Monday, June 06, 2005

Where you from? Who you came with?

OK, so I thought it would be neat to see where everybody is from, whether you're a regular reader or just surfing by. So if you would, please comment with your hometown. You may also include any interesting or little known fact about you or your hometown. And you can post anonymously if you'd like, just so that I won't stalk you :-)

By the way, here's a slightly embellished look at my town, which I posted a few months ago.

"In my home town, for anyone who sticks around, you're either lost or you're found. There's not much in between..."


  1. Uhh...(stepping up to the scary stage with the mic) I'm Cindy...and I'm from Jefferson City, Missouri.

    JC is a small town even though it's the capital of the state - only about 50,000 citizens. We love our Cardinals and are ever disappointed in the Royals.

    We have one mall, several shopping plazas, one Super Walmart, five McDonald's, and way too many elected officials around when the legislature is in session.

    We're 45 minutes from the Lake of the Ozarks, 30 minutes from Columbia (the nearest civilization if you want it), 2 hours from St. Louis, 3 hours from Kansas City and Springfield.

    We have a great 'downtown' area with unique shops and restaurants as well as the Missouri River just on the other side of the capital wall where the Forth of July fireworks explode from a floating barge every year.

    It's a nice, little city. I enjoy it here. Hope you all can visit sometime.

  2. Well, I just I'm on the line of Marston, and Lilbourn, Missouri.

    I'm located at the widest part of the Mississippi River. I live in the bootheel of the state.

    The clostes town that you can go to, if you plan on buying food, clothes, or anything actually, is Sikeston or Cape Girardeau, which is 30 min. and 1 hour away!
    St. Louis is 2, to 2 1/2 Hours away. Memphis is 2 hours south. Paducah is 1 1/2 hours east, even though I can see it over the have to drive north, to the bridge, and then over.
    People come here from all over the world to see the New Madrid Fault line, which is actually the most unsteady in the world..Old Madrid is actually under the river..and the Hunter Dawson Mansion..which is just creepy. THE END , for now!

  3. I am from Athens, home of the Golden Eagles, homespun, and the fiddlers convention where you can meet your infamous mother and the 105.7 radio crew. I am not sure how many people live there but I know there is a lot now that we have been domesticated and all if you catch my drift. It was a good town until they became wet and now the town reaks of sin and damnation! It's a great place to raise your kids if you're rich otherwise I would suggest moving to lawrence county where your children can be equal. So anyway, you wanted to know where I am from and that's it in a nut shell.

  4. Just surfing by from Boston, Massachusetts (The Center of the Known Universe) and home of Liberal Activist Judges, the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox, the three time Superbowl Champion New England Patriots, the birth of America, and home of The Kennedys.

    Oh yeah... I'm a flake.

    Genius IQ, and 8th grade world outlook.

    I spend my time mis-using my education and writing random thoughts; mostly about women, and whatever progressive idea pops into my head.

  5. Thompsons Station, TN. Formerly from Moulton, AL. Then formerly from Anchorage, AK - my favorite place.... IN THE WORLD!

    I am the narrator for RIVER CITY DANCE! I love to emphasize the last three words of every sentence to GET PEOPLE'S ATTENTION! APPARENTLY IT WORKS!

    This is the only blog I read this year and I frequent IT QUITE OFTEN! Nice to know that I can be made fun of every NOW AND THEN!

  6. Alright, I'm from New Bethlehem, PA. A small ass town in PA where they make Smuckers peanut butter and jelly. They make that crap where its both peanut butter and jelly in the same jar too.

  7. Lil Bootay - Richmond, VA!

  8. Well I'm living in Sapporo, Japan at the moment, but from England. I was born somewhere called Peterborough, famous for bricks and sugar beet, but I've lived in Nottingham and London among other places. Interesting? I 'ope so!

  9. Just surfing by from the historic town of Guildford (UK) situated in a gap in the North Downs carved by the River Wey.

  10. Hi, here from Blog Explosion. I'm Beth, and I'm from Johnsburg, Illinois. Its claims to fame include a song by Tom Waits, because his wife is from here, and the highest tavern per capita ratio in Illinois. So, if you want to get drunk and wander around singing folk songs, this is the place. I'm about an hour north of Chicago and an hour south of Milwaukee, so I get two sets of radio stations. Neither of which comes in very well... It's also on what's called the Chain O'Lakes, so it's a boating town in the summer. I hated it when I was younger, but now that I have kids of my own I can see why you'd want to raise them here. It's small town America.

  11. Boyle Heights in Los Angeles, just east of downtown. Depending on who you ask, its part of East LA. Known for highest concentration of gangs in LA - over 65, as well as some amazing murals.

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  13. Livin' large in Decatur, AL. I'm only a few minutes drive away from the river, some chemical plants, a nuclear plant, and a Wal-Mart. I've eaten at practically every eatery in town. I often get mistaken for the other Asian in the area.

  14. I am the other Asian. Ditto for the above.

  15. Well, these have indeed been some of the most interesting comments I have ever received on a post. It's pretty cool to hear a little about these towns.

    You people from Missouri... no mention of Hannibal? Is there a Mark Twain museum or anything?

    I guess I should say something about where I live. It's called Moulton. I think the population is just over 3,000. I'm not sure if it's famous for anything.

    It is just a couple of miles north of the Bankhead National Forest, which includes such fun spots as Sipsey River, Kinlock Falls, Brushy Lake, and the Blue Hole. I've never been able to find the blue hole, but I've heard tales that the water there is as pure as a mother's milk. (Bad analogy? Hmm, probably.)

    We have a small monument in town to Confederate General Phillip Dale Roddy. And I once had to do a report on him in school. It was very hard to find information.

    We are also the home of musician Gordon Terry, who played on the Grand Ole Opry, and with Bill Monroe and Johnny Cash back in the day.

    Our county is also supposedly the home of Alabama's greatest Native American population. And it was the birthplace for Olympic track star Jesse Owens.

    That's all I can think of for now.

    Thanks for all the comments :-)

  16. Of course we have a Mark Twain Museum! (sorry, it's a hokey site) or It's in Hannibal, MO, which is in the upper right quandrant of the state - sorry I was remiss in mentioning it before. Before I forget, Hi Dea! I'm glad to see that MO is represented by TWO people!

    Bone, your area sounds nice - especially the National Forest part. I bet it's beautiful.

    I enjoyed reading the comments too - nice post! :-)

  17. Just passing through... from Laguna Beach, CA., home to... well I guess a crappy MTV reality show... that I still watched *wince*...

    Nice work here on your blog. Keep it up.

  18. Hi! Just checking out your sife - surfing past. hi from Geneva, Swizterland!*

  19. Well, I hail from the wonderfully small (but not too small!) town of Bothell, Washington... really, the only interesting thing about it that I can think of right now is that I am the third generation to graduate from Bothell High... grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles... all there before me. That was great. First day of class and everyone already knows you... because your dad was the class clown! I'm glad to be out!

    And I'm just a surfer, ran across your blog by accident, but sure I'll be stopping by again soon!

  20. Came here by way of BlogExplosion. I now live here but I grew up here I am too lazy to insert the tags. They are both really rinky dink towns. But the cool thing is that my family has lived in the same 5 mile radius of my dad's house for over 200 years. Not too many people have that kind of connection.

    Blog on!

  21. I am from Chickasha, Oklahoma. That is pronounced Chick-u-shay. Not Chickashaw, or chickasaw, or Chick-Fil-A, which seems to be how people from out of town pronounce it.

    I stumbled on to this website a month or so ago, but have been coming back to it faithfully. Way to go Bone!

    Chickasha is a town of 16,000. The nearest and only town to do anything exciting is Oklahoma City , which is 45 minutes away.

    Chickasha is primarily an agricultural town. It is in the process of getting a Wal-Mart supercenter, a brand new McDonalds, and possibly a Lowes.

  22. G'day,

    I'm an Aussie living in Japan. My hometown is Darwin, Northern Territory. Not much to say about it, but if you go there, you should definately check out the night markets...

  23. well bonestr i love my little town,it reminds of mayberry sometimes especailly when i'm on the townsquare at the greendoor bookstore and coffeshop drinking my coffee. Evryboy that walks by says hi and i usualy know them.

    Also we are blessed to have alot of churches of christ here and also athens bible school so i can send my daughter there.

    talk to u later littlenibbler

  24. I'm from the good ol' city of Marquette, Michigan. City has about 20,000 people and the best hospital in the whole Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We've still got a lot of the old buildings around here from when it was founded by Father Marquette. Marquette is also the home to Northern Michigan University. So yes, it is a University city. Lake Superior-(Marquette is on the coast line of it) never gets above 45F...EVER. Swimming is fun, after your legs go numb. It's a beautiful place, lots of nature and places to relax.

  25. Cool. My uncle and aunt used to vacation some in Sault Ste. Marie (sp?), if you're close to there.

  26. Your little blogger friend is from OKC, OK. OK has so many interesting facts that I thought I'd compile a list.

    1. Its windy
    2. Flat
    3. Red Dirt
    4. OK is in tornado alley
    5. We have a good football team...OU
    6. Most famous country singers are from OK…Reba, Garth, Toby, ect.
    7. They have been remodeling our airport for over five years…no one knows if it will ever be done.
    8. The land run took place here.
    9. SO maybe OK isn’t interesting…that’s all I can think of!

  27. Well, don't feel bad. All we had for years is a good football team. And they haven't been so good these past several years.

    Oh, and we have the music group. But they're retired.