Sunday, June 26, 2005

That's why I'm easy

I like to set very low and attainable goals for myself. For instance, here's one. Take next breath. And... there we go. See? It's easy. Some people set very unattainable goals. What about those people who say, "Reach for the stars." Why try something you know you're never going to succeed at? I mean, come on people, the stars are like a hundred miles away or something. You're just begging to fail.

I hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was fairly busy. Went to eat Friday night, where Donna unloaded a new one on me. I can't recall what context this was in, but at some point, she said she thought that I would be easy... as in, whorish, unchaste. I was just wondering what made her think that. Anywho, then Kristina told the story of the week. She said a friend of her called her a few weeks ago to see if she wanted to go walking at Wilson Morgan. Well, when she got there, her friend had already walked a lap and told her that there were two hot guys running the track with their shirts off. So when they ran into the guys, guess who it turned out to be. You guessed it! Kristina was like, "Oh, that's just Bone and Kyle." It was funny as all get out. (And that's pretty funny.) You know, a couple of colorful analogies would've spiffed up that story, but my vocabulary is as bad as... like... well, whatever.

I had to work until 1:00. Then helped S & K film a wedding and reception. Instead of the traditional wedding march or whatever for the recessional, they kicked in some "Sweet Home Alabama." That was kinda cool. Weddings always make me want to get married. Well, most of the time anyway. The reception got done a little before 6:00. Man, I could eat those little cheese cubes and strawberries and cream all night long. After that, shot a little pool. Then Kyle got "the call," so he headed to Gadsden. I stopped by Matt's for a bit, and got home kinda late.

I was gone pretty much all day from 9:00 until about 8:30 tonight. We had a big gathering for lunch, and there was this older gentleman there that I probably haven't seen in five years, maybe more. I wasn't even sure he'd recognize me because I remember he'd had some health problems, too. But he did. And one of the things he asked me was, "How have you managed to keep one of these girls from catching you all these years?" I thought for a second, looked around at the three or four other people sitting at his table and said, "You know, it's really not as hard as you think." Ah, I love those questions. Anyway, what little time I've had this weekend, I've spent looking at my template. Evidently, it is a Blogger problem. I've seen several other people post about it. Hopefully, they will have it fixed soon, as I still haven't figured out a good work-around.

Two random things
-I want to go see Batman Begins.
-I think I would watch Picture Pages if it still came on. I just like magic markers.

So all I need is a girl for one, and Bill Cosby for the other. That shouldn't be too difficult.

"You, tryin' to flex on me? Don't be silly..."


  1. Ou of curiousity did everybody start hollering WOOO ROOOOWW TIDE at the wedding like every other redneck does when that song comes on? Now, that would have been classic =)

  2. No, not everybody. But, speaking for myself only, it was hard not to :-)

  3. It's good to have goals...

    ha ha...

    I haven't been to a wedding in ages, but I think they're overrated...

    Just as I template wasn't affected. Maybe because it's really ugly.

    Still haven't seen Batman Begins. Will wait till it's at the $1 theater or rental most likely. I'm getting cheap in my old age and refuse to pay $8 to see a movie. Grrrr...

  4. Jmo and I were going to see BB (Batman Begins... not Bishop Black) last night, but it was showing at Tetnius Cinemas... and I didn't want to drive to Huntsville, after the Gadsden trip the evening before.


  5. Lass: I have been getting the same way with certain things. I like to think I'm wiser :-)

    I wish there were some new, cooler, free templates, for people like me who aren't smart enough to create their own.

    Boo Boo: I can't believe they haven't condemned that theater yet. I'm just thankful it's dark so I can't see what all is really on the seats and floor and walls.

  6. ah not BB, But Mr. and Mrs. Smith... I don't know what I was thinking.

  7. I'm sorry about the enlarged font problem - looks like Blogger is working on the problem though. You mentioned other templates though, and I thought I could chime in. I got my template from Mela at It's very easy to modify the templates to what you want - I just changed some colors and added new headers that I created in PS Elements - not hard to do with her template notes included. She just asks that you leave a blurb and link in the template and somewhere on the page. Also, you can type in free blog templates in google and come up with other places to get them. Just FYI.

    Also, I hope you find a pal to go see Batman with. I know the stigma and the feeling that you can't go to the movies alone is bad. I've only gone by myself once - and I felt that everyone was staring at me. But, it can be done. But, it's so much more fun with pal(s) - male or female.

    I hope you're doing well and taking care!

  8. Cool. Thanks for the link. I'll definitely check it out.

    I don't see anything wrong with going to the movies alone, although I've never tried it. I have a must stronger aversion to eating out in a restaurant alone.

    Good to have you back commenting ;-)