Tuesday, May 15, 2007

24 Recap: 5/14/07

OK, next week is the two-hour season finale! Which means this week is, uh, the pre-finale?

Recapping Day Six: 3:00 AM - 4:00 AM...

With CTU still under siege, a couple of the Chinese take Josh away. B3 (Billy Bob Brosnan) backhands Nadia as she tries to intervene. Was I the only one to yell "Booyah!" or other comparable expression of delight here?

As all CTU employees are being led to a holding cell, Jack plans an impromptu attack. He breaks out of line and takes out a guard, then shoots a couple of others. Even Morris gets in on the action, putting a sleeper hold on one guy. Who knew Morris had a background in the WWF! Seriously, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake would be proud.

Finally Jack chokes B3 then breaks his neck for good measure. Ricky arrives on the scene just in time to take out one guy who is about to shoot Nadia. To recap, Nadia is the reason Milo is dead. Jack, Ricky, and a field team take off down the tunnel after Josh.

Josh is brought to Cheng's Perpetually Moving Headquarters (CPMHQ). Jack's father calls and talks to Josh:

"I'm taking you away from this ungrateful country. Some place we can both start over."
"Where?" Tahiti? Bora Bora? I hear Kazakhstan's nice this time of year.
"China." Oooh, close! China: Land of Confucius, human rights, and Yao Ming.

As Cheng and his men are leaving to deliver Josh to Jack's father, Jack pops out of the tunnel and begins firing. He shatters the window of one of the cars, causing it to swerve and hit a pole. A chase on foot ensues.

Cheng leads Josh up some stairs to the rooftop. Josh breaks away from Cheng and runs onto a catwalk. To clarify, we're not talking Right Said Fred here. We're talking a narrow, elevated passageway between two buildings.

Jack catches up to Cheng, who has run out of bullets. Josh, who is hanging on for his life beneath the catwalk, yells for help. Jack rescues Josh, but Cheng escapes. Josh informs Jack that he talked to his grandfather.

Cheng calls Jack's father to tell him he lost Josh. Jack's father says no deal on the component. Oh, I get it. So Cheng is the banker. Jack's father is the contestant. Who is Howie Mandel? Morris? And where are the twenty-five hotties?

Outside the Family Inn, Tom is watching in agony as Lisa and Bishop fornicate. When they're done, Lisa goes to freshen up. Although personally, I think that's a lost cause. Bishop picks up her PDA, then gets a suspcious look on his face. He confronts Lisa. She breaks open a bottle of wine, literally, over his head. Bishop backhands her. Tom orders the federal agents to move in. They apprehend Bishop as he is choking Lisa.

At CTU, a man identifying himself as Ben Kram from Division tells Nadia he's been sent over to investigate what went wrong during the security breach. Well, Nadia was in charge, for starters.

Tom calls to tell Daniels that he got Bishop to send the fake information to his Russian contact saying that the U.S. had destroyed the sub-circuit board. He also informs Daniels that Lisa was injured and is unconscious. Daniels is upset. You don't hold hands with someone and then get over them just like that. I don't care how they treat you.

Daniels and Karen go into the Telepresence Suite and raise Russian President Suvarov on the horn. Daniels tells Suvarov that the sub-circuit board has been destroyed. But Suvarov calls his bluff, saying he had surveillance set up on Bishop, so he knows exactly what went down.

Suvarov says if the U.S. hasn't recovered the sub-circuit board within two hours, the Russians will take military action. Daniels remarks to Karen, "We're about to go to war over a piece of circuitry." Exactly! Now do you see why it's so hard for us to get excited over this season? Whatever happened to suitcase nukes, nerve gas, and Chloe? Ah, the good ol' days.

On his way back to the White House, Tom gets a call from Jack's father. You know, because Tom's in his five. He asks to speak to the Vice President. Jack's father tells Daniels he wants his grandson and clear passage to the country of his choice in exchange for the sub-circuit board.

Again, deal or no deal? Karen says no deal, calling Jack's father a sociopath who can't be trusted. But Tom says it's a risk worth taking.

Out at the location formerly known as Cheng's Perpetually Moving Headquarters, Jack calls Marilyn and lets her talk to Josh. Then as he is leading Josh to a car which will take him to CTU, an agent tells Jack he has a call.

When Jack goes to take the call, Ricky grabs Josh and leads him to a waiting helicopter. Josh is yelling, "Uncle Jack!" Can you imagine if Jack Bauer was your uncle? Trouble with that bully at school? Just tell Uncle Jack. Suddenly, the bully just stops showing up for class. Calls are made to his house, but his parents don't answer either. Jack tries to get to Josh, but is restrained by several CTU agents. Ricky and Josh board the helicopter.

The good:
Morris putting one of the Chinese in a sleeper hold.

Nadia and Lisa getting backhanded, at different times and by different men.

More action this week. Still, at the end, I pictured Jack running and latching on to the helicopter skids as it took off. That would have been slightly more exciting, don't you think?

The bad:
The episode was too predictable. There were no surprises, except for maybe Jack's father calling Tom and making the offer to the Vice President.

Virtually no Chloe, again.

Best quote:
"And... finally. We're done."

Said by Tom, as he watches Lisa and Bishop finish up their business. Based on the circumstances and the way he said it, I found this to be one of the funniest 24 lines ever.

Did you know...
In 1986, Brutus Beefcake and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine lost the WWF Tag Team Title to the British Bulldogs at Wrestlemania 2.

Despite saving the country at least four times today, Jack will have to break out of Holding and/or go against the oval office to save the day one more time.

In a touching season-ending scene, wearing a Darth Vader Mask/Voice Changer, Jack confesses to a frightened Josh, "Josh, I am your father."

Is Ben Kram legit? I mean, he got from Division, wherever that is, to CTU in like an hour from the time the breach occurred, at 3:30 in the morning. Not to mention the suspicion of bringing a new character in the next to last week of the season. Hmm...

Why in the world does Nadia have such a huge role this season, while Chloe has been virtually just part of the scenery in several episodes?

Why was Cheng so averse to having casualties at CTU?

"Yeah, on the catwalk, on the catwalk. Yeah, I shake my little tush on the catwalk..."


  1. Ha ha he, that was funny (especially your predictions). Thanks Bone.

  2. Thanks for the bold
    Where?" Tahiti? Bora Bora? I hear Kazakhstan's nice this time of year.
    "China." Oooh, close! China: Land of Confucius, human rights, and Yao Ming.

    Love love love that

  3. This may be my longest comment yet, so I recommend giving yourself awhile before reading it…

    Was I the only one to yell "Booyah!" or other comparable expression of delight here?

    No, no you weren’t. I have no sympathy for Nadia. She blames herself for Milo’s death, well guess what? So do I. (Yes, I sound bitter because I am.)

    To recap, Nadia is the reason Milo is dead.

    EXACTLY!!! Seriously, that little scene with Nadia and Morris where he tries to tell her that she shouldn’t blame herself, yadi, yadi yadi – ugh, gag me. I mean, it wasn’t Lisa/Daniels/Bishop disgusting, but still. She should blame herself – that’s all on her shoulders. I (clearly) blame her. I miss BB.

    And Chloe.

    Btw, Bone… I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it looks like something happens to Chloe in the finale. Looked like her hair/necklace they were showing when Morris yelled for help in one of the previews. I’m going to hope I’m wrong, because seriously, they kill off my second favorite character and I will have NOTHING good to say about 24 when the season is over.

    I hear Kazakhstan's nice this time of year. "China." Oooh, close! China: Land of Confucius, human rights, and Yao Ming.


    I can’t speak for anyone but myself when I say this, but that right there is why I read the recaps. I mean, yes, it’s nice to see if I missed anything as I twiddled my thumbs – and yes, last night I may have done that a time or two – but really, your asides are what make it. (Though I’m going to disagree with Pia and say I like the italics better… yes, that’s right, I like the italics better :-P)

    You don't hold hands with someone

    I’d really like to believe that’s all they did: shudders. I think I’m just going to go with it. Because really, I don’t need more of a visual than that.

    The good:

    - Jack killing B3. I got a lot of satisfaction watching that. I mean, it wasn’t a bullet to the head, but still.
    - Suvarov calling Daniels’ bluff. I know, I know, it’s bad for the country, but honestly? Daniels needs to learn he’s not going to be able to lie his way through everything and get by with it.

    The bad:

    - Too much Daniels
    - Lisa took wayyyyyyyyy too long this time
    - Nadia, Nadia, Nadia! Really, need I say more?? And that one Chloe line “That was really brave.” Ugh, make me gag. Nadia wasn’t BRAVE, she just knew to follow Jack’s orders.
    - Speaking of Jack and orders… what’s this with him not getting to call the shots?? Enough already! I finally like Ricky, but still! It’s all about Jack…
    - You already said it, but seriously – could it GET anymore predictable???

  4. But the bold clearly shows Bone's lines as opposed to the recaps which frankly don't interest me. Though I have read enough to know know how well-written they are

    Bold plus Italic might work best--I always use that

  5. Oh- now, wait...
    Milo stood up all by himself and did it to protect Nadia- who, if you will recall, had been put through a nasty interrogation (Did I spell that wrong? Ugh- you've got me nervous now!) earlier in the day. Perhps he thought she'd been through enough?
    Anyway...did Bill leave her in charge out of guilt? If Milo had been in charge- he would have been killed anyway- right? Milo was doomed to die.

    I thought another best line was when Jack was asked about his dad's involvment...
    "I'll ask him when I find him" -

    Wait till Jack finds out that Josh is his son- still waiting for those beans to be spilled.

    "B3, Right said fred, Howie Mandell, CPMHQ"-

    I have to go to the Dr. now...I hurt myself just then- laughing and falling under my desk! :P

    Bone, can you come to NC for the 24 party at my house next week?
    If not, I might have to video tape part of it and send it to you.

    Your name always comes up when the show is on :)

  6. Much like TC, I've gotta warn you, this could get lengthy:

    I'm lukewarm about the whole 2-hour finale thing. I expected a little more from this week's episode. At the very least, a good lead-up . . . alas, there was nothing of interest. Predictable and ho-hum.

    I did, however, laugh out loud - for several minutes - when Lennox did his "FINALLY!" line. Dear heavens, there were tears in my eyes.

    I was disappointed in the death of B3. Anyone who b**ch slaps Nadia is semi-okay in my book. I just keep having to remind myself that he killed Milo, too, thus he deserved to die. I'm so torn.

    I'm also disappointed in Bishop the Dirty Russian. Seriously, you're hired to do something - do it: He's a lackluster spy who gets caught and can't even kill a woman. How hard is it to strangle someone, I ask you? And if anyone deserved strangling . . well, you know.

    Thanks for making me laugh so hard and showing that a piece of crap episode can be turned into something fun and exciting. I, again, beg you to submit an application and samples of your writing to Fox for next season. We, the fans of 24, need you, Bone!

  7. I just think that the italics are a little more subtle. They clearly say what are his thoughts versus what is the recap, but aren't in your face, read me.

    I just thought the bold was a bit much.

    And trust me, I like a lot of bold. (Please see my comments for proof of that.)

    I disagree with Mayden. Yes, if Milo had been left in charge (which I don't necessarily think should have happened either), and he'd stood up for himself, then he would have been killed anyway.


    He wouldn't have been a coward. He wouldn't have died for nothing. He would have died because he did his job and did his job well.

  8. GirlFPS: Thank you.

    Pia: Thanks. Yes, I tried your bold suggestion this week. Bold plus italic? Um, I don't think so :)

    TC: Yeah, I didn't care for that whole Morris comforting Nadia scene, either. That's why I left it out of the recap :)

    I hope nothing happens to Chloe. Then again, she's barely had a part this whole season anyway. Looks like BB is on next week, too.

    I figured you'd enjoy seeing B3 get his, since he killed your beloved Milo.

    Lisa took wayyyyyyyyy too long this time

    LOL Ugh.

    You, who used bold no less than, what, four times in her comment, prefer the italics? OK 8-)

    Mayden: Yes, but Nadia sat there for several seconds, frozen, before Milo came to her rescue. Plus, she's proven incompetent time and again in her short time running CTU.

    Yeah, I wrote that line down in my notes. I liked it, too.

    "YOur father's working with the Chinese? Why?"
    "I don't know. I'll ask him when I find him." :)

    Ooo, I'd love to come to your 24 viewing party!

    Your name always comes up when the show is on

    That's the way it should be. Bone and 24. Like Walter Cronkite and the evening news :)

    Avery: LOL I think we were all disappointed that Bishop failed in that task. I did really enjoy the backhands last night though :)

    TC: Maybe I should take a poll on bold versus italics for next week's two-hour finale? :)

    Yeah, if Nadia is going to be left in charge, she needs to stand up and take control.

  9. I was disappointed in the death of B3. Anyone who b**ch slaps Nadia is semi-okay in my book. I just keep having to remind myself that he killed Milo, too, thus he deserved to die. I'm so torn.

    Oooh, Avery had SUCH a good point!!!! That's a tough call right there... in the end though, he did kill Milo. *sigh* That's my (semi)final opinion on that!

    I also totally agree about the Bishop thing: seriously, how hard was it to do away with Lisa??? Uff da! Please, I need her gone. Like... six episodes ago!

    You, who used bold no less than, what, four times in her comment, prefer the italics? OK 8-)

    Um, Bone, if you're going to mock me in your comments, may I suggest taking the time to count?? I used them seven times. Yes, that's right, I used the bold function seven times. AND I said this: And trust me, I like a lot of bold. (Please see my comments for proof of that.) *ER*

    I don't know if you need to take a poll... do one hour in bold, one in italics? O:) Personally I'd go with italics since you've done it all season, but I'm going to assume you'll go with bold.

    P.S. Yeah, I shake my little tush on the catwalk...

    Can we get a video demonstration, please, Bone?


  10. Have I told you how funny your recaps are? I don't watch the show and don't intend to, but I just love reading your recaps.

    She breaks open a bottle of wine, literally, over his head.


  11. I don't even watch 24, and this is funny:)

    Meeting of the mines reminds me of Satinlady, whose cat had ear mice. She never figured out why we were laughing, honest.

  12. come write the blog I'm taking your questions to answer on my blog.

  13. I've actually quit watching the show because it conflicts with other stuff on Monday and it just wasn't holding my attention.
    I rely on your recaps and the recaplets&recaps from TelevisionWithoutPity to keep me up to date.

  14. TC: Yeah, I don't see what purpose Lisa serves now. Hmm, maybe I'll underline instead next week :)

    Can we get a video demonstration, please, Bone?

    Um, no, that will remain between the mirror, the fish, and me.

    Renee: Aww, that's very nice of you to say. And I will definitely check out your blog.

    Actonbell: Ah, yes, I hear those ear mice can be pesky. lol Reminds me of a guy I knew who thought it was carpet tunnel syndrome.

    Xinher: I think this is the worst season of 24, by far. Poorly written, not well thought out or planned, too many broken storylines and bringing back old characters for no apparent reason.

  15. Um, no, that will remain between the mirror, the fish, and me.

    Even if I beg? O:-)

    How about bribe?? OO:-)

    [Do double halos even work or are they like double negatives?]

    Can I ask Pablo to learn to run a video recorder...? I think he can do it...

  16. TC: Begging? No. Bribing? Maybe :) And I'm not sure about double halos. I probably need to look into that since I like to use them so.

  17. I think double halos work for me... and don't for you OO:-)

    And I'm pretty good at bribery... or so I'm told. ;-)