Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I always believed...

I always believed in love. Always believed if I loved someone enough, I could win her over. I've poured my heart out in letters. Tossed pennies into fountains. Left notes under windshield wipers. Fought losing battles. Trusted. When every sign and everybody told me not to. All for the chance. The hope. I always believed in love. But maybe I've been poisoned by movies and fairy-tale endings. Always just wanted to be Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle.

So why do I always end up feeling more like Bill Pullman?

"Sometimes you can still lose even if you really try..."


  1. I know exactly how you feel. One day it'll happen. I know it will. You're the kind of guy all the girls are looking for...they just don't know it yet.

  2. Exactly

    My gmail account was suspeneded-am beyond angry

  3. Oh, me too..........maybe if we wish harder, huh.......
    *sad smile*


  4. The hardest lesson I had to learn that love isn't enough. You can believe in love, that it exists and that it's wonderful, the problem is thinking that it's enough to make something work. Ultimately it's a miniscule part of a relationship. I've loved with all my heart before but in the end it didn't matter. It just takes a lot more than love. I'm sorry to sound so cynical and I'm even sorrier you're hurting.

  5. Lass: Thanks for the kind words, dear. And after all, maybe being Bill Pullman isn't so bad. He did end up with Sandra Bullock in While You Were Sleeping :-)

    Pia: So glad your gmail came back. Thanks again for the link today :)

    Circe: You have a sad smile, too? Thanks.
    *sad smile*

    Lizzie: I understand cynical. It's hard not to be. You're right. It takes more. Just never understood why I never...

  6. You's just wast'in it on the wrong people.

    Bill Pullman and Meg Ryan were never meant to be together, you crazy fool. She and Bill might have been happy together, but they were lacking that..." je ne sais quoi" that she and Tom had.

    Bill found his later on....."While You Were Sleeping" I believe. :)

    (and you posted your response as I was writing this...there you you've got it.)

    You're in the wrong movie, Bone. That's all....keep going.

  7. Bill Pullman gets the girl in "While You Were Sleeping". Try that. Identify "Florence" and give it to her.

  8. Sleepless in Seatle is one of my fav. movies!!
    You will find love when you least expect it. :)

  9. When the right one comes along, you will know it.
    You right one isn't there yet.
    We all have to believe.
    Even when it hurts so badly you can't breathe.
    We just have to believe.
    All the pain is what makes the pleasure that much better.

  10. Tenacious T: "You're in the wrong movie, Bone. That's all..."

    I love that line. Thanks. Made me smile.

    Dorothy: Florence? I thought her name was Lucy or something.

    Linda: One of my favorites, too. If not my favorite. Thanks for stopping by.

    Meghan: Thanks, dear. My life has just been such a whirlwind lately...

  11. we're all on the path, ideally to love, right? when i was in college the first time and about to graduate and be single and move closer to home, i was convinced i was doomed to be a spinster. then i met a boy that was the basket i put all my eggs in. then that boy went away and all but a few of those eggs cracked. now, i slice the eggs, put only a slice or two in each basket as it comes by..figuring that when its right, its right. because it has to be? i just won't be a spinster. and neither will you. i think that IL said it best when she said that you are the one we're looking for we just don't know it..or know where to find you exactly. there may be some truth to that old 'nice guys finish last', but ultimately i think they finish well. faith in that at least?

  12. Bill Pullman is the pimp - he's in every movie about romance, always as the back up character. When will he shine?! BUT, if you think about it...maybe ol Bill is really just a big player, keeps dating these ho's until he finds the right one. He didn't want Meg Ryan b/c she's too neurotic (yes, I've been compared to her in When Harry Met Sally, but still)....Bill is the man. Therefore Bone, you are the Man. You are just cruising for your right match. But remember, you will never find them if you are looking!

  13. As always, I agree with Lizzie. It doesn't make the lesson any easier to learn though.

  14. Keep believing. She is out there.

    And while Meg did go to see if Tom was the one...we don't really know if that whole thing worked out because the movie ended there.

    Besides, that was a movie and this is real life.

  15. Good guys do win in the end.
    Hang in there... you'll find her one day.

  16. Bill Pullman did buy her a Tiffany's diamond. See, he was a wonderful guy, just not for her. I've told you before, you're as close to perfect as a human can get and there's a lucky lady out there that will find you and love you for all the wonderful things you are. I'm sure of it!

  17. I put pictures of for you!
    Don't give up on the love thing.

  18. M: Def Leppard!! Oh, no, wait. That was Love Bites.

    Anon: Thanks for sharing the egg theory. It's never worked when I've only put a few eggs in each basket. Then again, it's never worked when I've put them all in either. That's interesting.

    Mappy: I smiled the entire time I was reading your comment. And trust me, I read slow :)

    Suddenly, I feel like a pro golfer.

    Tara: Yes, Lizzie is a veritable font of information.

    Renee: Good points, both of them.

    Sherry: Still waiting for that theory to prove true.

    Carnealian: OK. So Tiffany's diamond=wonderful guy. I think I'm learning.

    Lindsy: Nice pics. Thanks. Next time though, could you go ahead and crop out the guys before posting? You could? OK, thanks :)

  19. just found ur blog...nice....
    As for love...I think we are just conditioned and poisoned to believe that we have to have a fairy tale ending....
    I haven't given up...secretly on the inside..
    but love is just an abstract concept that luckily I will get to experience..
    worst case scenario: I'll buy a dog..

  20. "Florence" is what she wanted more than anything. She wanted to go to Italy. It symbolized a closeness to family to her, since it was the dream she shared with her father.
    "Phenomenon" has a similar metaphor. "Buy her chairs"...not buy chairs for her, but figure out what is important to her, what really matters to her, and give it to her.

    My advice is to quit being the backup character. Be Tom Hanks, Bill Pullman, Billy Chystal, John Travolta and go get the one you want. I have a feeling you haven't identified your "Florence" or your "chairs". -Not that I'm pushing you, 'cuz I'd never do a thing like that.

    And yes, her name was Lucy. I watch that movie when my husband is out of town and I want to watch syrupy "I-love-my-man" movies.

  21. Shoegirl: Yeah, I haven't given up either. But don't tell anyone. And I love dogs.

    Dorothy: I forgot all about Florence. Love your advice. Think you're right. Thanks :)

  22. Don't give will find your Queen. Your special someone is out there for you.
    I hope you're feeling better about this today.

  23. anonymous and the eggs..that was me. and keep in mind its all easier said than done..but i think dorothy is right...what an amazing theory. i also believe it happens when you don't think it will..when you aren't looking. its just really hard to stop looking long enough to be found..especially when married/engaged/blissfullyinlove people are taking over my little world..chin up.
    if you've got nothing've got our business and sosyampum. yes. that is my 'word'. perhaps a business name? now if i could onyl say it..

  24. Chickadee: I feel fine. For some reason when someone posts something serious, some people assume they're depressed.

    Alison: Ah, thanks for clearing that up. I was wondering who had the eggs.

    Uh, I'm not "getting" the word.

  25. The best thing you can do is not worry about it and let it get to you.

    You need to live your life for you and you alone.

    Don't actively be seeking it out, because it will elude you like a shadow in the night.

    When the time is right, it will all come together.

    The worst thing a person can do is ponder over previous relationships.

    You gotta move on and not dwell on it.

    You'll never get anywhere with the next one if you don't.

  26. that was my word verification word, silly, sosyampum.

  27. loving someone enough is never enough...but i do believe you will find it when you least expect it and maybe aren't even looking for i've been told

  28. Kyle: Well, I try to live by these tried and true words: "And we can build this thing together, stand this tall forever, nothing's gonna stop us now."

    Alison: Oh. Duh. Sorry. I thought it was some real word that I didn't know. I even tried looking it up in the dictionary. lol

    J: Yeah, that's what I'm told, too. Thanks for stopping by.