Thursday, June 23, 2005

We'll keep America looking good

If I were a giraffe, I am sure I would get tired of all the long-neck jokes. So everywhere I walked, I would slobber on people. I would be like "Oops! Sorry about drooling on you down there."

Well, happy Thursday to you all. Not a lot has been going on with me. I tried to catch a short nap yesterday. Unfortunately, the apartment kids had decided to play one of their favorite games, where they all run around and scream at the top of their lungs for a few hours. That's one of my favorites that they play. Had dinner last night at Applebees. Pablo and I are doing pretty well. I feed him twice a day, but he still acts hungry all the time. Everytime I walk in the room, he'll come over to the corner of his tank and just sit there, looking at me. He's so funny. Sometimes I'll catch him "asleep." I'll sit and stare at him for a few seconds, and all of a sudden, he'll come alive and swim around. It's very cute.

The Pooper Scooper: Learn to love it
OK, if you must bring your dog out to our public parks, please do us all a gargantuan favor. Invest in a pooper scooper and learn to use it. This has become a huge problem at Wilson Morgan lately, where people let their dogs "go" all over the place and then just walk away like there's not a big pile of crap on the ground. Everytime I run, there are little land mines everywhere on the track. So now, sometimes when I see someone with a dog, I'll just randomly yell out, "Pooper Scooper!!" Look, it's simple. If your dog defacates, clean it up! It's just common courtesy. And besides, it's the law. Or if not, it certainly should be. You wouldn't just let doggie poo lie around on your floor at home would you? Well, since this is a public park, it belongs to all of us. It's not your pet's personal toilet. So please, a pooper scooper and a garbage bag. And we'll keep America.... looking good. Hoo-hoo!

The Pig Man
"The Bris" episode of Seinfeld was on last night:

George: "Hey, why are all those people milling around my car?"
Kramer: "They're all looking up."
George: "Hey, there's a guy up on the roof."
Kramer: "Whoa. That's the guy that I told where the elevator was."
George: "I hope he doesn't jum-"

Kramer: "Wait, George. You got room in the car for the pig man?"
George: "The pig man can take the bus."
Kramer: "George, if the pig man had a car, he would give you a ride."
George: "How do you know that? What if pig man had a two-seater?"
Kramer: "Be realistic, George."
George: "I'll tell you what, if pig-man shows up, we'll squeeze him in."

"I tell you something, I know what you're thinking. I tell you something, I know what you're thinking..."


  1. That's one HOT fish you've got there!

  2. I went to Applebee's last week for was good!

  3. Lass: Thanks! I'll tell him you said so. He seems to like when I mention him on the internet :-D

    Lindsy: What did you have? I had some kind of jalopeno cajun chicken sandwich.

  4. My kids, ARE those apartment kids and play that same game, every single stinkin' time mommy tries to play the sleeping game! Just tried to lay down for a bit yesterday...I woke to the dog barking, kids running in and our of the house, and the phone rang (not once, but twice). Dayyyymmmm!

    Love the part about how you kind of yell out "pooper scooper". That's hilarious!

  5. I have got to load a picture of Sampson... We could have play-dates for he and Pablo.

    I studied in France for a year, and every single moment of walking outside was a constant battle with attempting to avoid the "land mines" left my the abundant dogs and there to-good-to-clean-it-up owners.
    Go get 'em, Tiger...

  6. jlybn: It seems no one EVER calls until I try to nap.

    OC girl: You should definitely put up a picture of Sampson :-)

    I do like dogs, but I can't imagine taking my dog to a park and letting him crap all over everything.