Tuesday, February 21, 2006

This blog is not meteor-proof

Monday night has become my TV night. My night to unwind and recover from the weekend. After 24, which was better than last week but still getting increasingly far-fetched, and not in the ways you might think, I watched the replay of General Hospital on SoapNet.

Robin has apparently caught the virus. Near the end of the episode, someone had sent a vial of the antidote to GH. They switched from them opening the package to a shot of someone in black gloves. With like a whole box of vials. Then, they showed her. I wasn't for sure who it was, but only one name came to mind. Could it be? It's been years. So I went here. Sure enough. It's her. Holly is back.

Since probably 98% of you have no idea who that is and/or don't care, I'll move on now and spare you my full three-page synopsis of yesterday's episode. I've been in a creative drought lately. I sit and stare at the blogger create-a-post screen. My mind is barren. Empty. Like the pages of Gary Coleman's little black book. Then when I do type, it ends up reading like the minutes from an Elks Lodge meeting. Boring.

I have enjoyed the johari/nohari windows from yesterday. Although I wonder why several people picked "embarrassed" as one of my weaknesses. Even though I also picked it for myself. Then I was wondering about calling myself modest. Is that some sort of paradox in itself?

Changing gears... Something I don't understand is all these impossible, cartoon-like truck commercials I've been seeing lately. Perhaps you've seen some of them. In one, a truck gets hit by a meteorite. In another, a truck gets washed out to sea. Then there's one where they dump a ton of trash on a truck. Completely bury it. And in all three cases, the trucks drive away.

First of all, they all start with some sort of message saying this is a dramatization, or this isn't real. So, basically, what they're saying is, "Our truck won't really do this. We just thought it was kinda cool lookin." Second of all, what planet are these people on that meteorites are such a concern to the prospective truck-buying public? And lastly, who are they marketing to? Although I'm sure there's some redneck watching, who has no idea what dramatization means, and thinks he's getting a meteor-proof truck.

I guess I just don't understand the purpose. Maybe I'm too logical. Whatever happened to horsepower? Payload capacity? Towing package? Miles per gallon? Cost? You don't see jeans commercials where some guy in a pair of Levis gets attacked by a pack of rabid wild dogs, then set on fire, finds himself in the middle of a gang war, gets shot in the leg. Yet escapes, gets home, and his jeans are like new.

Oh, and there's one more where this truck is getting slightly crushed from the front and back by two bulldozers. Yeah, thanks for that. If I ever find myself sandwiched between two bulldozers, each creeping towards me at 2 miles per hour, I hope I'll have enough swiftness (and incentive) to undo my seatbelt, remove my Hans device, and climb out the window.

Yep, it's NASCAR season...

"We took one more trip around the sun, but it was all make believe in the end. No, I can't say where she is today. I can't remember who I was back then..."


  1. ...in the back of that Red Ragtop...

    Everyone seems to be in a slump lately. Not good for my procrastination practices. Big project to wrap up by week's end, and I need something to take my mind off it. Try to do better tomorrow, will you? ;)

  2. Hans Device? I've never heard that before.

    I know what you mean about the commercials, I like that one that has the couple in the SUV in the garage with all the snow, then they plow out through it. That would never happen. "Dramatization - Do Not Attempt". I mean really. Tell people to try it, and see what happens. Then again, don't, because this is America and they will sue and tell you they saw it on tv. What am I talking about!??!?!

  3. slump yes I know it well

    Holly was an amazing character. For further GH edification she was on around Demi Moore days--yes Demi Moore got her start on GH

    Don't watch commercials. Don't have the patience. But I can watch a TV program that is all commercials

  4. I remember Holly! Of course I haven't watched GH in about 20 years!! It's good to bring the old characters back!!

    I don't think I've ever seen these commericals you are talking about. If I did I must have blocked their stupidness from my brain. Good anaology there with the jeans. Commercials do get a little crazy, but hey, you're talking about them, someone else probably is too and that's what will stick in the mind of the consumer when they go to buy a truck!


  5. Hey, the more inane the commercial the more manly the vehicle. Right? Guys and their trucks...

  6. Tenacious Till Tomorrow: I'll try my best. I can't believe I even posted this crap entry.

    Mappy: I saw that one just last night! Even the ones that say "closed course, professional driver" at least you know someone somewhere can do that. I just don't see the point or appeal behind the unrealistic ones.

    Pia: I usually don't have the energy to change channels during commercials. And no Tivo or DVR. So...

    Carnealian: You want to join my new GH blog ring? I need to get a little group going of people who watch it everyday. In case I miss an episode. I'm joking, of course. Unless you want to.

    Lass: Ads like that have the opposite effect on me. I'm more like to not buy a product because I think the ad is stupid.

  7. A man that watches GH . . . Bone, you are enigmatic to say the least.

    We probably all picked embarassed because you say things like "I can't believe I even posted this crap entry." Honey, if you SHOW us embarassment, we're gonna pick it for ya. Just a thought. :)

    The new truck commercials are almost as bad as the old cologne commercials. Remember those? "It smells like a man." Ummm, if I wanted a man to smell like a man, would I be buying him cologne to cover that smell up???????

    I saw something else to comment on, what was it, oh yes, it was Nascar. My mistake. Nothing to talk about, obviously. 200 people driving in a circle. I did that this morning. They don't put me on TV.

  8. Yes, I want your cheesy enchilada recipe!!! PLEASE!!!
    You need to go read my blog. I GOT TO SHAKE BRAD PAISLEY'S HAND LAST NIGHT!! OOOOHHHHHH!!!!

  9. I feel your pain. I too am experiencing a creativity drought. It's a big drag and it's really bringing me down. I WANT to write, but have NOTHING to write about.

  10. Meghan: I'm a mystery, wrapped in a riddle. And I missed GH tonight!

    Jennifer: OK, I'll trade ya. Brad Paisley, huh? I'm sure you didn't enjoy that very much at all;-)

    Chickadee: I'm right there with ya. Hate this feeling. It's like my creative renal glands are failing. Nothing's coming out.

  11. I just read your post where you mention "her". It made me sad. I have a figurative box in my mind that I open a lot more frequently than I should. It doesn't feel therapeutic anymore. It just hurts. I suck at forgiving myself and I can't stop wishing the past could be different, that I can change things. I keep forgetting that wanting the past to be different is not helpful. Time keeps moving forward, no matter how badly I might want to rewind.

    I vaguely remember who Holly is. That goes way back to my youth. I was raised on soap operas, mainly GH, AMC and OLTL. With my summers off, I like to get back up to speed. It's not hard.

  12. As many daily responses as you have, it might be fun if you started doing what "Kevin" from CNN does every day. Check it out at www.dresskevin.com. You have mostly girls responding= girls will like how you're dressed and want to date you! *L*

    Nascar season, the world is at peace again...

  13. Please read my last post!

  14. Tara: I feel basically everything you said in your first paragraph.

    Groovychick: Oh wow. lol I like that site. That's great. What a great idea. Dress Bone? Hmmm...

    Pia: Thanks! For the link. And for being my 13th comment, which means my reply will be #14. Which means all is well.


  15. koWell, the one where the car is being crushed from the front and back by bulldozers...I want that car. Because if it can withstand two bulldozers fairly well, then it'd be great in an accident. Of course, my car would still be totalled but at least I wouldn't be hurt.

    The one I dislike is the one where the girl takes her ex-boyfriend's truck, and has her friends push it over a cliff while she video tapes it. But it survives the tumble intact. First of all, no normal person would do that. Second, if she's that insane, then she deserved to be broken up with and her friends should really point that out to her instead of going after someone's truck.