Wednesday, May 09, 2007

3WW #35

Welcome to Three Word Wednesday. Each week, I will post three (or more) random words. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write something using all of those words. It can be a few lines, a story, a poem, anything. I'll also attempt to write something using the same three words.

Leave a comment if you participate. Many fun and interesting people might visit your blog.

This week's words are:

A twin-bell alarm clock sounded at 4:30 AM, but Jared was already wide awake. He slid both legs over the edge of the bed far as they would go, then hopped down to the floor, fully dressed. He had gotten up and put his clothes on sometime in the night, just in case he overslept.

Normally, Jared hated nothing worse than leaving the cozy warmth of his bed, but this particular morning it was no problem. He wasn't real sure if he had slept at all, as he had been looking forward to this day as long as he could remember. He ran into the kitchen to retrieve the lunch his Mom had packed the night before, then returned to his room.

A few minutes later, he followed his Dad out to the car, short legs running almost faster than they could to keep up. The car ride was mostly quiet. It was the first time Jared could remember being awake and outside before sunrise. He spent most of the drive looking out the window.

By the time they reached their destination, the first sliver of sun could be seen coming over the horizon. Single-file, they walked towards the pier, both donning bucket caps, although Jared's kept falling down over his eyes. He carried his lunch box with his left hand and his fishing rod in his other, propped against his right shoulder, carefully mimicking his Dad.

At the pier, his Dad gave him a few instructions and baited Jared's hook. Then the two fishermen sat down side by side, several feet apart, and cast in their lines. His legs dangling above the water, Jared would look over wide-eyed every once and again at his Dad to make sure he was doing everything right. The anticipation of the day exceeded only by the reality of it.

"Just me and you, doing what I've always wanted to. I'm the luckiest boy alive. This is the best day of my life..."


  1. I posted a vignette this time.

  2. mines up...:) hum..humm...hum... :)

  3. I had an idea for this one almost as soon as I read the words, but it took me forever to put it together - and it still sucks. lol Ah well, at least I'm writing. *grin*

    Hope everyone's week is going well so far!

  4. In just 9 days I will be packed and with cozy anticipation will be going to the beach!! YAY ME!

  5. hi! i just came upon this site today. and i decided to give it a try. :)

    here's the specific link to my humble attempt:

    any comments on my other short short stories will be much appreciated!

  6. Is it Wednesday already?

  7. I did it! I think I have good story. happy 3WW everyone!

  8. Happy 3WW! I posted on a Wednesday, again

  9. I packed all the frozen food in the freezer then hopped on my cozy
    couch and wiggled about with anticipation of Bones 3WW story.

  10. So I did it. I know, unbelievable. But I decided to give this three word wednesday a try.

    Of course, I decided to start of small and simple with just a paragraph, or "introduction" if you will. So be gentle.

    Happy Wednesday!

  11. Just wanted to stop by and say "Hello"... hope all is well with you! :)

  12. This is my first time. :D Kinda long though: Here you go.

  13. Got mine....short & sweet.

  14. where's yours?

    Many fun and interesting people might visit your blog. Not even you have visited. :(

  15. I found this 3WW to be exceptionally difficult and draining.

    i so love the concept and the interaction and will be at people's blogs tonight or tomorrow.

  16. Okay--i'm getting ready to post mine--I worked it into a memory I was writing

  17. hello it's thursday afternoon. . . ? Where is 3WW?

  18. Hey guys. Thank you all for participating. I plan to make it by either tonight or tomorrow to read and comment on all your entries.

    Sorry it took me so long to post this week.

    Thank you all for playing.

  19. i just got mine up. it's here.

    i like yours, bone. i pictured my eight-year-old son as i read it. sweetness!

  20. better late than never I suppose...

    I am sitting here cozy in my pj's... excited for my upcoming trip to Europe but the getting packed bit I am not looking forward to!

    Happy 3ww on R night! =]

  21. OK Bone. It was short. It was sweet and very much captured a little boy's excitement before and during his first fishing expedition with his Dad

    It wasn't your best. Personally I would have slept for a week if I had written your 3WW last week. It was that good

    But Bone I believe the rules used to state something about relaxing. This is a writing exercise.

    As a writing exercise it was very good.

    And the end was perfect:

    the anticipation of the day exceeded only by the reality of it.

  22. Oh and I loved the part about how he spent most of the ride looking out the window. Kids do that when they're out before dawn for the first time. Everything is new.

  23. Nice story-I've been Jared and it brought back good memories!

  24. First of all,. I think it is one story we can all understand, that we can relate to. Who doesn't remember being a little kid and getting to do something special with mom or dad? Priceless :)

    Now that I said that... I've been reading all of these comments and staying silent, but I think people should remember something every once in awhile.

    Bone has a life too… not just writing stories for 3WW. It's great that there are so many participants who are capable of writing when he first puts the words up, but some people don't have jobs that give them that opportunity. Or are busy. There is no written rule that says anyone HAS to post on Wednesday. The words go up on Wednesday so that everyone has an opportunity to write. Furthermore, read his Cinco de Bone-O post and you'll find out 3WW actually began on a Thursday.

    On a related note, who can read? I'll also attempt to write something using the same three words. Just because Bone hosts this party, doesn't mean he has to participate. Yes, we all hope he does, but quite frankly, 35 weeks is a ridiculous amount of time. Story ideas – GOOD story ideas, take time and effort. Everyone loves what he produces, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't get some time to craft them. It's a voluntary thing... Bone chooses to participate, just like each and every single one of us. And if one week he should opt to not participate, so what? Sometimes, busy or not, you just don't feel like doing something. And if it's not fun for the author, then is it really fun for the readers?

    Finally, to all the participants who leave comments up saying "come read me!" or "Mine's up!" that's great, and I'm sure it's appreciated. But do you come back and read his and comment? If 3WW is supposed to be interactive, make it that way too.

    I, for one, think 3WW should be rotating. I was thinking Saturday would a good day to post this week until you got this up a few hours ago. Or heck, maybe make it a biweekly thing. Not everyone has all this extra time on their hands.

    I was going to leave this anonymously, but I'm not ashamed of what I wrote or my take on the situation. If Bone disagrees with anything I've said, he can feel free to delete this comment.

  25. Very nice post this week. Brought back memories of going down to the Manhattan Beach (CA) pier with my mom...and my first fishing pole.

  26. I would like to second TC

    3WW is growing. I think that's wonderful. I know how hard it was for me this week--and to do it on a Wednesday when I always used to do it later in the week

    It's great that Bone thought of this

    I like TC's idea of rotating days or of doing it biweekly

    There are times blogging feels like a burden and chore, not a fun activity

    It's difficult to write a great 3WW each week

    Bone has a life outside blogging. And I'm just grateful that he supplies the words

    I thank TC for saying what I lacked the nerve to

  27. Alison: Thanks. Glad to know I'm not the only one posting on Thursday :)

    Kate: Aww, you're on the road again? Well, thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a good trip :)

    Pia: Thanks. I wasn't crazy about what I wrote. Yes, it was short. And you pretty much liked the same parts I liked.

    Sage: Thank you. I hoped it would at least be relateable.

    TC: Wow. OK. Well, I really was thinking about not participating this time. It's been a busy week. But then I'd feel like I let people down or something.

    Thirty-five weeks is a long time. Sometimes I feel like I'm out of story ideas. But I do want to keep 3WW going.

    And I do hope it becomes more and more of an interactive thing. I try to get around and read everyone's, but normally wait until after I've posted mine, so as to not be influenced.

    I encourage everyone to read others' entries if you have time.


    Pia: Bone has a life outside blogging.

    I do? *confused*


    Thanks, Pia. It is impossible, for me anyway, to write a great 3WW entry every week. And there is absolutely no rule that says you must post on Wednesday.

  28. ok so yeah, I totally agree with TC!!! Go out and have a beer next wednesday!! ;)

    LOVED it!!! I remember doing the same thing with my grandparents! Its all about heart!

  29. You know me Bone...I was just picking on you for not visiting. :D

    Liked your story too!

    we need one like a Seinfeld epp. ;D

  30. Bone, perhaps your idea of creating a separate blog for 3WW is the way to go.

    If you do it on WordPress, you can give a handful of trusted folk access to the blog and everyone can rotate putting up the words.

  31. That was part of my point, Bone, I don't think you should ever have to feel like not writing a story is letting people down. If someone else doesn't want to write one week, they just don't. You should feel free to have that same attitude :)

    I mean, really, sometimes you just have to rest up to write the next week's 24 recap...


  32. Though Ihave been meaning to post I never got around. Mext week onwards, I will do so. No procastination this time, hopefully!

  33. Carlos: Actually, the fishing pole was about the only non-fiction part of the story. I had a plastic yellow one.

    HPS: Thanks. Me glad you likey.

    ATag: Thanks, Tag. Like the new pic!

    Renee: That's an excellent idea. I could write part of a Seinfeld episode one week. Hmmmm...

    Xinher: Yeah, that might be what I do eventually. Then I wouldn't feel so bad if I didn't post a story one week.

    TC: Thanks. Only two more weeks of 24!!!

    Gautami: Great! Hope to see you next week then :)