Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Lone Frolfer & Must See TV?

The following was written between the hours of 11:30 PM and 12:30 AM.

OK, it's well after midnight now, and I can't think of a title for this post that doesn't sound completely lame (aka Mid-week recap, Monday Night TV). So I am taking suggestions. If you can come up with something creative, leave it in the comments. You could forever have a part in If You Read Only One Blog This Year.

So it's February. What a great month! One might think having a birthday so close to Valentine's Day, I would continually get, as the kids say, shafted on gifts. Surprisingly, it hasn't been that much of an issue. Especially recently.

I have started back running some. What, you didn't know I had stopped? Well, I didn't say anything, lest Lindsy and Lass scold me. While running Tuesday, I saw a lone frolfer in the park. When I first saw him, I thought I might say something to him. Then, on my next lap, I noticed he had like an open bag or backpack or something that he was dragging along. What is that? Does he have several frisbees that he carries? Maybe a heavier frisbee for windy conditions. Is there frolf gear that I don't know about? Goggles? Gloves? Then at one point I thought I saw him skipping. Not skipping a hole. But skipping, as in "a quick gait of alternate hops and steps." That was just a little too jolly for me. I decided to steer clear.

Remember when Thursday nights used to be TV night? At least that's how it was for me. Cosby. Cheers. Seinfeld. Even Friends. Must see TV. Whatever happened to that? I don't watch a lot of TV these days. At least I don't think I do. There hasn't been a show that I've made it a point to watch every week for an entire season probably since Seinfeld.

Until now.

24 is awesome! It's so intense. Every segment of every episode. This past Monday night, when Logan told Pierce to do his job (and stop Jack), and Pierce shot back, "I am doing my job. I'm protecting the President of the United States." I kid you not, friends. I. Got. Chills. And the thing is, I never really liked action shows all that much. Except for Hunter. And Magnum P.I. And Miami Vice.

So Monday night is TV night now for me. After 24 went off, I started watching the Flight 93 movie on A&E. Found it very difficult to watch. It's just too real. Some RFK conspiracy thing came on after that. It's sad to me that most of the Kennedys are gone. I would have loved to see what JFK Jr. would have done. Of course, there's always Ted. He's like the Keith Richards of the Kennedys.

The other night before bed I was wanting to turn off my computer monitor. So inexplicably, I picked up my TV remote and pointed at the monitor. I clicked two or three times before I realized what I was doing. Silly Bone.

"There's got to be some good reason for your little black backpack, up, smack, turn around he's on his back..."


  1. Of course the one show that I do try to catch every Thursday is Will & Grace. Of course, the last episode of the show is fast approaching. Figures!!

    You have to get a frolf team together. And, we'll need to see pics!

  2. I'm so happy your back to running. I haven't ran in a week. You're gonna have to motivate me now.

    Thursday is still good TV night, just not for NBC. Thursday nights are Survivor, OC, and CSI...all quality TV. Ok, not really quality but entertaining!

    Oh, I got nothing on the title for the post.

  3. I'm going to have to disagree with my roommate Lindsy on this one. I thoroughly enjoy the shows NBC offers on Thursday nights. Will & Grace, Four Kings, My Name is Earl and The Office. Not Must See TV quality but pretty good nonetheless.

  4. Carnealian: Yes, I do need to get up a frolf game. I'm sure there will be pics.

    Lindsy: I've never watched Survivor or CSI. I have watched the OC a few times :-) Oh, and you kinda remind me of Audrey on 24. At least that's how I pretend you look.

    Krista: Ooo, troubles in roomate land? So I guess ya'll watch separate TV's on Thursdays?

    I've seen The Office a time or two. It was really funny. I just can never remember to watch it.

  5. Our must see TV includes American Idol, Trading Spaces, and Good Eats(We are Alton Brown freaks, plus you gotta check out this guys kitchen gadgets). I haven't really watched a Sitcom since Seinfeld and sometimes Friends. Luckily I have that instant recall so I can relive my favorite good TV moments. I did get hooked on Ed briefly. Haven't seen 24, but I don't think the themes are exactly kid-friendly, so we tend to stay away from those completely ignoring the fact that we were raised on Knots Landing, Dallas and Hill Street Blues.

  6. Nick and I like to watch The Shield on Tuesday nights on FX. When Rescue Me resumes, we'll watch that as well, along with Nip/Tuck. About the only show I still watch faithfully on network TV is ER. I just can't give it up.

  7. Bone-

    Looks like your "Title this post" title may stick!

    How about... "Sixty" as in the minutes it took you to write the post?

    Glad to hear you haven't been "shafted" in the gift dept as of late...

    And I must agree with Krista, the new Thursday night line up on NBC is awesome... I mean, "My Name is Earl" and "The Office" HILARIOUS!!!


  8. Title to post:
    Ground Hogs Day's Eve

  9. My Name Is Earl is one of the funniest shows on tv right now! I tape it while watching the CBS lineup of CSI and Without a Trace.

    I gave up watching 24 during the second season for 2 reasons: 1) the daughter annoyed the ever living crap out of me; and 2) the idea that anyone in LA could get from the actual City of Los Angeles to the Valley in under an hour during rush hour traffic is so completely false.

  10. Surrender: Yeah, 24 has some violence. Knots Landing. Wow. My Mom used to watch that every Wednesday night (I think). Gary and Val Ewing. lol

    Lass: Never watched any of those, except for maybe half an episode of ER.

    OCG: Yes, it does. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried watching Earl a time or two. Honestly, didn't find it that funny. Do like The Office though :)

    Anonymous: Duly noted. We now have two suggestions. Thanks.

    Xinh: Well, this is the first season I've watched 24, although I saw a few earlier episodes on A&E the other day. Don't think the daughter is on there this season.

  11. Mutterings Around The Fire
    This Post
    Litany of Things
    The Vomitous Mind

    how're those?

  12. I once blogged about the lack of good Thursday television:

    As for your post title....I suggest 'Skipping Suggestions'

    Haha. Because all of ours are bad!

  13. Can I tell you a secret? I think 24 sucks. I watched it for the first time Monday night because I think there's been an amendment to the Constitution or something that every American must watch 24 (seriously, I seemed to be the only one who hadn't seen it before Monday) and was completely underwhelmed. Don't hate me.

  14. Never seen 24.
    But Tuesday is good TV!
    House, M.D.

    Running? You were running?
    I'm so jealous.

  15. Bone might not hate you, Lizzie, but I do. How can you watch the OC and tell me 24 sucks? How? Awful. Just awful. You can't just start watching 24 5 episodes in. You just can't. Get season 1 on DVD. I dare you to watch the premier episode and then shut it off never to watch it again. It's humanly impossible.

    Bone, How's this for a title?

    The Lone Frolfer


    Must See TV? (not the ? to indicate the lack of good tv).

    My Name is Earl is quite good. Unique concept for a show. Office is good too, but I do find it kind of annoying sometimes because I just can't imagine anyone being that awful.

  16. darkneuro: I like Litany of Things. Thought about Two Frolfers Converged In A Wood :)

    MappyB: Wow, so I'm like three months behind. Maybe Untitle-able Post? It's a difficult one to title. I thought about just the title for at least half an hour last night.

    Lizzie: I think with therapy and counseling we can get thru this. Maybe it's hard to pick up right in the middle of a season.

    And yes, I think that is an amendment. Or should be.

    Meghan: I like House. Amen? Is Sherman Hemsley back?!?!

    Tara: Thanks for having my back on 24. I can't actually hate Lizzie, because there's a chance she might be cute.

    I not only like your suggestions. I actually thought of those exact two tonight!!! Wow, that is weird. I even IM'd someone the "Must See TV?" one. We must think alike :)

    I think we have a winner!

  17. Tara- I know that someone whose favorite show is Everwood did not just criticize my tv preferences. Oh no you di-int!

    Bone- ha! I love your reason for not being able to hate me!

  18. My name is Earl is pretty funny... I use to watch Will and Grace a lot, but not lately.

  19. Why haven't y'all done a recent Jeff & Kyle Show? Don't you know you're letting the public down? We're living in a society...

    Lil Bootay

  20. Lizzie: I try to stay on good terms with attractive (or possibly attractive) women.

    Sherry: I watched Earl again last night. Still not that crazy about it. The Office, however, was hilarious.

    Bootay: Yes, we've had many inquiries about that. Or, just two or three :)