Tuesday, May 08, 2007

24 Recap: 5/7/07

Sunday was Pablo's second birthday. At least, it marked two years since I brought him home from that great Betta haven known as Wal-Mart. I'm thrilled to say my little pal is eating again everyday and seems to be doing fine.

OK, here's what we know... Last week may very well have been the worst episode of 24 ever. Nevertheless, with my OCD, nothing short of Keanu Reeves himself joining CTU will stop me from finishing out the season. Besides, with only three weeks remaining, things have got to get better... right?

Recapping Day Six: 2:00 AM - 3:00 AM...

Nadia, who is becoming more incompetent by the second, informs Jack that Heller has filed a restraining order to keep him away from Audrey. Jack asks Nadia to let him go so that he can help try and find Cheng, but she refuses. You know, because keeping Jack in Holding makes the show sooo much more exciting. Nadia returns to the main CTU floor thingy and sends out a field team led by Ricky.

At Cheng's Perpetually Moving Headquarters (CPMHQ), Cheng is planning an attack, although we're not told where. And everyone is speaking in Chinese, with English subtitles! This is like a Jackie Chan movie, except without the action and the witty black guy.

At CTU's Extended Stay lounge, Marilyn and Josh--aka JoshLyn--are kicking back watching news coverage of the nuclear explosion. 12,000 are dead. Josh is angry his father was involved, and says he wishes he was never a part of this sick family. Uh, yeah, good luck finding help with that one in the parenting handbooks.

Chloe comes in and tells Marilyn that Audrey is still alive. OK, we found this out, what, four hours ago? You're just now telling Marilyn? Oh that's right, they forgot to write Marilyn into the show for the past six weeks. Oops! Marilyn goes to check on Jack and tells him she will be there for him when all this is over.

At the White House, Tom tells Lisa they've uploaded fake information to her PDA that will make it look like the sub-circuit board was destroyed. They want Lisa to go see her Russian spy boytoy at the Family Inn, then find an excuse to leave the room so that he will snoop thru her PDA. Lisa calls to set up another meeting.

CTU teams arrive at Bloomfield, but there is no sign of Cheng. We see Cheng at CPMHQ, telling his #1 guy--who looks kinda like a cross between a young Billy Bob Thornton and Pierce Brosnan--that the objective is not to cause casualties, but to "obtain the package." Cheng's men drop thru a hole in the floor into a sewage line--where they are immediately attacked by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Turtle Power! I'm only kidding. Sorry, just trying to create some excitement.

Cheng radioes directions to his men which he says should put them directly beneath CTU! Finally! A plot twist I actually halfway care about.

At the Family Inn--trapped in a storyline that is going nowhere yet won't seem to end--Tom and a couple other men wait and listen in a van across the street while Lisa goes inside. She tells Bishop she needs to go freshen up, but he wants her now. She lies back on the bed and takes off her shirt. I wonder who's going to get voted off Idol this week. I gotta go with LaKisha. She screams too much. I mean, I scream, too. But only in my sleep.

'Neath CTU, Cheng's men prepare to break in. One of his men hacks into CTU's security system--which apparently is not as difficult as one might imagine--and shuts everything down. As things start going haywire upstairs, Nadia calls for a lockdown, but it is too late. Cheng's men are inside CTU! They come in guns-a-blazing.

Billy Bob Brosnan, or B3, is leading the attack. He orders everyone at CTU to get on the floor, then asks who is in command. Nadia is frozen. Milo raises his hand and says he's in charge. B3 shoots Milo in the neck! Grief counseling for female admirers of Milo Pressman will be offered in the comments section below.

Jack hears the commotion and finally convinces the guard outside his Holding cell to let him out. The guard gets shot by one of Cheng's men. Jack takes his gun and begins trying to work his way to the main floor.

Two of Cheng's men come and get JoshLyn. As they are being taken back to the main area, they run into Jack. He takes out Cheng's men and leads JoshLyn to a ventilation duct. Josh climbs in, but before Jack and Marilyn can, more of Cheng's men show up and take the two of them into custody.

Meanwhile, Ricky keeps trying to call in. B3 decides to let Nadia answer and instructs her to tell Ricky everything is OK. As they hang up, Ricky looks a little suspicious. Wait a second. That wasn't Alfonso Ribeiro. What show is this!?

Jack and Marilyn are brought back to the main area. B3 gets on the PA system and tells Josh his mother will be shot if he doesn't show himself within ten seconds. Josh comes back. B3 informs Cheng that Josh has been captured.

Cheng calls someone and says, "The operation was successful. We have your grandson." Then we see Jack's father on the other end. OK, that wasn't obvious or anything. Cheng asks Jack's father if he's finished repairing the sub-circuit board yet. Jack's father says he will trade Cheng one sub-circuit board for one grandson. Cheng says they will meet in twenty minutes at the rendezvous point.

The good:
The direct attack on CTU. Even though it is extremely far-fetched, it's still eight hundred times better than the sub-circuit board/Russians attacking Central Asia plot. *yawn*

The Milo surprise. That's old school 24, making you like someone then killing them off.

Marilyn, Josh, and Jack's father being brought back. Now if they'll just bring back Buchanan and Pierce... and Tony :)

The bad:
Nadia. As if her incompetence wasn't enough, now her cowardice leads to Milo getting shot. Buchanan never would have done that!

The Lisa/Daniels/Bishop storyline. It seems so detached from the rest of the show. I usually go to check my laundry during these scenes, even if I don't happen to be doing laundry that particular night.

More Chloe/Morris soap-style drama. I want the old Chloe, working with Jack on the downlow, uploading files to his PDA.

Did you know...
Evan Ellingson, who plays Josh Bauer, portrayed a young Luke Spencer in the November 5, 2001, episode of General Hospital.

Why didn't one of Cheng's men just go into the ventilation duct after Josh? Let's see, an armed man chasing an unarmed teen thru a crawlspace. Naaah! Too easy.

Will Buchanan and Pierce come back to help save the day? Please, can they?

Where will the rendezvous point be? I mean, where do you go to exchange a grandchild for computer parts? Best Buy, maybe? There seem to be lots of kids running around in there.

Will Elizabeth ever tell Lucky that the baby is Jason's on General Hospital? Seriously, she is getting on my nerves almost as bad as Nadia.

"Splinter taught them to be ninja teens. Leonardo leads, Donatello does machines.
Raphael is cool but crude. Michelangelo is a party dude..."


  1. Happy birthday Pablo! I'm so glad you found Bone.

    Ony 3 more weeks? I will keep a daily count down.

    GH had a flash back to a young Luke Spencer? How young? A child? Then there must have been a young Bobbie.

    All the question marks are me speaking New York.

    I think it must have been very very boring because I love your synopsises and the asides, and the asides are excellent.

    You should bold them :)

  2. ¡Feliz cumpleaƱos, Pablito! :) Sooo glad to hear that you’re doing better and surviving another year with Bone… errr, that didn’t come out quite right… O:-)

    Now, on to the recap. (Beware: comment almost as long as the recap itself ahead…)

    How dare you say Milo getting shot goes in the good category????????? *GLARES*

    Honestly, it’s your fault I watched this show to begin with, then I got hooked on Milo and they take out Milo??

    Uff da.

    And Nadia. I was almost/kinda/a little bit anyway, wishing she would get shot when they found out she was really in charge. (Btw, a roster??? Seriously? Of positions and where they all sit? What is CTU… really a 2nd grade classroom?)

    I hate her a little more each episode.

    She was really lucky I didn’t have a gun after she was a stupid, incompetent twit or I’d have shot her myself. GRRR!

    The only thing I can say… is it’s a good thing I’m liking Ricky more and more with each episode, as them killing off my beloved Milo really opens up the Ricky/Nadia situation. Ugh.

    I also didn’t like the Marilyn/Josh episode. I don’t mind Josh, he’s just a kid (btw, how many of these people were once on GH? Seriously…), but Marilyn annoys me. I’d have gladly traded her getting shot for Milo! (I see a trend in my own comments, I know, I know, but you said grief counseling was open for business!)

    The Chloe/Morris thing is getting old but I loved his:

    “You know me better than anyone else, right?”
    ”Then you know I’m never wrong.”

    [Or something really similar to that…I almost wrote notes, but decided that was a little too Bone~ish and couldn’t do it. O:-)]

    And please. No. More. Lisa!

  3. Oh yeah, great song :)

    I loved TMNT...

  4. Awwww! Happy Birthday to Pablo!!! The best fish on the planet, no doubt. When are you going to post some more pictures of his handsome self??

    It's obvious to me that my expectations have been lowered over the past few weeks, because I actually thought tonight's episode was GOOD. Now, had I seen this three weeks ago when 24 was action packed - I would have said this was a bad episode. It's sad what we come to accept. sigh

    I can't believe they killed off Milo!!! What are we supposed to do for a TV-crush now?? It's not like Shroder's drool-worthy and Morris is just flat out annoying. Oof. I swear if they don't stop with the Chloe-Morris scenario, I'm going to stop watching. Or . . I'll stop in two more episodes, whichever comes first. :)

    Nadia has morphed into a witch from Hades. I wanted to jack-slap her last night when she let Milo stand up and take the heat for her. If anyone deserves a bullet to the Carotid, it's her. I like Milo, I like Ricky, I like Milo, I like Ricky, I can't think! Gag! She gives women a bad rap. NO ONE can be THAT indecisive. Why Buchanan left her in charge, I'll never understand.

    As for the Lisa thing, I've got only 3 words: What a HO. Pardon that. I'm really hoping Russia boy strangles her next week.

    And because it wouldn't be an Avery comment without it: What about Martha?????

    I'm lovin' the B3, TMNT and shots at the writers. Please, Bone, please - call the producers of 24 and offer to write for them. You could write scripts 20 times better than those idiots.

  5. Pia: Yes, there's next week and then a 2-hour finale on May 21st, I believe.

    Well, the actor would have been 13 then. So I guess it was a flashback to something that supposedly happened before Tony Geary joined the show.

    Thank you.

    TC: Just be glad you weren't around last season when they killed off Edgar, and Tony. I'm still not over Tony.

    Yeah, I thought it odd for him to mention a roster as well. Then, why didn't he just check it first? Also, why would he kill the CTU director when he'd need them to answer Ricky's calls eventually?

    I kinda like Marilyn. Or maybe I just like Rena Sofer :)

    I'm gonna start taking these long comment warnings more seriously ;-)

    Avery Laine: Yeah, this week was tons better than last week, but in the overall scheme of the 24 series, it was just so-so.

    I thought it was pretty fitting that just as Cheng's men were about to break into CTU, Nadia and Milo were having a "talk." Since that is what the majority of Season 6 at CTU has been. Blech.

    Tiffany: Thanks.

    Thank you all. I'll be sure to pass along everyone's birthday wishes to Pablo :)

  6. Happy Birthday Pablo

    Bone I will start reading you again when 24 ends

  7. Happy Birthday Pablo!!!!
    And you thought I skipped your 24 posts entirely. I scan them for important info :-)

  8. Happy Birthday Pablo! I'm so glad to hear that you are eating again.

  9. Just be glad you weren't around last season when they killed off Edgar, and Tony. I'm still not over Tony.

    Were Edgar and Tony hot? *er*

    I'm sorry to hear you aren't over Tony yet: you might want to consider seeing someone about that...


    I kinda like Marilyn. Or maybe I just like Rena Sofer

    Well, that explains it... 8-)

    Uff da.

    And um, yeah, I'd think you'd know by now to take my long comment warnings seriously! ;)

  10. Genie, Arlene, J-Mo, Renee: Thanks for the birthday wishes. I'll pass them along. Although so far, he just kind of looks at me when I'm telling him everyone said Happy Birthday.

    TC: Were Edgar and Tony hot?

    Um, let's see, how shall I answer that... oh yeah. I. Don't. Know.

    Maybe we should begin a Deceased 24 Characters support group :)

  11. Oh, puhlease.

    I love it how men always ask women if another girl is hot and they can/do answer honestly.

    You ask a guy though, and he swears he has no idea what he looked like.


    Will this support group be meeting Monday nights at 8 pm? O:-)

  12. Thanks for the recap.
    If Keanu Reeves joined CTU I'd still watch.
    I don't really care that Milo got shot, probably because I have not really got to wacth much of the show. And I also miss Tony.

    And happy belated birthday to Pablo.
    My poor betta 'Max' was accidentally killed by the fish babysitter {my neighbor}, while I driving to Las Vegas to meet my dad at his military reunion.

  13. TC: That's one of the differences between women and men.

    Yes, I think Mondays at 8 PM would be a perfect meeting time for the support group.

    If we're lucky, maybe we can get some of the actors who played said deceased characters to come and speak :)

    GirlFPS: Oh, I am sooo sorry about Max! :-( What happened?

  14. As if Jack's Dad cares about the grandson, he was ready to roast him a few episodes ago. Missed this one too, but your recaps are great. I'll be caught up for the next.

  15. Max was killed by either chlorine water [my neighbor forgot I had bottled water {and forgot not to put chlorine water in the tank} there for the water changes] or soap traces on the bowl used to put water in the tank.

  16. I would be in favor of deceased characters coming back O:)

    (Not like there is one in particular or anything...)