Wednesday, February 15, 2006

VD and Road Rage

Hope that you all had a happy Valentine's Day. Or, if you're like me, that you survived it. Got my yearly call at 12:01 AM, making sure I had made it thru yet another birthday-13th-Valentine's Day on my own.

Couldn't blog yesterday. Valentine's Day kept creeping into everything I thought to write. And honestly, I grow to dislike the day more and more every year. Still, I think, if you aspire to be a writer, or at least a decent blogger, shouldn't you be able to write something relative to the day? And I couldn't. I mean, I could, but it just sounded like what a thousand other people would have blogged yesterday. And I didn't want that. So, I'm posting it today instead :)

Actually, on Valentine's Day, I always think about girls who are lonely or alone on that day. That becomes my concern. And I wish that I could help every single one of them. Usually, I send out cards, e-cards, emails to every girl I can think of. I didn't even do that this year. Got on a couple of websites yesterday to send out ecards, but they were overloaded and slow or stopped. I consider writing and helping others my two passions. And I did neither yesterday.

I did get a Coffee Break Club card at the coffee shop yesterday. Just ten punches and I get a free latte. Happy Valentine's Day to me! Except they don't really punch, they just mark thru it and initial it. Gunther knows what I get now. He just asks what size. He seems cool enough. I just wish he was a cute girl.

Random things have been running thru my mind lately. Like how long can you wish someone a belated birthday? I mean, when does it just become too belated? Two weeks? A month? Their next birthday? "Happy Birthday! And oh by the way, happy belated birthday from last year, too."

Was involved in an incident of road rage Saturday night as we were leaving Nashville. There was an SUV going like 15 or 20 miles per hour. Granted it was thru subdivisions. But honestly, they looked like they were lost. It was 10:30 at night and had been snowing, so there was almost no traffic. So when we got to a point I could see downhill, I passed them. For some reason unbeknownst to sane man, they get right behind me and turn on their bright lights.

Now, I believe the only way to stop road rage is to confront the ragers. If we let these people go on honking, tailgating, cursing, and displaying rude hand signals, with no repercussions, they'll never stop. So I calmly stopped my car and rolled down my window. I waited for him to pull up beside me and asked if he had a problem. He seemed surprised that I had stopped rolled down my window. See? They never expect that. Sure, there's a slight risk of being shot. But I mean, you could die anytime. You could spontaneously combust, for crying out loud. (At least according to That's Incredible.)

Why is it that some people cannot stand to be passed? What is it about being in a vehicle that gives people this anger and boldness? You never hear of sidewalk rage. Or pedestrian rage. I mean, if I pass someone running in the park, they don't get mad and speed up and try to pass me. If I pass someone on the sidewalk, they don't get right behind me and start stepping on my heels.

Or what about airway rage? Can you imagine if pilots behaved this way? No. But somehow, cars provide people with this shield. And it's a false sense of security, really. Because basically, they're just betting we're in too much of a hurry that we won't take the time to stop and open up a can on them.

So, back to Saturday night. We had a nice conversation. And as he started to pull away (he was turning right, I was going straight), I pulled forward as if I was going to hit him, laid on my horn, and took off.

See? No reason to get upset.

"Restless tonight, cos I wasted the light. Between both these times, I drew a really thin line..."


  1. Bone-

    I never really thought about it before, but can you imagine what would happen if people did begin stepping on your heels... shouting (in lieu of a horn) in your ear?!?! That is hilarious (and frightening at the same time) to picture.

    I can't believe you did that to that other guy. Way to be the better man... yes, yes... way to go.

    Thank God you didn't get shot. Who would break the news to Pablo?!?! ::shudder at the thought::


  2. I wish I had the courage to confront the road-ragers cuz they irk me too. It seems like the drivers in the SUVs are the worst with the road rage...the bigger the car, the worse the road rage.

    And yea, what is up with people getting angry when you pass them? And look what that moron did...he SPED up just to get behind you to turn on his lights to tell you how much you pissed him off for going faster.

    Maybe you woke him up from a nice nap and it made him mad.

  3. I like waving at road ragers in an overly cheerful (almost manic) way, as if I'm delighted to see them, but also slightly insane. That either scares them off, or annoys them even more. Ah, what fun.

  4. I'm kinda like Will with road ragers... only I pray for them too. I pray that they will become better drivers.
    Not being single I can't really risk getting shot, because usually Darly is in the car with me. But I'm glad there are folks like you out there.

    Recently, a man killed two people from road rage by slamming on his breaks on a 70mph rd. This same man has been sited for numerous other road rage and abuse charges and was just sentenced to 30 days in jail on another charge. It will be interesting to see what he gets for the two deaths.

  5. I hate it when people ride my bumper, wanting me to move and I have nowhere to go. For instance, I'm at the back of a line of slow people, someone comes flying up behind me, flashing their lights, blowing horn, whathaveyou. Where the heck am I supposed to go?? You may have interrupted me too. I could be putting on makeup/changing the radio station/ talking on the phone/ feeding the kids/ working on my laptop/ and getting a pedicure on my way to work. I can't pay attention to your need to express anger at me! Get over it!!!!

    PS I'll be the first one to flip you off under my dash (so to better my chances of NOT being shot at) if you tick me off too though! =o)

  6. OC Girl: Haha. I never thought about that. Screaming. "Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" Right in someone's ear. The pedestrian rage equivalent to laying on the horn.

    Yes, can't leave Pablo. Speaking of, I really broke it down for him yesterday :)

    Chickadee: Yeah, it probably wasn't the smartest move on my part. This is America. People pass people. Have you been on the interstate?

    Will: I like that idea. In any situation I can think of, appearing slightly insane can only help you.

    Renee: It can be very dangerous. The thing is, I've seen people turn into completely different people while driving. Why is that?

    I think it would make a good SNL character. Road Rage Guy.

    Groovychick: Actually, I hardly ever run into problems when I'm on the phone/eating/changing clothes while driving. It's when I'm just driving normally usually.

  7. There is so pedestrian rage! :)

    In the mall the other day, I walked very slowly behind the slowest man IN THE WORLD, until I could pass him (crowded mall). When I started to pass him, he looks at me and then says "WHAT??? I wasn't fast enough for ya!?! What's your big hurry, bitch?"

    Umm . . . wow.
    People are mean. :(

    And I totally take Will's approach.
    Very smiley, very happy, genial wave "Have a good day!"

  8. Whoa...when I saw the title (VD), thought maybe you'd picked up more in Nashville than you'd planned on...

  9. Well, lateedah.

    Oh, and thanks for my Valentine card...oh wait.

    Lil Bootay

  10. You sound like our one daughter. She hates Valentine's Day and she has been known to tick off people while driving, although since she now has a small daughter and being a single parent, she does drive with a different attitude.

    This one day, a guy was tailgating her and her sister, she slowed way down, and he passed, so when he passed she did a very unlady like thing and gave him the finger. Well next thing they knew he had pulled over, and of course she went on around him, then he started following them again, she was getting close to home and she knew where the police station was, so she drove right up to the station, needless to say he took off.

    You can read her take on Valentines Day at
    Be more careful on the roads, next car could be carrying a gun. Have a good evening.

  11. Meghan: Wow. I don't think I've encountered much pedestrian rage. I have got behind slow people in the mall though. For sure.

    Tenacious Tetanus Shot: No. No worries. Although, if I did catch something in Nashville, I guess it would be showing up about now.

    Lil Bootay: Yeah, thanks for mine, too. You got an email. That's more than most.

    Patty: I will check out her blog right now. And yes, I really should be more careful, I suppose. But that wouldn't have made for nearly as interesting a blog entry.

    (Hmm... did I just risk my life for this blog?)

    Audra: Haha! I honestly didn't even think about that when I put the lyric. Unless it was subconsciously.

  12. Yeah I leaned over when you 2 were exchanging words, and I thought I was going to have to get out and kick his tail.

    Even though I was highly medicated, he wasn't anything a round house to the forehead wouldn't have taken care of. No biggie. No mess. I like it that way. LOL

    It's not like when you have to shoot someone. THat gets a little messy.

    Anyways, that's why you should always carry a firearm with you. In case you're confronted by some crazy.


  13. gThe thought of people stepping on the backs of each others shoes on the sidewalk is just hilarious. I think you should consider writing for SNL or MadTV. That's quite a funny concept.

    I'm so glad we're survivors...of the dreaded VD. Whew! Another one bites the dust.

  14. If I end up confronting someone I imitate Karl Childers from Sling Blade. "Aright den. I shur would like som dem french fried taters wit mustard on 'em. Mmmhhmm. Aright den." That works pretty darn good. Mmmhhmm.

  15. Love your first link; but you would really need it if you confronted pedesterian rage. Just as deadly also, pointed umbrellas can kill

  16. I think we might be onto something here... "Pedestrian, it's all the rage!"

    I will say in Europe they have the right idea. Even on escalators they have a passing side, those needing to go faster can.

  17. Kyle: Yes, you must get very still and quiet just before you strike. lol

    Carnealian: OK, I will consider Mad TV. The chance to work with Stephnie Weir. *faint*

    I will survive!

    Big Man: Haha. I like that idea, too. Anything that might freak someone out, I like.

    Pia: I suppose that's bound to happen with so many people. But I don't recall anyone getting angry for passing them on the sidewalk.

    OCG: Yeah, most people here just stand on escalators. Urgh. Remember when you were a kid and you'd try to run up the down escalator?

    Hope you all clicked on the "road rage" link in the middle of this post.

  18. Yeah, people definitely need to get a grip. In my neighborhood the parents drive like insane people in the morning. Somebody's kid is going to get hurt. They have terrible traffic in the morning. It's awful.

    Be careful who you honk at! They might think you think they're hot and follow you home.

  19. while this doesn't go here..i thought i'd add it because you are all about snow..we're having a snow day! the entire city is shutting down. plows can't keep up, banks are closing, the airport is closing, businesses are sending their people home. they are telling kids to not go out in the snow, there are white out conditions and they may get lost/run over. snow day, snow day.

    ps. my word verification is lehpr. which reminds me a leper which was one of my hearts (our hearts?)is that a sign? bone hearts? funny, but that's more for the line of dirty hearts we're going to make.

  20. Lass: And that would be a bad thing how? ;-) Oh, right, if she's not cute. I'm reminded of a song. "Honkin' at the honey in front o' ya with the light eyes..."

    Renee: Sure, I always visit the sites on my blogroll. At least once a week :)

    Alison: A white out? I don't even know what that is. But our schools close down if we have 1-2 inches of snow here.

    Haha. Don't give away all our secrets now. I'm reminded of yet another song. "I've got the brains, you've got the looks, let's make lots of money..." Haha.

  21. Happy belated birthday!!! (Surely I am not too late to say belated yet, right?) lol