Wednesday, May 23, 2007

3WW #37

Welcome to Three Word Wednesday. Each week, I will post three (or more) random words. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write something using all of those words. It can be a few lines, a story, a poem, anything. I'll also attempt to write something using the same three words.

Leave a comment if you participate. Many fun and interesting people might visit your blog.

This week's words are:

Crystal laid on top of the covers still wearing her shoes, not wanting her feet to touch the filthy carpet. The room was surprisingly dark. She had not bothered to turn on a single light, nor had she opened the gawdy curtains. For a brief second, she had thought it would be nice to have such heavy curtains at home, as they served to block out nearly all the afternoon light.

Crystal realized she had barely noticed the familiar musty stench that permeated the air. A combination of tobacco and mildew if she had to guess. And who knows what else. She thought it a bit sad that the smell which once nearly sickened her now had no effect at all.

She hated this place and had complained about it more than once. But Greg always argued that it was near his office. A matter of convenience, he had said. And since he paid for the room, and paid for her car, she couldn't argue much.

But lately Crystal had felt like she was only a matter of convenience. She showed up at his beck and call, wore what he wanted her to wear, and even doused herself with the awful cheap perfume he liked. He only managed to see her now once a week. And it had been months since there had been any mention of their future.

It had not always been that way. Or maybe it had, but not in her mind. He showered her with gifts, and paid for her car. He was her prince charming. Except she never recalled prince charming being married. But Lori was horrible to him, unbearable, constantly nagging, and never in the mood. Or so he said.

Crystal had never been married, but Greg promised her someday. And she had held on to someday for nearly two years. There was always an excuse. Then Lori became pregnant, which complicated things. And then Lori miscarried, which complicated them more. Greg couldn't possibly leave then.

Her phone rang. It was him, probably calling to say he was going to be late, again. Crystal considered not answering, then did.


"Lori's leaving me."


"She filed for divorce today."

"What? Why?" Crystal had waited for this day for a long time. Now that it was finally here, she wasn't sure how to feel, much less what to say.

"I'll explain everything when I get there. I just really need to see you," his voice was cracking. "I'm ten minutes away."


Ten minutes later, Greg inserted his key card into the slot and pushed down on the cold handle. He opened the door to an empty room, but for the scent of cheap perfume.

"I'll hate myself for coming here again. Where the streets are paved with misery, and lives are built on lies. A place they call the broken promise land..."


  1. happy Wednesday - mine's up :)

  2. Here's mine. Good heavens, it's another dark one.

  3. Mines up here:

    Happy Wednesday, y'all.

  4. Mine is up.

    I'll be stopping in to look at everyone else's tonight. Gotta go visit the real world now. :(

  5. What is up with me and old people? I'm not that old for petes sake.

    Back later to read yours, Bone!

  6. lol... ok I will give it a go!

  7. I am about to put mine up but I have been waiting for the words for a few days. It sucked waiting all day, but time zones are obviously different if you posted this at 8am. I quit checking at 9am and decided to work. You can use my name or click here

  8. I'm late for this, but congrats on your 10K! Wow-7 minutes and 14 seconds faster than last year???? That's great!

  9. I love writing! (Almost as much as I love cherry blossoms! LOL) Thanx!

  10. It's late, but another episode in the saga of Fiona is up. Getting this book written one scene at a time! ;-)

  11. I forgot to leave a message yesterday but mine's up! I'll be checking back later today to read everyone elses.

  12. here's mine:

    i have yet to read the rest. i'll do it tonight when i return home from class. :)

    have a good day y'all!

  13. Thank you all for participating! I plan on reading all your entries this evening.

  14. there is so much that I could say.

    This was so different. A different side of Bone

    Thought the ending was wonderful as was the whole story

    You're the only male I know, straight or not, who understands a woman can take it, up until a point, and then....

  15. Wow Bone-I was excited that you read my entry but I never expected such a great entry from you. Last week surprised me a little but this blew me away. I am no woman, but I do think you got a good idea of what it must be like to be the other woman. I've been the other man, and that sucked, but I realized what it was and got out as quick as I could. Holding on to a dream like that is asking for heartbreak. I guess you can't choose the ones you love. I agree with Pia that the ending was the great along with the rest. You took this one up a notch.

  16. nice twist at the ending of your story--good job

  17. Just because I haven't been to a dentist in too many years does not make me an anti-dentite!

    you kill me! So far NO ONE has figured out my middle name.

    Your story today was really good. I liked that she left him too...he sure had that coming. sorry, gotta side with the women. Although, I'm sure I would like it very much if you decided to tell us what it felt like for him to show up and find her gone.

  18. The new Lysol 3wwB-o-n-e is the latest in convenience and advanced disinfecting with its three spray nozzles. After spraying filthy surfaces with Lysol 3wwb-o-n-e there be no need to guess if its clean.

  19. This time I posted a bit early.

    Here is mine, a poem Album

    I enjoyed reading yours. I had expected that ending. No other way.

    Now, I go and read others.

  20. I loved the cheap perfume part of the ending... but I'm going to be the oddball out ('eh, I'm used to it) and say the into paragraph was my favorite part. I felt like it was super descriptive and really put us in the same place as Crystal.

    You got the feeling right away that she had had just about enough. She felt cheap and dirty, and didn't like it anymore.

    Everyone has a breaking point: you just happened to tell hers.

    Great job.

  21. Pia: Thanks. It feels presumptious for me to write from the woman's POV. But it's a writing exercise, so I guess you all can tell me how far off I was :)

    Clockwork: Thanks. I've had a guy friend or two get into a similar situation, although not for two years, thankfully.

    Sage: Thank you.

    Renee: Thanks. This definitely could have been carried on longer, describing the guy more, and maybe the wife, too.

    OK, I'm heading to your blog to make more middle name guesses. I invite everyone to join me.

    GirlFPS: LOL I like that. I totally should get an endorsement deal with Lysol. I just finished wiping down here at work, actually.

    Gautami: Thanks. I was afraid it was a bit predictable.

    TC: Thanks. The words just made me think of a cheap hotel, which is where the story idea started in my mind.

  22. Just in case you didn't already know it...your guesses are WAAAAYYY off.

  23. wow this was totally what he needed!! I loved that she wasnt there for him!

  24. I liked it. I've been too sick to do much of anything so I'll post my 3ww when I'm feeling better.

  25. your last guess was really my first name. I wasn't thinking when I started blogging to come up with a cool name like Bone.

  26. ATag: Thanks!

    Xinher: Sorry you haven't been feeling welll :-/

    Renee: A cool name like Bone? LOL OK.