me, the first ever Bone roast--mostly fun! One of us had to go through four Bone approved revisions

    It should have begun: Girls are known to be overly analyatical and self deprecating and fearful a post will bomb; straight men never. That's because they haven't met Bone.....

    I wrote a little something but can't link it because my newest Savannah seems to be lacking the WP tool bar for such things

    And I didn't major in computers in college, so I have an excuse......

  7. even though i am not singing gloria estefan (damn you!), i will still carry on with my comment. ;) i'm so glad i found your blog. you ARE a great writer and you make me laugh so often. thank you for being out there and for being you!

    congrats on 4 years.

  8. happy bloggiversary (again, it's on the previous post too). It has been so much fun getting to know you over the years and sharing our fond Seinfeld memories...I sure miss that show.
    I just love how you can use Seinfeld analogies to real life...a show about nothing relating to real life...does that mean real life is nothing?

  9. "4 MORE YEARS!"

    "4 MORE YEARS!"

  10. Wow, some of you people are up early!

    GirlFPS: Aww, thank you. *hugs*

    Savannah: Thanks. No worries on being late. It's my fault for not posting much earlier on Saturday than I did.

    Jennifer: Thank you. I'm glad we found each other, too. Always good to have another Southern blogger around :)

    Pia: Wow, I've never been very good at taking compliments, especially one like that. But I'll try. Thank you.

    Seems like some people just continue the roast year-round ;)

    TC: Well, I have news for you. You're not allowed to stop if I'm not :-P

    Gracias, mi amiga. *hugs*

    Sizzle: thank you for being out there

    Oh, I'm definitely "out there." lol Thanks, Sizzle.

    Renee: Thanks, Renee. Yes, it has been great getting to know you as well. You've been reading a long time! You really should get some sort of reward for that, a tax break or something :)

    There are few things I love more than someone leaving a Seinfeld reference in comments.

    Katie: I feel like I'm being re-elected :) Vote 4 Bone!

  11. Happy Bloggiversary, Bone!!
    You rock.
    But you knew that!

    Four years... wow.
    Four years ago... I wasn't even born yet!
    (You must be OLD!)

    Glad I was lucky enough to find your blog. It's certainly been a staple in the Blondie world. Without you... life would be... well... Boneless.

  12. Well you should know as the world was drinking countless coronas in celebration of cinco de mayo, my friends and I were simply celebrating your bloggaversary. (of course I never shared that with them....but nonetheless..) :-)

  13. WooHoo Happy 4 years J-Dizzle!!!! Can you believe that nickname has stuck for over 2 years?? 'Member, you were going to be a rapper for Halloween? Awwwww, a Bone trip down memory lane :-)
    Seriously though, I don't know what I'd do without your blog to read every day :-) I'd have to find someone else that does 24 recaps for me to skip over ;-)

  14. "The Mexican people refer to it as Cinco de Mayo. That's because in Spanish, there is no direct translation for "Bone's bloggiversary.""

    I think I must have forgotten more Spanish... that's pretty funny and a good post and happy blog anniversary

  15. I'm late.... but congratulations! That is awesome that you've been at it for four years!!! *hugs*

  16. Darly says that Cinco de Mayo means 5th of May. Sorry, you know those homeschooled kids always showing off how much they know.

  17. Happy bloggiversary! Your writing skills are inspirational!

  18. Blondie: Mmhmm. I think you've been around for at least half of those four years ;)

    I'd make a tiny black heart, too, but I don't know how.

    Tiffany: What they don't know won't hurt them.

    Arlene: I believe you've almost single-handedly kept that nickname alive, Brizzle :)

    Yes, I was going to be Nelly for Halloween. That's still a possibility.

    And only three weeks of 24 left in this season. There'll be no more skipping over after that ;-)

    Sage: Thanks, Sage. Your comment reminded me of the little-known Latin that I included in my Cherry post awhile back :)

    Kerry: Thank you. I guess it's awesome. Maybe it's awesome. Yeah, let's just go with that. *hugs*

    Renee: A mere technicality. Again, it's just how they refer to it, since there's no word for bloggiversary in their language :)

    Balou: Why, thanks so much :)

  19. Congratulations on hitting the five year milestone!

  20. Happy blogiversary! I think you should be humbled that the queen came to the U.S. for the race all in honor of you! And all those Mexicans who celebrate on the 5 of May-o all por favor!

  21. Happy late Blogday, Bone..

  22. 4 years?

    I don't know how you manage to come up with enough ideas to sustain 4 years...

    but I hope you find enough for 4 more.

  23. Happy happy happy belated Blogaversary, sweetiepops! To be honest, I can't remember how or from who we stumbled upon your site but we are deliriously thrilled we did. :)

    Hugs and smooches,
    Circe and Kerbear

  24. Oh Bone-o, did I tell you the title of this post is your best

    And me have high title standards

  25. Have a happy from a big fan! 3WW ROCKS!

  26. I KNEW I had that extra marguarita for a reason. :) Happy bloggiversary! 4 years? wow!

  27. Aww, I'm sorry I missed the actual day! You always bring a smile to my face and a song to my brain. Yeah. All Night Long doesn't really go with my oatmeal, but at least I'm Dancing in my Seat! ;)

  28. happy belated bloggiversary!

    four years? wow! (i'm coming up on one, myself.)

  29. I'm just going to trickle off and you'll never even notice I'm gone...


  30. Carlos: It's four years, but hopefully I'll make it to five :) Thanks.

    Carnealian: I am very humbled. I mean, maybe for my five or ten year bloggiversary I could understand. But four? Although four is my favorite number.

    Burg: Thank you, Burg.

    DCChick: Oh, there's no way I'll still be blogging four years from now. I'll probably be married, kid on the way, etc.

    Or not :)

    OKChick: Thank you, blogger friend.

    J-Mo: Thanks, bro.

    Circe: Ooo, hugs and smooches. Must be my lucky day :) Or my bloggiversary. I'm glad you gals stumbled across my blog, too. *hugs*

    Pia: And me have high title standards

    I've heard that about you.

    Question girl: Thank you.

    Heather B: Thanks, pal.

    Gay: Thank you. Glad you enjoy 3WW. Thanks for participating.

    Carmen: Thanks. Yep, it's a long time.

    Xinh: Thanks, my fellow GH fan.

    Lass: People celebrate Cinco de Bone-o in different ways. Oatmeal is acceptable :)

    Alison: Thank you.

    TC: I would so totally notice. I mean, it might take a day or so, but I'd notice :-P

  31. Belated Bone Bloggiversary. Wow, I am only just past 6 months. Guess I can't catch up. . . but that's OK, I can go back on your archives and catch up that way, at least. Grin.

  32. Thank you, Marcia. When I started, I didn't really think about still being here four years later :)